Monday, January 10, 2011

Nail Files - Chanel Spring 2011 - Black Pearl

Holidays are over...and back to blogging....  Yes, took a little longer than I anticipated but more on that in a minute...

I finally got to the mall on Friday to do the round of Christmas returns and exchanges.  Yes, it took me *that* long.  More on that in a minute....

And I had seen the pics online, but as I rounded the corner at Nordstrom and passed by the Chanel counter I came to a dead stop.  Spring nail polish.  Black Pearl.  I know you've been waiting for me...  I'm not going through my ridiculous visit-it-each-week saga that I had with their Paradoxal.  So I bought it.  And the spring Jersey Rose Rouge Coco lipstick.  I needed the pick-me-up.  More on that in a minute... (are you getting this?)

Quick note on Jersey Rose - ok, maybe I was a little inspired by my newfound lust for Jersey Mike's subs (#2 & #5, where have you been all my life?  I'll take it Miek's way, no onions, with a glaze of mayo on the bread, mmmmmm).  It's a beautiful lip color for Spring - but really for any day - a very pretty light but warm pink.  

But onto the nail polish because that's I'm loving that even more....

How to describe it?  Black Pearl is a dark gray/green/black/teal metallic.  It's gorgeous.  I've said before that I'm not a fan of blue-ish greens and they don't work on me.  This one is dark enough that the slight teal tone doesn't faze me one bit.  But it is also very clearly *not* black, unlike some of my many dark polishes.  It is the exact color of my car, actually.  Maybe that's why I bonded with it so heavily.  I think this is a perfect color for now inwinter...but it will be great in spring to offset all the soft floaty colors & fabrics.  It will also just rock with navy, my personal fave for spring. 

And I must fish for compliments...isn't that a great manicure?  That's even without the morning shower cuticle scrub, which just isn't happening right now (more on that in less than a minute).  I'm going to pat myself on the back for this one.

And why?

Well...back to all that "more on that in a minute" stuff...I think it's a darned impressive mani, when my right hand looks like this:

That's right, friends...this is what we call a "short arm" cast.  This is what you get when you are 39 but think you're still 25 and can move heavy furniture down steps with your husband.  So when the huge & heavy entertainment center starts sliding down the stps at you and you actually don't want it to pin you to the wall, thumbs are secondary to the issue at hand.  ("at hand," ha!)  Don't judge me for the bad puns, right now I need all the entertainment I can get.

So...this is an evulsion fracture, where the ligament popped off the base of the thumb and took a nice little chunk of bone with it.  So, in a cast for 4 weeks and then a splint for 2 and then there's only a 5-10% chance I'll need surgery.  DC/MD-ers- if you need a hand surgeon, I've got a great one!

And yes, I did say "right hand" earlier- it's my right thumb and I'm right-handed.  I should also mention that this happened 3 days before Christmas and I hadn't done any wrapping yet. 

So life is interesting...and frustrating...and entertaining...and a pain in the butt...but always funny.  I really should YouTube the process of getting ready in the morning.  It's a hoot.  I will say the dry cast cover for the shower now ranks is my favorite invention ever. 

So yeah, I needed the pick me up of a pretty lippie, I'm not really able to do the morning-after-main cuticle scrub to clean up my sloppy work, it just took me a while to get to the mall (shoot, I'm still trying to figure out which sweaters fit over the cast), and I've been getting used to typing without use of my right thumb. 

But most of all - I did my own nails...holding the nail polish brush between my index & middle fingers (base + top coat, too, of course).  Then again...that's how I've been doing my mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner every day. And how I use the long sharp knives to cut.  And so on and so forth.

Not that I'm complaining too much.  It could be so much worse.  So we'll leave it at 'entertaining" for now.

Happy 2011 to all!