Monday, November 8, 2010

Field Trip Chic

Q:  How do you know it's been too long since you blogged? 
A:  Blogger asks you sign back in when you get into your Blogger Dashboard.  hahahaha.

I was doing so well and then work got INSANE because I had deadlines to meet before heading off to Disney for a week - we just got back yesterday.  (And I even had started this post a week before we left and never finished it) 

A couple Fridays ago, I went on a field trip with M's class to the Montgomery County Agricultural History Farm.  This is a field trip that could have been very ugly depending on the weather.  But the heavens smiled on us and we had a gorgeous, sunny, crisp fall day. 

What do you wear on a field trip?  Remember, you don't *have* to go into full slumpadinka mode.  But like the Boy Scouts, you do need to be prepated.

First of all, read the instructions.  (We're women, we're usually good at that.)  When the info sheet comes home and the first item says "dress for mud", you know to toss the ballet flats or flip flops in the back of the closet.  Then again...we were visitng a farm...not really sandal stuff, you know? 

So I started from the bottom up...with the good old LL Bean duck boots.  I couldn't even tell you how long I've had these...and they still work.  And then I had to giggle when a bunch of the parents were sitting around and I looked over to see another mom in duck boots. 

Jeans are the natural option.  Hey, if you want to feel good about your size, head on over to Target.  I just got these - Merona, fit #2, in straight - and I took a size 4.  How's that for the ego?  Now admittedly, I have shed some pounds over the past couple of months, but not that much.  Hey, we've all made that ooh-it's-a-smaller-size-and-it-fits purchase.  At least with jeans, you know you'll wear them - it's not a purple floral muumuu that will sit in the closet with its size 00 tag dangling dejectedly waiting to be worn. 

And given the recent weight loss, I have no idea where I'll end up, so I don't really want to spend much on replacement bottoms right now, so $24.99 jeans from Target worked out well.  It's nice to be able to wear pants that aren't falling down while you walk. 

Ok, the jeans and boots were kinda obvious. What to put on top?  Layers...always layers.  So, last JC cambridge cable turtle with a tee & cami layered underneath.  Then a puffer vest and cozy cashmere scarf.  To stay warm, zip up the vest and bundle up in the scarf.  To cool off, unzip vest, loosen scarf or stow in bag.  It was a perfect outfit for that day.

The field trip itself was a lot of fun.  And made me love M's teacher even more. Like when she, my friend Kim and I got in trouble with one of the volunteers for chatting at the back of one of the stations.  We were talking about our kids as students, and not gossiping, I swear.  Teacher was not really happy with the cranky lady. 

And then during another demonstration, a student turned her camera off and it made a very small noise.  The volunteer at the farm doing the demo pretty much freaked out - "what was that? who made that noise?"  After the students around the poor little girl with camera said "oh it's ----, she just turned off her camera," yet another crankly lady LOUDLY intoned "BOYS AND GIRLS COULD WE PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES SO WE CAN PAY ATTENTION?".  Yes, she was that nuts.  These kids aren't allowed to have cell phones, duh.  So I really fell in love with M's teacher when she turned to me and whispered "Ok, I'll give you my cell phone number and then you can call me right now."  Love that!


Anonymous said...

That scarf looks so. warm. Glad to see you posting again!

Peggy said...

Yeah! You are back! I wore those duck boots the entire winter through college! haha. That is great you lost some pounds- I need to majorly loose 10, just can't seem to motivate to the exercise gig - how did you do it?? Please inspire me!

RosaLovesDC said...

We missed you!!!
I havve some duck shoes and though I hate how they look, they have always come in handy in situations that involved mud, snow and dirt.
BTW, you look great!

Anonymous said...

Like the boots!!!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher I find the teacher's comments very inappropriate. If I had been you I would have glared at her myself!

Respect is what needs to be taught even when one does not agree with the presenter...not snarky comments.

Wow. Not laughing.

(And, yes, I really enjoy my job and the students.)

Anonymous said...

I will post an nice anon comment unlike the previous one. There was nothing wrong with the teacher comment imo.

Glad to see you back, and I love your outfit.

How are you losing the weight any tips? You look great.

Patina said...

You look so warm and cozy. You've also inspired me to pull out my 2 Land's End puffer vests and wear them, and order and updated version from Jcrew today. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

You are always so incredibly elegant. Even in duck boots!

Slastena said...

Merry Christms to you and all yours! With love,

gigiofca said...

Happy New Year, Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!