Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Khaki & White...Just So Right

You all know I love navy.  But one of my fave combos year round - especially in the spring & summer is khaki and white.  It always looks fresh and crisp to me.  And it's easy.  My usual formula is white top + khaki bottom + whatever accessories you feel like.  And it works just as well if you switch up with khaki top + white bottoms.  And it almost always feels just a little bit beachy. Here are a couple of outfits to share from a few weeks ago, that I have since copied with varying tees or shoes or whatever.

Pencil Skirt:  Loft Iconic Pencil Skirt (#241906, $49.50).  I actually think this skirt is totally worth FP, but I did get it during the 30% F&F a few weeks ago.    They are showing Black and Pebble online, but mine is much more of a gray color - I'm thinking it's probably Moon Gray?  Ok maybe it's gray, but it's with me here.

The skirt is 98% cotton/2% spandex and *machine washable.*  It's 22" in length - which for me, is perfect because below knee skirts - esp pencil skirts - just don't work well on a short-shinner like me.  Since it's above the knee, I can totally get away with wearing flats with it - yay!  And that means I will wear it much more than a heels-required skirt. 

Fit-wise, I got the 10 because I wanted to be able to wear it sans tights or control garments and it's a light color (like my size up for white jeans rule).  This is a summer skirt.  I wanted something comfy & easy...and I got it. 

I love this with just a white tee - here the perfect fit white crewneck.  The combos are endless since (1) I have quite a stash of white tees, and (2) any group of accessories works as long as they work together.  For this ensemble, I chose the pink Danielle sandals and the fireball necklace which is really a light pink, plus gold hoops.

And I feel polished every time I wear this skirt - even when casual.  And it's so comfy.  Another plus is that it really doesn't wrinkle badly - and that's always a danger with pencil skirts. I highly recommend this skirt.

Polyvore for pencil skirt (had to use a different Loft skirt in the PV, since you know the Loft/PV issues - argh):
5/5/10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

5/5/10 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Utility skirt: Banana Republic cargo skirt. No idea on style number since I got it a couple of months ago (thanks for the coupon, Gigi) at 40% off the FP of $59.50, so it was $36. A great summer skirt. Much more casual than the pencil skirt, above, but very versatile. I think I'll wear this a lot - especially for travel. Have I ever mentioned that I prefer skirts when I travel in the car, esp in summer? Not dressy, fussy, wrinkly ones, of course. But easy cotton skirts. They're usually cooler than shorts or ccapris, easier for potty stops, and I'll wear them with a tee so the seatbelt doesn't irritate as it can with a sundress (my other top summer clothing choice).

Here, I have on the open crewneck painter tee, J Crew olive sneakers (which are a great way to ground a shorter skirt), and my Anthro initial typeset necklace. Nothing earth shattering, but a clean classic look that I loved all day.

Fit - in case you happen to stumble upon one at your local BR - I got a size 10.  BR skirts seem to be tighter on me in the hips than most JC skirts are.
Polyvore for utility skirt:


Pamela said...

During summer, when traveling by car, I usually wear a good non-fussy skirt or jersey dress, too.

Khaki and white always are great combos for warm weather. That loft skirt is great. It looks good with a simple tee and those great gladiator type sandals.

La Belette Rouge said...

A great everyday outfit. And I LOVE that yellow bag. Soooo cute!

AllDressedUp said...

I love traveling in jersey dresses or summery skirts. So much easier, way more comfortable, and very versatile (when you stop to eat, make it to your final destination, etc.).

I'm a huge fan of white and khaki. It's so crisp. For teaching, I love to do a white fitted button-down with some form of khaki capris.

I love your pink shoes/necklace combo! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love that colour combo too, I think it makes even the cheapest things look expensive & it's just so uplifting.

Suburban Princess said...

Love this look! I wish I could wear skirts - I justdont have the thighs for them :O(

Kcookski said...

LOVE. the white and khaki look as crisp and refreshing as a frosty lemonade. that br skirt is awesome.

HeidiG said...

Thanks, ladies!

Suburban Princess - I truly believe that there is a skirt that works for everyone - but sometimes you have to figure out what those right proportions are. :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Classy lady! The light neutrals look terrific on you Heidi. I love simple outfit pieces like these for summer too.

Anonymous said...

Great outfit and super comfortable!
I used to wear khaki a lot but not anymore, this post is making reconsider.

Cleo said...

Very nice, Heidi. I like khaki and white, too, but haven't worn the two together in while. (Actually, i have very little in white, which make throwing outfits together a challenge for me at times.) I am going to revisit the classic, clean look of khaki and white thanks to your post. :)

gigiofca said...

I think that cargo skirt is so cute. Yay for a 40% coupon. The J Crew skirt looks great, too :-)

HeidiG said...

Thanks for visiting ladies and for the kind comments! (doing a little catch up, here)