Thursday, December 17, 2009

J Crew Skirts...and the Good Red

Most recently, I picked this skirt up at my local B&M - the J Crew Gold Coin Skirt (#17235, orig $150, purchased for $59.99, but I hear it got marked down again to $39.99, so I think I'll head in for a price adjustment tomorrow). I actually don't think I've seen anyone post on this skirt. Granted, I admit my blog reading has been a bit spotty lately, but I haven't seen much of it on Polyvore either.

I first tried on this skirt at FP, and it just wasn't worth it. But I've been wanting a "special" skirt to wear for things like Christmas Eve or dinner out...or anything fun like that. Specifically something to wear with a black turtleneck and tights because I have always loved that look. (Like Summerilla's outfit here.) It just looks so chic and so sleek. And you stay warm with the turtleneck and tights.

I took an 8 in the skirt. And you don't want to size down much or the pleats will do that weird pulling thing and it just looks bad. I will admit that it's a little weird to try on the skirt in store when the pleats are tacked closed because you get that weird "lady parts" look. So I asked the SA if we could cut the thread. Instant 110% improvement. It's an A-line skirt. And can we please talk about the length? 21 1/2" long. J Crew - could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease make more skirts at this length? I just can't wear your minis. Trust me...I've tried.

The fabric is a jacquard. I love the black and gold. For you Project Runway fans, this skirt reminds me a lot of Jillian Lewis' (season 4) last challenge look and her finale collection. Something about that black & gold combo....

The only thing that may turn some people off about the skirt is the waistband. It is actually a thick piece of black elastic with 2 hook & bar closures. Me? I don't mind at all because it's not like I ever tuck anything in. But it could annoy some.

I paired the skirt here with the JC black merino turtleneck (size M). Like I said above, I love the black top plus tights look. Right now I am only imagining it with black - my black cashmere shell, a black tee or tank in summertime with bare legs and sandals, maybe a white shirt? I'm sure I can pair it with more color, but right now, the black top will pretty much meet my needs. Piccolinas just made a fun set on Polyvore, pairing the skirt with a vintage forest cardi - very nice!

And since heaven knows I won't be blogging as it will be too busy, here's my planned Christmas Eve ensemble with the skirt. Yeah, it's pretty much the "try-on" picture above with earrings and shoes.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Next here, the skirt I didn't keep. J Crew Deco Shirred Skirt (#17480, orig $98, last purchased for $59.99). Yes, this is the Michelle Obama skirt - well, one of many, I supposed. A Bigger Closet did a great review of it and looked fab as usual, here. First of all, pardon the gray tights - I was wearing those and the black boots with my outfit that day and was just too lazy to change.

I really do like this skirt. It's very cute. However, it is only 18" long. So what did I do? I sized up to a 10 to get it to hang low. In her review, ABC mentioned that she went up to an 8 from a 2 or 4. Ahhhhh, so that's how she got it to such a decent length. There may still be 1 or 2 of these floating around your B&M. If you see one a few sizes up, grab it.

I did not keep the skirt, however, as I felt I could only wear it with opaque tights and that was limiting. I wanted a skirt that I could wear more often and the gold coin skirt fits that bill.

Plus the black and white print reminds me of the ATL dress I got last year early spring...and if I really want to wear a black/white print with tights, chances are that I'll just wear that.

If I had all the money in the world, I probably would have kept it, but a girl's got to make choices, right?

Finally, I did uncover a red that I actually do like on my nails. Even was already in my stash. I think I got this summer before last but hadn't really worn it much. Chanel Shangai Red. Much much much better on me than the Essie Russian Roulette of the last post.

And just for fun...this is what I sometimes resort to when trying to decide which polish to wear. From pinky to forefinger: Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes, OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, Chanel Vamp, Essie It's Genius. (btw, mainly took the pic because I was playing with my new camera hubby got me for my birthday - I think the colors are pretty good - and by "good", I mean "accurate")


Jillian, Inc said...

I got the exact same b/w skirt in size 8 and 10 (I normally wear a 6 in most JC skirts) and I, too, thought it was just too short. Hated to say "no" to it, but it just wasn't practical for this 42 year old. And as of a week ago I went to totally short, short nails like you and ditched my french manicure for dark red. I am currently wearing China Glaze Pretty Patent and I've been very pleased with it. Thanks for the info and the great post!

dinagideon said...

ABC bought an 8? Wow. I would have had to buy a 10 or 12 for the length. CRAZY!!! Too bad, such a pretty print!

I LUUURRRVVVE the gold coin on you...looks so much better on you than it looked on the model. :) YAY!

Chasing Davies said...

LOVE the Gold Coin Skirt!! Good buy!

MMM said...

I love the first skirt on you Heidi! Fabulous!!

I'm sorry to hear that the Deco Shirred Skirt didn't work for you! :( I normally wear a 6 in JC's skirts and I took a 10 in this one as well so you definitely have to size up! However, I am 5'8" but I have a long torso and shorter legs so the skirt length hits me just above the knee which is perfect for me! Oh well- at least the Gold Coin Skirt worked for ya!! :)

Rosa in DC said...

I love the J Crew Gold Coin Skirt, it's so pretty and festive. I cannot believe they were selling them at that price. Now I wish I could find it on my size.

You look super cute in both outfits lady.

Kathy said...

The coin skirt looks gorgeous on you! That is the exact way I would wear the skirt for now. I like the pink polish. Have a great weekend!

Patina said...

I love both outfits and what a great price on the gold coin skirt. You second outfit is fabbie, too. Love it with those boots. Have a great holiday!!

The Outfit of the day said...

I love to see you wearing something "over the top", this is very very cute on you. One of my favorite outfits!

yogagirl said... look sooo cute in both outfits!!!

post-fab princess said...

I also love the t-neck/flashy skirt look. You look amazing!!!!!

OneFashionistaDiva said...

i love the gold coin skirt. it's so unique. i like how you are pairing them with the black turtleneck and tights look...allows the skirts to be the "main event." the black and white skirt looked cute on you...but you have to do what you have to do.

btw, how are you enjoying your winnie coat? how's the sizing? tts??

gigiofca said...

I love the deco on you & I like it w/the grey tights.

casual-crew said...

Nice Christmas Eve outfit. Merry Christmas!

Slastena said...

Merry Christmas, sweetie!

A Bigger Closet said...

Happy New Year Heidi! Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.

The gold skirt is terrific on you! Love it and what a great buy at the sale price.

HeidiG said...

Did I really not comment at all back? Oopsies, clearly got waaaaay to distracted with our 2 feet of pre-Xmas snow.

Jillian, Inc - thanks, glad I'm not the only waffler! Hope you love your short dark nails - I do find manicures last much longer on the short nail than the long. Enjoy!

dinagideon - I know, if ABC got an 8, maybe I should have gotten an 18. :) But I did realize aprt of what I loved about the skirt was that it's so similar to the print on my Loft black & white short shift dress, so maybe I should just wear that more (and now I have a black merino turtle to layer underneath).

Chasing Davies - thank you! I actually wasn't able to get the price adjustment when I went back since they did not have my size there, but I'm still pretty satisfied with the $60 price tag (after all, that is 60% off original price)

MMM - sounds like the Deco skirt is just perfect on you...maybe another inch would have helped. Hope you are loving it!!

Rosa in DC - thank you! I do love how festive the gold coin skirt is, and I can see wearing this pretty much year round with different black tops, even a tee or tank and sandals in the summer.

kathy - thank you! And great minds... :)

The Outfit of the Day - yes, this more over the top than my usual daily garb. But I loved it. I guess I need to bust out of my style rut more often. Or dress up more.

yogagirl - thank you!

PFP - thank you! And the turtleneck was soooo warm....

OneFashionistaDiva - thank you! I think I finally left you a note on your blog about the Winnie - love it on you too - such a fun coat for crummy, gray winter days.

gigiofca, casual-crew, Slastena, and A Bigger Closet - thank you all, and happy holidays to all of you!!