Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh la la...J Crew Jaspe Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt

J Crew Jaspe Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt (#21197, $150).  "Sequined" and "Slouchy"?  Count me it. 

The back story is that, as you probably read on Summer's and Slastena's blogs, a bunch of us DC JCAs got together to do a little shopping and Starbucks time on May 1.  And what happened?  Well, we all dove into the Crewlade, as shown in my Polyvore below:

So here's our total:
2 = already had it in white, aka "grey jaspe" (dinagideon, Summerilla)
1 = pregnant so actually had a bit of sense (Amber)
1 = Cleo was strangely immune to the charms of the sequined Jaspe
6 = the rest of us, who bought out Friendship Heights' stock of the metallic jaspe (me, drewablank, kater, Slastena, Rosa in DC, and Jane-who ordered it)

Yep, that was pretty much it.  Thank goodness they didn't have crewcuts there or a crewcut version, since I brought along my mini-Jenna, E. 

The sequined jaspe originally came out in December and then was waitlisted forever.  But wow, that front table display was wiped out after we whirled on through.  dinagideon wore hers here in the "grey jaspe" version, which has the white sequins. 

This is the "metallic jaspe" color, which just means the sequins are a dark silver color.  Admittedly, I re-ordered it when knits were 20% off, so at least I only paid $120 for it...which still seems like a lot...but it's just so cozy...I really love the fit.  Most of the ladies got a regular sweater size.  I actually got the Large.  And truthfully, I really only tried it on for a lark after the SAs told kater that there was an M on the mannequin that they could grab for her since she said the L was too big. (Slastena snagged hers from a mannequin, too - like I said, we cleaned them out of Jaspes)  I was thinking NO WAY, but as soon as I put it love loved it!  It's so comfy.  And such a great combo of shiny & slouchy.  And let's be honest, I love to dress up, but it always has to be comfy. 

The sequin-sewing backing is totally fine - I ended up returning the Loft sequin shell because every time I put it on, the back sewing of the sequins was totally irritating to me.  (wardrobe test - if you can't stop fidgeting when you try something on, don't get it because you'll be doing the same thing when you try to wear it for real.)

But back to fit...I think the Large worked on me because of my frame.  With wide shoulders and a fairly flat chest, I can usually pull of slouchy better than someone with a curvier figure.    And it has a nice long length so it sits on me as slouchy, not boxy.  It really is a fine line, though, but fit-queen dina approved.  The open neck adds a lot to the sweatshirt since it shows off some skin...and who doesn't have a great collarbone?  But because of the slouchy fit, I will only wear it with slim bottoms.

So for a house party the other weekend, I wore it with skinny white jeans (KUT from the Kloth at Nordstrom - love them).  Not this pic here, since it was a come home from soccer game and immediately change to go out evening - no time for pics.  But this is pretty much how I wore it.  Except that I also had on silver flip flops and the gray pearl earring that drewablank brought back for me (which I still love - thanks, honey!).  With all the sequins, you really don't need much else - too much jewelry would actually be distracting.  And oh yeah, I got a multitude of compliments.  So I give it an A+.

Other ways to wear it:
  • Like I am in the first pic when I just tried it on for a photo but hadn't gotten around to posting.  How fab would you feel lounging around home in this? 
  • I tried it on in store with a navy blazer, while wearing my white jeans and it looked amaaaaazing under the blazer.  If I actually worked in an office, I would totally try it out.  And if I had a regular real navy blazer, which I don't, but it really should be on my list.  Maybe next fall, I think I've blown through my spring/summer wardrobe budget.
  • With skinny jeans - the sequins almost have a blue tone, so it would totally work with medium to dark denim
  • With Minnies, duh - black definitely.  not sure about the coal ones - haven't tried.
  • With khaki pants & black heeled sandals, a la Dec 2009 Marie Claire feature copying a Celine look ("Cents-ible chis: Shimmering sweaters and sexy ankle strap heels amp up low-key khakis) but the printer with the scanner died so you'll have to take my word for it.  And yes, I have been cleaning out my magazines.
  • With cute shorts and flat sandals for a very casual glam beach party.
Am I crazy?  Or crazy like a fox?  We'll see...

Updated with:
Gigi's post on the Jaspe...
and Debye's original post on the Jaspe, her 2nd post on Jaspe styling ideas, and most recent on pairing with a pencil skirt.  Thanks, ladies!!


Anonymous said...

Too pricey for me esp. for lounging around in the house! Not a big sequin fan as it it. Yes, it is a very cute sweatshirt but way overpriced IMO. Just my two cents worth:)

Pamela said...

it is a bit pricey, but count me in if/when it ever hits the sale. I love it! I laughed thinking about all you guys purchasing them together. I wish I could have been there! It sounds like it was so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I would love it under a blazer like you said, you know in the Fall. I love it and I cannot wait to wear mine!
Amber liked it a lot, so if she had not been pregnant, she would have gotten it!
I had so much fun hanging out with all of you!

Jemma said...

so pretty, I really like it on you!! Oh I just cant wait for christmas now and to have a jcrew a thon with my sisters!!

Mikaela said...

love it!! how fun. if i see that in stores, i'll be trying it on too!!

Peggy said...

Ohhh, I am sooo jealous of your shopping group! How fun would that be?? I love the sweatshirt! You and Dina and Debye all look fabulous in it! If this goes on sale I would so love it! But right now I'm just trying to resist the Anthro sale tomorrow!

Slastena said...

There are innumerable ways to wear this beauty, that's how versatile it is. With shorts on a cool summer eve, with skinnies and flats in spring, under the jacket for a festive occasion. Heidi- you are rockin' it. Beautiful!

ina said...

it looks great on you!
i am sure you will find lots of ways to wear it.
i am also jealous of your little shopping group.

itztru said...

It's beautiful and you know how much I love the story...somehow still, I'm expecting to wake up some Monday morning and find the JCA "Looking To Sell" blog flooded with Jaspe's? Yeah, I know - a classic case of sequin envy from simple Vermont! Looking forward to a time when I will visit DC (never in heat & humidity) to go shopping with y'all!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous on you Heidi! I ended up buying the metallic jaspe on promo too... my store didn't carry it, but it shipped in perfect condition, and have worn it twice already. It really is versatile. The softness and comfort level are out of this world. LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I don't believe I've posted before, but you've inspired me to post with this one. You always look fabulous, even with the haircut you didn't like. You are such a pretty, spirited lady! This one doesn't do it for you. It is too big and not flattering at all, IMHO. I would return it and buy something really great.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last're so cute and this is just not that flattering, especially for that crazy price. I mean if you love it and feel great in it, keep it...but I think you can find something that's just as much "fun" that flatters more!

Ema said...

Heidi, first of all (as this is my first comment after your long iatus) welcome back! I hope that you will stay with us a little bit longer this time around ;-).

Believe it or not, I haven't fallen under the spell of the sequined Jaspe yet. It isn't the price but I just don't get merino in the spring/summer: as soon as the weather warms up a bit you won't be wearing it (and by "you" I mean "me"). A reason for me to wait and see if I can get it on sale.
But I agree it looks pretty fabulous!

gigiofca said...

Good seeing you! I'm sitting in a sequin sweatshirt right now from NY&Co. They are quite comfortable and add a touch of sparkle. I say if you love it, wear it. I have to say this is day 3 of wearing mine around the house. I ran out once to the bank with it on and it looked like 'I tried.' I think IF* I weren't immune to the price and if I didn't already have one, I might bite. I tried it on in this post.

Cleo said...

As you mentioned, i'm not smitten by this sweater. I can appreciate the fabric, the detail, and it does look nice on others. It's just not my style. I guess i'll have to think of an alternative to maintain my membership in the DC JCA club. :)

Ms.Mer said...

Not for me personally (and just to expensive for me right now), but I think it looks good on you! I think the colors are unexpected and flattering. I think it's good to contrast it with tighter bottoms since it's so loose.

Btw, I have followed your hair saga and I really like your new cut! The shorter length is cute. :)

Debye said...

I agree that this is one of those pieces that you have to see (and try on) IRL to truly appreciate.

I thought it was kinda silly and way overpriced online when I first saw it. Then I saw it on Dina and decided to watch for it to go on sale and then-just maybe-I would grab one. Then I saw all you other DC JCA's with it and decided I would definitetly grab it once it went on sale. Then I saw it in person and my eyes got big. Then I tried it on and there wasn't a chance in the world I was leaving the store without it!

I love your styling with the skinny white jeans! I wore mine for the first time last week and am planning to wear it again tomorrow.

AnneG said...

About 3 months ago someone had returned a grey sequin jaspe to the Tyson's store. I saw it, grabbed it and thought, "Why not? I'll give it a try!" I was surprised when I got it on how much I liked it. It was a small and fit but I would have felt more comfortable in a medium so I left it behind. All this time it's stayed on my mind as it really is something that is better IRL than a catalog photo. However, the price...the PRICE!!! I finally caved with recent promo and orderd the grey. I am thinking I am going to love it...we shall see how often I wear but bring on those Polyvores, girls, if you have additional ideas, I'd love to see them! (Thanks Debye for what you already did!)

Summerilla said...

I seriously still laugh at how bad we all drank the crewlade with this one!! But seriously this sweatshirt is super comfortable and I absolutely love it!

dinagideon said...

Oh, HeidiG. You are so cute. :) I especially LOVE it with the white jeans. And I can 100% see you rocking this with a blazer and dark denim in the fall. Very chic.

I approve of the fit because it is meant to be slouchy. You *could* have sized down to a medium, but then the length would have been shorter and the line of the sweatshirt is meant to be longer. So good on you!

Fit Queen--Love it. Can I have a tiara? LOL. Just kidding. It probably wouldn't fit and then that would negate my "queen" status.

JulieStyles said...

So cute on you. Rethinking the sequin sweatshirt category after having a few "what am I going to wear" meltdowns with our freezing spring weather.

Peggy said...

I made a special stop at Jcrew yesterday just to feast my eyes on this beauty and my store never got them!!! argh!!

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

Is it bad the Jaspe was a shirt I never gave a second glance to until now ... and now I want it?

Anonymous said...

It obviously makes you very happy, which is what really matters!
However, I just don't "get it" -especially for that price! And doesn't the fact that all of your codependent shoppers (aholics) bought it make you NOT want it? Or will you all plan to wear it to brunch together someday? That would be funny!

HeidiG said...

Anon@8:17 - totally understand. and trust me, I would not be getting this *just* to lounge around in. But it would be fun for Christmas morning, no?

Pamela - It was funny. But it was one of things that just started happening and we didn't even really realize it until later when the emails starting circulating. Half of us were leaving at different times, so it was a bit chaotic.

Rosa in DC - it was fun - thanks so much for organizing!!

Jemma - thank you!

Mikaela - thanks! Hope you love it, too. If not, there's a really fun sequined sweatshirt in the new release! Always another fun option around the corner...

Peggy - anthro sale, temptation - tough stuff!! and I'm sorry your store didn't get them - bummer!

Slastena - thanks! loved it on you, too!!

ina - thank you! they are such a nice group of ladies - I wish we got to see each other more often.

itztru - sequin envy, hehehe.

cdp - so glad you are enjoying yours! I will enjoy checking out your sets on PV, so I can crib some new ideas!!

Anons @ 10:19 & 1:17 - ladies, thank you for your honest feedback. Maybe it doesn't work as well in the still photo, like open cardis, as a rule, but moves better? I got multiple compliments when I wore it - and from people I trust. I will give it some thought.

Ema - thanks! I'm trying to get back to the blogging habit - I have missed it and keeping up with everyone. This sweatshirt, unlike the Jaspes over fall/winter, is actually not merino - so it's not too warm. Just cozy.

gigiofca - crud! I knew there was another review I meant to link to. thanks, will add to the post!

Cleo - just wear something sparkly next time, hehehe. :)

Ms Mer - thank you! yes, I think the skinny bottoms are key.

Debye - I need to add links to your posts to this one as well. And it is a seductive piece, isn't it? Once I put it on, I was just smitten!

AnneG - yay! can't wait to hear how you like it IRL. I'm definitely keeping an eye out on PV for more sets, too!

Summerilla - very funny, yes.

dinagideon - we'll find a tiara that fits, don't worry. and you're right about the length - the longer length is key with the jaspe.

JulieStyles - a key test in knowing if you've made the right decision is when you can't wait to wear something - and I wore this as soon as I could. Oh, I so know what you mean about the wardrobe challenges of cold spring - I usually go with cashmere plus white jeans, so this gives me another option.

Lisa - Respect the Shoes - always good to look at items in a new way. if you love it, then go for it.

Anon @2:35 - truthfully and unfortunately, I really don't see these ladies that often. Most of them actually live in VA. Most of them work during the day whereas I work, but I have my flexible free time during the day because of how my schedule is set up. It's not always easy to meet up with all the family stuff going on over the weekend. So it's not like I went shopping with 6 gals from my neighborhood and we're all going to show up to the PTA meeting in the exact same outfit. We have actually joked about all wearing them to our next get together just for fun - but even then, I would expect to see them all styled differently because even though we all have a store in common that we love, we all have different styles. And I can understand if you don't get it...I really didn't until I tried it on. Then again, there are many J Crew pieces that others fanatically loved and I just didn't get it, so those I passed by.

gigiofca said...

Thanks for attaching my link. I added a link to your post within mine :-0