Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nail Files - More Spring Polish

Lots of polish fun to share...

I'll start with my awfully belated MAC Liberty of London Blue India, a rich teal color.  I thought it would be a bit more grayish or muted, but it was full on teal blue. 

The biggest thing that bothered me was the length of my nails.  I like them short short short, esp when I wear funky colors (hey, that's my aesthetic, it doesn't have to be yours), and I thought they were just too long with this color on.  I am honestly not sure how much I will wear this on my fingers, but I'm pretty sure I'll be sporting it quite often on my toes this summer...esp when I'm wearing my Target LoL tankini (more on that in another post).

This was the first MAC polish I have used and I was very impressed with the formula.  I had heard that some people have issues with application  & streakiness, but I had none of those.

Next up, we have the guest nails of my darling daughter E, who was sporting a layered combo of OPI Thanks So Muchness, topped with 1 coat of Mad as a Hatter.  (Occasion was her final basketball game of the season, nails to match the red team jerseys.)

What a fun combo!  She loved it.  Here's the full story on the polish - Summerilla wanted Mad as a Hatter but was only able to find the minis and quickly realized that they just were a pain to apply on grown up fingernails.  So I found a full size bottle of MAAH (thank you to the Trade Secret at White Flint) and we swapped.  Turns out that the OPI minis are the *perfect* size for little girl nails.  Thanks, Summerilla!!

And to close, a semi-disappointing Essie spring polish.  I've said before that I find a lot of their cremes, esp the lighter colors, to be very streaky.  Some of them are ok, such as the J Crew Russian Roulette - I didn't love the color on me, but the application was great.  And Risky Business, which I got last year, was good, too.  (It's a fun orange-y spring color, so I'll probably put on and post about that one soon-ish.)

Essie Neo-whimsical.  It's a pretty color - but the application was not great.  And since I do my own nails fairly regularly, I need to be able to apply the color instead of relying on someone else's expertise.

What I'm really interested in is a comparison of this and the OPI Panda-monium Pink from the new Hong Kong collection.  I actually got that color because I like this shade, but can't stand the application.  And I love the application for about 99% of OPI polishes.  We'll see how that works out...will post on it soon.


Suburban Princess said...

I love OPI - so much that I havnt even bothered to try Essie. Tho with names like High Maintainance I am itching to get my hands on some lol!

Pamela said...

I pretty much stick to OPI, too. that peacock teal color is sooo pretty though!

I cannot wait to get a mani/pedi Saturday. I need it so badly and then I can start wearing some peep toes again!!!

Jillian, Inc said...

I ventured from french into the dark colors this winter and could never get my nail guy to get my nails quite short and round enough. I am quite certain he was saying bad things about me in Vietnamese to all his other nail-doing friends. I really should have brought in a picture from a magazine but I would probably have a hex on me and that just isn't good. I gotta have my nail guy on my side.

HeidiG said...

Suburban Princess - High Maintenance does sound fun - I love nail polish names!

Pamela - In spite of the fact that I usually do my own nails, I do really want to go get a mani/pedi soon. maybe after my meetings on Thursday...

Jillian, Inc - it is nice to take a break from the darks, much as I love them. I know what you mean about length - we were talking about this on Sweet Tea's blog over the weekend, I think? It's so hard to get nail techs to shorten my nails enough - I guess long nails is their aesthetic, but I can't stand it. I usually try to clip mine the day before I go and then let them file them. And I'm always sure they are saying mean things about me. :)

Peggy said...

Maggie & I love to paint our nails! Usually I just do my toes, but sometimes fingernails are fun too. Thanks for the reviews- I need to get to ULTA and get some OPI to try!

Anonymous said...

agree that OPI is a better texture/consistency formulation than ESSIE--but I LUVE neon-whimsical--currently sporting it on my toes! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the blue nail polish. So fun!

tres tippy said...

love the nail polish posts!OPI is my favorite too.I rarely use it on my fingernails though, mostly for pedicures because I can't stand having long nails (I guess that's what 20 years of piano does to a person lol). Hope you have a great weekend!

Summerilla said...

Oh I love all these colors, of course the Mad as a Hatter is my fav. I love the LOL blue India but I definitely think it's a good toe color. I usually go more muted with my finger nails.

So happy to hear the mini bottles were the perfect size for E. Now I want to go finger nail polish shopping!

HeidiG said...

Peggy - it is a fun mother-daughter thing to do, definitely!

yogagirl - I need to post it, but I tried the OPI Panda-monium Pink and it is virtually identical to Neo-Whimsical in color, but a MUCH better formula.

Rosa in DC - thanks!

tres tippy - I can't stand long nails either. I actually went and got a mani/pedi last week (first time since last summer, I think) and the girl doing my fingernails actually trimmed my nails short enough...after I pulled out the clippers and showed her how short I like them, of course.

Summerilla - more muted on your fingers? Really? the girl wearing mint green? I kid because I love...and yes, E is loving "her" Alice in Wonderland polish. Right now she has green leftover from St Patty's - got to get that off before we visit my parents later this week.