Saturday, September 4, 2010

J Crew Franny Dress (Retail Only?)

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  We are headed off to a Mexican Fiesta Pool Party tonight - grown-ups only.  I want to be wearing a cute little dress...but it's about 70 degrees right now and headed down to a low of 51 tonight, so I don't think a cute little dress is in the cards...unless I go with a coat and tights...but it's Labor Day weekend - way too soon to pull out the tights in MD.   Instead I'll be wearing a pair of white jeans, like probably 50% of the ladies there.  I imagine that about 35% will have on regular jeans, and the other 15% will split out between black pants and the fools crazy enough to go with bare legs.  Did I mention it's always very breezy at our pool, so it's going to feel a lot chillier? 

But I'll have my Jaspe sequined slouchy sweatshirt to keep me warm...and sparkly...and given all the gardening I've been doing today, a sweatshirt seems about right  I've posted on that before and I'm not sure if I'll get pics before I go, so I thought I'd share what I wish I were wearing.  And I'll brace myself for the tomatoes, because a lot of you saw it on AppGal of Musings on the Mountain and I think pretty much everyone agreed with her big thumbs down.  Then again, I've always said it would be really boring if we all wore the exact same JCrew, right?

J Crew Franny Vintage Mixy Dress (#31033, $128, currently marked down in stores but not sure of the price).

Let's get this out of the's short.  It's shorter than anything I own.  But I fell in love with the spite of the length.  Now I'm certainly not going to wear it to volunteer at school.  For me, it's a great party dress.  I wore it a week after I got it to a wine tasting and fundraiser for Grassroots Soccer.  (fantastic organization, by the way, a co-workers daughter is doing a fellowship in South Africa this year) 

Even though it's short, the way the hem falls, I actually don't feel like it's about to blow up in the wind - it's cut straight at the bottom - not billowy.  I actually felt very secure in it, hem-wise...and you know me, I'm usually the first complaining (whining) about JC's hemlines.

I love love love the fact that the dress is cotton.  I like the mix of textures - the black eyelet is just fun for me.  The waistline hits me at a good spot.  It's cool and comfy, and works great with just a regular black bra (so it's easy).

Interestingly enough, I got this dress when I was out shopping with one of my dearest bloggie friends, dinagideon - who is a couple inches shorter than me and is long-shinned as well (while I am short-shinned, with more of my leg length in my femur).  Dina tried on the dress, but it actually looked shorter on her, which was weird.  And we both agreed it was weird because usually everything looks and is shorter on me.  We think it had something to do with the weird bodice fit on her.  For me and my wide shoulders, it sat in the right spot.  But it was nice to ha

But I go back to Ema's sidebar notes on her blog, My Closet, My Baby, and I:  "If something that you are trying makes you feel like you are Kate Hudson (replace Kate Hudson with your favorite style icon), BUY IT."  I felt a bit Gwyneth in the dress.

Given all that's going on with the dress, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple - ponytail, stud earrings, and flat sandals.  Yes...FLAT sandals...because it is a short skirt and flat shoes always ground the short length a bit. 

Funny story:  When I was trying the dress on at my not-usual B&M, the SA suggested it would look great with heels.  And I just looked at her and said "with a hem this short?  seriously???  Um, yeah, I don't think so."  But I may try it out in chillier weather with tights and a long cardi...we'll see...not sure if I'm that adventurous yet.

And if you need a tomato to toss, check out the gorgeousness below...fresh out of the garden this morning:


Kathy said...

I loved this dress when I first saw it! I did not end up getting it because I had gotten the Olivia gingham shift dress and I figured one short dress was enough.

Enjoy your party tonight!

Pamela said...

It's fun seeing how same items work for different people. And if something feels good on to you=buy it! I think the dress looks great on you.

and those tomatoes...ugh, nothing is better than a garden fresh tomato. i love to eat them right from the garden, rinsed off, sliced up with with a bit of salt. yum!!

Cleo said...

I liked this dress when i tried it on, and i love it on you. I agree that the flats work nicely with this dress. Good point about flats with short skirts.

Rose said...

Cute dress! And yummy looking tomatoes!

dinagideon said...

Sweety, you look so pretty in that dress. I think it was and is made for you. The rest of us, no, but you, yes. ;)

I think Jenna must know that you needed this and should have called it the Heidi dress so you could be 100% sure she was thinking of you.

I would have definitely been one of your crazies. I for sure would have been in a sundress at the party (which sounded fab)!

Summerilla said...

Hey hey Beautiful Lady! You look AMAZING in that dress, just beautiful!

Now I wish I had tried it on myself!

Tomatoes look delicious, there is nothing better than home grown fresh off the vine tomatoes. It's probably one of my favorite tastes of all.

OneFashionistaDiva said...

this dress is pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Love that dress on you!
I was loving the weather so much. Now it's hot again!

Slastena said...

Heidi, you are totally rocking the dress. You look hotter than those yuammy hot tomatoe pic you posted. Pun intended, as I am huge fan of fresh ripe tomatoes with a dash of a sea salt. Yum. I even have a tomato based perfume- DKNY ( it's like vodka with tomatoes, double score, I am serious).:)

Anonymous said...

Hi -
This is a bit off topic but just wanted to thank you for your reviews of nail polish colors...I have gotten several after reading your reviews and love them!

HeidiG said...

Thanks, ladies!

Slastena - i'll have to ask you about which DKNy perfume that is - I love a good Bloody Mary.

Anon - more nail polish reviews coming shortly, I promise. Thanks for the feedback!