Saturday, April 2, 2011

J Crew Matchsticks - Lived In? You Better Believe It!

 J Crew Matchstick Jeans in lived in wash (#28163, $108).  $108?  Really?  These were a ton of these in the sale pile at my B&M.  For $29.99.  Add on the Mickey card's 20% off and I got them for $24.  Thank you B&M.  It seems like there is always a pile of jeans in the sale section at my B&M.  I don't usually go for them because it seems like you need to try on at least a dozen to find the right pair.  But they are always so well priced in the sale section, maybe I should make the effort more often.  Not that I actually need any more, I think this pair pretty much rounds out my jeans wardrobe for a while. 

But price issues aside...let's talk about the "lived in wash." I love the online commentary on these jeans "hand sanded for that had-it-forever softness."  So true.  So so so true. They are so soft.  So not only did they fit, but they were so comfy. 

I took a 29...which is likely meaningless, because I always have issues with not buying my jeans small enough and having them loosen up too much later (I hear my sister's voice in my head right now).  I just hate it when I put them on and they still are uncomfortable.  Although I think I've been getting better after the weight loss this fall, trying on smaller sizes first.  Of course, right now I'm wearing a pair of Crewlet matchsticks in size they're more like a boyfriend fit. But lately I've been skewing to usually a 6 in pants and taking a 28/6 in LOFT jeans, so I guess this is the equivalent of an 8?  And it would make sense to go with a larger size in a slim fit to avoid muffin top. 

In any case, $24 jeans that fit and were really cute...of course I got them.  Love the wash - great for spring and summer since it is softer.  I wore them yesterday, April 1, and was glad I did get them.  April Fools' Day...oh yes, Mother Nature had a fun time with us.  Chilly, chilly, chilly.  And way breezy.  But I'll just be happy it wasn't rainy. 

So I paired the jeans with the tissue turtle in...shoot...dark charcoal, I believe.  I love how it picked up the gray in the tweed Dauphine jacket.  Oh, the poor Dauphine jacket, which I've hardly worn, bad me, since getting it late in spring last year on mega-sale.  Really need to rectify that because it's such a great jacket!  And then a pair of croc mocs to round out the outfit. 

I felt comfy, casual, and chic all day.  Gret for running around doing errands.  Didn't even change into sweats later in the evening after dinner.  *That's* how comfy the jeans are. 

Bottom line...if you've got the time, definitely dig through that pile of denim in your B&M!