Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Nail Files - Essie Love

With a blogging absence of more than a month, it's a safe bet that I have some polish pics stored up to share.  So I will start with 2 new polishes that I am loving.  Not new as in a new collection, but new to me.  And shocker...they're both by Essie.  I do tend to prefer OPI polishes over pretty much every other kind - including the OPI Sephora line.  I just find that the regular OPI line has fantastic formulas, dream application with that pro-wide brush, and gorgeous colors.  Essie has often been a problem child for me, especially their light and sheer colors - way streaky - even with 3 coats.  But these two...totally covetable. 

First up - with indoor & outdoor pics - Essie Jazz - "a neutral creamy beige-taupe", which is available in J Crew stores and on the website (#22678, $8).  Finally...a JC Essie shade I can fall in love with, unlike that Russian Roulette red and some of those drippy (IMO) mauves.  To start with, since application is always my issue with Essie, I will tell you that the application on this light polish is great - surprisingly easy for a paler Essie shade.  Virtually no streaking, yay.

And I *love* the color.  Again, another version of classic khaki pants for your finger tips.  A fantastic neutral.  Definitely work-safe, IMO.  I will be wearing this on my tips a lot this fall, a very good alternative to a standard nude polish.  As mentioned, I purchased mine at the JC store.  I haven't seen it in my usual Essie/OPI haunts (i.e. Trade Secret, Pure Beauty, Ulta), so if you really love it - try J Crew (especially if you're trying to get to that free shipping minimum) or one of the polish e-tailers.

Next...what may be my new fall fave polish - Essie Over the Top - "a dramatic metallic midnight silver", originally from their Winter 2007 collection.  It reminds me a lot of YSL's Tuxedo Gray or a metallic version of OPI's Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees from last fall's Espana collection - not quite navy, not quite charcoal, but in between.  Kinda like a fave J Crew shade of mine, Shadow (aka  SHA).  Over the Top almost looks like hematite.  It's less intense than black, but still has that dark moodiness I love. 

And I can't stop staring at it.  After the first OTT mani on my fingers, I used it for the next one- that's love. 


La Belette Rouge said...

I want Jazz hands!!!!!:-)

Pamela said...

I like the first color! I have a hard time with light shades bc I'm so darn pale to begin with. I love your nail polish reviews! Welcome back?!

Chris said...

I just love the Essie Jazz...it is the perfect taupe - not to brown or pinkish! It is a great wear everyday sort of color!

JulieStyles said...

Love the colors-especially the first for a manicure. I'm always hunting for the perfect "nude" polish, since mine chips within hours of a manicure.

snaphappy said...

LOVE that Essie Over The Top! May need to find it and try it for my next pedi -- if I can tear myself away from my Lincoln Park After Dark . . .

Anonymous said...

I found an Essie shade that is easy to apply too; no streaks but it chips to easily being it is enamel and not a laquer like OPI. I won't buy Essie ever again.

Kcookski said...

those are both great colors, but i especially love that first one — so delicate and neutral.

welcome back!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of you! I got my InStyle magazine and they had an ad with all the new Fall collection for Essie. I love some of the shades very much.

HeidiG said...

LBR - jazz hands - argh, can't believe I missed the pun - always reminds me of Joey on Friends.

Pamela - yep, trying to be back and back in the groove...

Chris - I agree!

JulieStyles - definitely doesn't show the chips as much as my darker polishes, for sure.

snaphappy - you? tear yourself away from LPAD? well, you can borrow it whenever you want.

Anon - I don't know about the polish formulas, but I do find OPI wear to usually be better than Essie - but I always chalked that up to the better job I did with application.

Kcookski - thank you!

Rosa - I saw the Essie ad, too - way curious to see them IRL.