Monday, October 4, 2010

C is for Cashmere....(and cashmere is for me....)

Yes, I have kids but I remember Cookie Monster's song from when I was little. a it was "c is for cashmere".  Fall has officially arrived - with cold and rain.  Down to the 40's tonight.  Yeeps.  We actually turned the heat on tonight and I gave our bed its usual fall makeover, swapping out the percale sheets and thermal blanket for flannel sheets, fuzzy blanket and a down quilt on top.  Yum...can't wait to go to bed tonight.

It was definitely a day where I was thankful that I do work from home, as I was hanging out in a big cozy sweatshirt.  And then tonight, I had a PTA chair dinner to attend, so cashmere was the only way to go.   Out came last winter's dark slate cashmere turtleneck (yes, I was that chilly, size M btw) plus black Minnies (8T) and black Born Lovely flats, and a stack full of bracelets - crystal shapes, gold link, crystal supernova.  It gave a little sparkle to the outfit.  (Any sparkle will do. It's a great base outfit for pretty much any kind of accessorizing.) 

Then some gold hoops and a ponytail and I was good to go.  Anyone else read the Percy Jackson series?  Yes, I am a 38-year-old woman and I like to read some juvenile fiction.  I say it's just because of the kids...  Anyway, in the 3rd or 4th book, where the author starts talking about the "Party Ponies"?  Always makes me think of this hairdo.  It's my party pony (in other words, my hair's been down all day and I need to do something different with it).

To recap the evening - lots of fun catching up with friends.  And I stayed cozy the whole time.  Success!  I may have to pick up another one this season.  I'm digging that heather cobblestone and heather saddle color.  Sigh, I know, more neutrals.  Maybe I need to swing over to the warm honey.  We'll see.  But it's late and I'm itching to crawl into my cozy bed.  Good night!

Polyvore from this evening:


Rose said...

I changed to the winter down duvet recently. And I have also started to wear my cashmere sweaters.

Pamela said...

you look so cute and cozy! I may need to invest in one this season. it looks so comfy!

Patina said...

Yes, cashmere is warm and cozy. I deonly own a few cashmere sweaters, but everytime I see you wearing them, I want one in every color.

k e r r y said...

Did you mention where you got your cashmere? I like the fit on you - it doesn't seem bulky, is it? Nice look!

My4Boys said...

Cute Heidi...I'm sporting a turtleneck today too! ;o) Brrr!

HeidiG said...

Rose - there is such a chill in the air!!

Pamela - thank you! I love my cashmere, it makes it easier to get out of bed some days, I swear.

Patina - you def need more...and then you can sparkle them all up with your jewels! :)

k e r r y - the turtle is from J Crew last winter, size M. I like that they are fitted without being tight and long enough of me - I've been very happy with the fit on this one.

My4Boys - thanks! I bet you are!! :)

La Belette Rouge said...

I can't wait for cashmere weather to arrive in L.A. I wore a featherweight jCrew cashmere cardi last week and it was so exciting. But it back to the 80's this weekend. I am so wanting flannel sheets. Ugh!!