Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Belated Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th!  Ummm....a little late.  What do you do when you're visiting your parents and realize that your BlackBerry connection for your laptop to get internet is totally messed up?  Sit back and enjoy it and keep up with essential emails via BlackBerry.  Oh, it was a nice electronic-lite week at the river for us.

Here's Lucy in her July 4th finest!  My mom got the barrettes for E, but she was out the door too fast to ride in the town parade. small-town 4th of July.  Town parade followed by a picnic. 

So anyway, Lucy ended up with the barettes.  It took her a while to realize that she could rid herself of them with a couple good shakes.  But it made for good pictures before that.  Bandana stayed on for a few days...until she found some dead fish to roll in.  Dog owners...if you don't have puppy shampoo on hand, baby or kid shampoo works really well because it's tear-free.  Even if you have to wash your pooch a couple of times.

Sorry - no pics of me on 4th of July, since I was the one taking pics, as usual.  But I did wear my Loft fern-print maxi dress - it is uber-cool and comfy (original try-on-at-home pic here). And that's pretty much how it looked - I added a ponytail, hat, and sandals.  Don't need much with the print. E wore a Liberty of London Target dress - the maxi dress in red, white, & blue (& a bit of purple).  So we had our matching maxi dresses.  That's about as close to "matching" as I'm allowed to get.  4th of July Polyvore for me & E:

But here's a semi-appropriate 4th of July outfit that I actually wore yesterday to run around and do errands with the kids.  Ah...summer...errands with the friend MB commented to me that she'd rather get her right knee drained than take all 3 kids to the grocery store.  Yep, I get that.  Massive errand run was necessitated becuase we are having E's birthday party tonight and didn't get back into town until Thursday.  6 girls sleeping over - which means I get the couch for the night since hubby did couch duty when M had his sleepover.  But it is a really nice group of girls.  I'll let you know if I change my opinion in another hour, hee hee.   

Back to Friday's outfit - white & blue and I guess my nails look red-ish (Essie Risky Business - supposed to be "tangerine" but read as a coral/orange/red on my hand).  Hot day but not too awful...just lower 90's.  I pulled out my navy Nicky skirt from last spring.  And this is the first time I've had it on this year.  Need to rectify that - it's such a cute skirt.  Even though I don't tuck in and you can't see the grosgrain waistband, you can still see it on the pockets.  Too cute.  A crisp skirt felt just right for the weather.  I kept it simple with a white painter tee, my fave go-with-everything Target sandals, J Crew constellation locket and ponytail.   What can I say...I've just realized that, really & truly, simple works best for me.

I uncovered the skirt while doing some closet cleaning out.  Oh, the bags on my floor.  Consignment by season, donation, trash, and JCA exchange.  I hope to update my closet blog soon with some new items.  What works best for you when you clean out your closet?  I'm trying really hard to be ruthless this time - which I why I wore the Nicky skirt yesterday - it needed an outing to deserve staying in my closet.  Then again, we didn't really have a spring - it seemed like we went straight from frigid winter to blazing hot summer. But oh, how I love to clean out the closet - so cathartic.  I find that I'm always inspired to clean out when I get back from vacation - when you're away a few days, you realize that you just don't need that much stuff. 

Polyvore from yesterday:

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