Friday, March 19, 2010

Amazing ON Find - Best Bathing Suit Cover Up Ever...esp for the Price!

Life has been crazy and I miss all my bloggie friends...and I have so much to share! But I have to do this one right away since it's about the BR/Gap/ON GiveGet promo this weekend. (First of all, did you get your coupon. If not, email me at my contact info and I'll be happy to forward to you - I still have 20 I can forward).

Anyway...while the kiddies were at school today and after my conference call, I had a bunch of returns to do, one of which was at ON. As I was chatting with a friend I ran into, I all of a sudden noticed all these really cute dresses and said "oooh, must go look" so we wandered over there...and then picked out different colors so we wouldn't be twins at the pool this summer.

It is the best (esp for the price!!!) bathing suit cover up I have seen this year. Ok, I haven't been shopping for coverups a lot but I'm always on the lookout.

Old Navy Smocked Tube Dress (#730556, $15).

But wait...there's more...the dresses are currently on promo for $8.

And then I had my 30% off GiveGet promo.

So that means....

I paid $5.60 for each. They could fall apart after a month and I would have no grounds whatsoever to complain.

Don't shoot me, I got the black and the blue (blue chip).

Fit-wise...what do you need fit for? It's a bathing suit cover up. Or at least it is for me. On my 5'10" and short-shinned frame, it's really too short to be a dress. And I'm totally comfortable with this as a single-tasker. Because it was $5.60.

I did take an M. Size down-ish. There's plenty of room.

In store, they had the black, blue, green, orchid, yellow, and coral shown online. They also had a white and a black that had some large-scale flowers printed on (the black had blues/greens; the white had corals/yellows, if I remember correctly). I feel like I should have gotten more than 2.

Got a few fun pieces at Gap, too, that I'll share IRL pics of soon. Here's the PV for now (all purchases on sale, then with additional 30% off):

(yes, I finally caved and bought distressed jeans...but they were soooo cute!)


ashley said...

i might go back to old navy to check this dress out! i entered near the mens entrance so i totally missed this!!! by the time i was ready to pay it just caught my eye :(

Patina said...

I just took advantage of the gap promo to buy some more jeans. I love their jeans!!

HeidiG said...

ashley - I would have totally missed it too, if I hadn't been chatting with a friend. And I have another friend picking up the orchid one for me today when she goes. $ can I not stock up?

Patina - I really need to try some more of the Gap jeans!!

Anonymous said...

I have tried the GAP straight jeans and I like the, have not purchased them yet because I cannot get the ankle length here in Canada yet, so I bought JC Vintage Matchsticks instead.

A GAP rep told me their jeans stretch out abit and to size down, did you find that?

ON has some good buys sometimes, the promo is on here too, however the new arrivals only show up next week after the promo ends.

Pamela said...

I can't wait to check out BR and GAP this weekend. My goal is a pair of jeans and that's it! let's see if i stick to it!

Anonymous said...

I got the same dress but the white with the coral flowers. I love it.

Cleo said...

These are cute, and such a great deal too. I may have to check them out.

snaphappy said...

I got the cover up in black and in the white with the flower. Thanks for letting us all know about it! :)

HeidiG said...

casual-crew - interesting note about the sizing down - I can't exactly remember what size I got the jeans in - but I wore them Fri night to an event at school and LOVED them. I will have to check. And if they stretch, I'll just wash & dry, I suppose. Thanks for the tip - I'll watch for that.

Pamela - ooooh, wonder what you got, but I could find out if I would just catch up on my blog reading! Arg - it's on the list for tomorrow...along with real work. :)

Rosa in DC - the ones with the flowers were way cute.

Cleo - not that we should advocate disposable clothing, but at $5.60, I don't mind if I'm using it as a dustrag the following season. Of course the way things usually work out, these will probably be my longest-lasting coverups!

snaphappy - oh good, we can be twinnies at the pool in our matching black tube dresses. Like I thought you'd NOT get that one. :) Do you know if H picked up the other one for me?

Summerilla said...

Love the cover-up and you're right the price is amazing. Oh I want the green one. For that price it's easy to buy every color and always match your bathing suit.

This post makes me so ready for warm weather and pools!