Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Shoe to Share (My Sub for the Ares Platform Heel)

Let me just start this out by saying that I love J Crew shoes (um, except for the more masculine styles which just aren't me).  They are oh so pretty.  I love their colorways.  They are so yummy-looking when I scroll through the website or flip through the catalog.  And then cold, hard reality hits.  The flats really just aren't as supportive as I'd like.  I honestly think some of my Target flats have more support and cushioning.  And they tend to run narrow - especially up front in the toe box where, thanks to bunion genes running amok in the womenfolk of my family, my foot runs wide.  (I am the only girl who hasn't had bunion surgery - my sister had it in college - ow!!) 

And then there is the heel issue.  I love the look of heels.  I completely agree that most girl people, myself included, do look better when wearing heels.  I just don't feel as mobile or as speedy.  So I wear flats or a lower heel - which, admittedly is hard to find in a cute, not dowdy, shoe.  I really try to stick to 3" max, and yes, I like a thicker heel if I'm planning to walk much.  Maybe for my mid-life crisis when I turn 40 in a year and a half, I'll actually learn how to walk in heels and start wearing them as a default.  (yeah right...)

So while I admire the J Crew shoes from afar, they just don't work for me in 99% of cases.  Joley flats and Danielle flat sandals being the exception - both of which I have and love, but definitely realize are not cushioned or supportive for all day walking.

So, as with my Sofft sandals from yesterday's post, once again, I found myself with a near-dupe of a J Crew sandal - in this case, the Ares Platform Heel (#25485, $215), pictured below. 

My version, purchased from Loehmanns for about $40, but still available from Piperlime - and now on sale for $29.99.  Granted, they definitely aren't as edgy as the JC version, but they are wearable for me.  Maybe it helps that I have longer legs, I don't know.  White Mountain Medusa:

And the IRL on my toesies. 

I don't think I've worn them in an outfit pic, but I'm sure that I'll get a pic of them soon enough.  Especially now that I'm hopefully back in the blogging saddle again.

How much do I love these shoes?  Tons.  Way comfy, even for a heel.  Totally stay on my foot.  Great neutral go-with-everything color.  Last time I wore them was with a white shirt & white jeans and they were fab.  Love them with regular jeans.  And I think they'll work with some of my summer dresses, too.


Pamela said...

I think it's a great alternative. I agree about JCrew flats not being a walking flat. That's why I love the TB flats-the Reva style is pretty classic, so the cost per wear must be considered re: their price, but for me- the flexible rubber sole allows me to wear them for 10+ hrs when I'm running around inside the office or going from one building to another downtown.

BTW, if I squint, I can hardly tell the difference between the FULL size pics ;-)

Peggy said...

Those are an awesome alternative! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I like your pair better and I would wear them more--but I'm a tall girl too! :)

dinagideon said...

:) I meant to mention a pair of shoes to you recently, as I felt they were pretty wide, and now I can't remember which ones they were. Blegh.

I love the White Mountain ones...very pretty and they look squishy in a good way. I like squishy shoes because they are all comfy, etc.

But if you own the shoe, then I need to heed my distance as you know that I have to have the world's narrowest shoes, which J. Crew conveniently makes. LOL. :P

Tamstyles said...

cute shoes...and love the toes...i think this is my first comment here!

HeidiG said...

Pamela - ah, the day I will own a pair...I just never set aside enough in my mental clothing budget!!

Peggy - thanks!

yogagirl - maybe if I were shorter, I would wear heels more? then again...maybe not...

dinagideon - what? you forgot the wide shoes? darn...I thought that was our arrangement - I refer you to the narrow ones, you refer me to the wide ones. :) Isn't it funny how we are sorta similar sizes but totally different shapes - body & feet??

Tamstyles - thank you! I'm pretty sure I'm wearing OPI Light My Sapphire - one of my standard navies.

snaphappy said...

What do you think it means that I was with you when you purchased these shoes . . . and the shoes from yesterday's post??!! :)

I LOVE these and wish I had bought a pair for myself!

Rachel said...

Love these!!!
How is the sizing? I sometimes do 8 1/2 sometimes 9 - would you go larger or smaller?


HeidiG said...

snaphappy - I guess you are my shoe good-luck charm. Want to hit DSW next week, hehehe? Or the week that our kids are at TK?

Rachel - I sized down to 9 - and I usually take a 9 or 9 1/2 - so I would go with the 8 1/2. (which they still have in both colors)

Anonymous said...

First time posting. I bought these shoes a couple of weeks ago. I love them. I have the same problem - I'm 5'8" and all the nice strappy sandals are 3" and over. I feel very self conscious being that tall. I know, I need to get over that. When I found these i figured what the heck and ordered them. They are so much nicer IRL than in the picture, the picture doesn't do it justice at all. Thanks for the heads up on the Piperlime sale. I went over there and ordered them in black. Luckily I ordered in time because my size was sold out the next morning.