Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Summer in Dress & Sandals

So it's really truly officially the start of summer.  I don't know about you, but for us, summer arrives in stages...first the pool opens Mem Day weekend, then spring sports end (yay!), then school's out (yay yay!!), and finally we have the official 1st day of summer right as we hit our stride into full-on summer.  Been a bit absent - I think I last posted before we went down to NC to see the inlaws for my FIL's 70th bday, and here we are in June and we just got back from a 5-day weekend there to play at the beach once school let out.  It is a long drive, but I can't complain about traffic because it could have been SO much worse.  Looking forward to shorter drives for the rest of the summer, though.

Funny summer stories for you:

- Today E pulled out one of her teeth.  It was almost out and she did the last yank.  Atta girl!  But yes, ewwww.

- M caught his first shark this past weekend.  Ok, it was a 15" dead baby sand shark that he stepped on in the surfand then reached down to see what it was.  My & my cool head...I was walking down to the water with the camera and after he showed dad, he came running out of the surf with it to show me.  I freaked out and just said "Throw it back!"  I wasn't sure if it was dead or alive, but in either case it really skeeved me out.  Me, with the camera....and totally didn't take a picture.  And let's add an ewwwwwww for that one.  Oh, he's such a boy.  And clearly, I'm not so good with the surprises...  I do fairly well with injuries like head wounds and all that, but it's the critter stuff that gets me.

And summertime, as always, means easy dresses.  I love 1-piece dressing.  It just doesn't get any easier than that.  Here's yesterday's outfit for a few errands before we went to the pool.

Loft knit sheath dress from several years ago and black Sofft sandals.  Black dress + black sandals...ok, maybe it's not that creative, but it always works. 

I got these sandals from DSW and they are insanely comfy!  (Sofft, duh....)  Anyway, I highly recommend.  Plus, the ankle strap has enough give that I can actually slip them over my heel without unbuckling - always a bonus.

Funny thing is, when I was browsing around the J Crew website, I found a pair of heeled sandals that are way similar - the Knotted Macrame heels ($27829, $225).  And you all know that (1) I just don't do heels that often, and (2) most J Crew shoes just don't work on my feet - way too narrow and not enough support.  So basically I have the JC look in a much more comfortable shoe.  And it was quite a bit less price-wise.  Works for me!

Close up of my Sofft sandals:

J Crew Knotted Macrame Heels:

Good enough!!  And both shoes have that lovely piece on the back of the heel and we all know that's for hiding a less than perfect job of buffing your heels, right?

Hope you all are enjoying the summer! Stay cool and stay safe.
Polyvore from yesterday:


Sue (reBloomer) said...

I love any shoe with the look of woven/knotted/braided leather. I loved it before the whole gladiator sandal craze and I'll continue to love it after it's over.

Suburban Princess said...

I so wish I could just toss on a dress and not feel like I have to then do my hair, makeup, match jewelry etc etc would be a major even just going to the grocery store!

snaphappy said...

Welcome back to blogging -- I missed you! (Even though we got to catch up quite a bit at the pool yesterday.)

I have to admit, when you started telling your stories, I expected the "Miss Heidi doesn't wear a bra" story to show up! ;)

AnneG said...'re back! Super cute sandals.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, we missed you!
The shark story is kind of funny, a little gross but funny.
Those shoes are so perfect!

Pamela said...

What a great shoe "compromise" ! Sofft shoes are just that-soft!! Sounds like your summer is off to a good star!

Kathy said...

The shoes are so cute! The nail color is not so bad either, I love the blue!

HeidiG said...

Sue (reBloomer) - I agree - I think the woven/knotted/braided leather gives us a softer and more comfortable shoe. Much more supportive than a flip flop, and just as summer-worthy.

Suburban Princess - ok, so this was one of my nicer throw-on dresses. usually, it's a sports bra with knit sundress - and then, it's not much more complicated than that - hair in a ponytail, stud earrings & watch, mascara/lipstick/powder, and sunglasses. That's my usual casual-summer uniform.

snaphappy - I was going to share the bra story...but since I was actually wearing one here, I thought I'd wait for a non-bra-dress day. :)

AnneG - thanks!

Rosa in DC - yes, the shark story is gross & funny at the same time - which is what makes it such a boy thing. :)

Pamela - oh yes, "soft" is right!

La Belette Rouge said...

I like your Softsandal better than the original JCrew. Well done!

And, like all the others, I missed you!!

HeidiG said...

Kathy - thanks! the nail color is actually one I made about 4/5 of a bottle of Essie Chinchilly and 1/5 of Essie Mesmerize. (just to entertain myself...)

La Belette Rouge - thank you!!