Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nail Files - Fall 2010 Polishes - OPI

Ahhh, I do love polish.  I have 3 of the OPI Switzerland collection to share with you.  Mixed reviews here.  I'll be honest - this one didn't thrill me like the 2 previous fall collections  - France & Spain.  I don't love the teal-y blues, they just aren't my thing.  Didn't go gaga over the reds/browns...or at least not yet.  But I did find a few to enjoy.

First:  Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.  Have to get this out of the way - every time I think about the name, I picture Billy Crystal as Fernando on SNL with his "You look mahvelous" spiel.  Ok, I'm done (now it will be stuck in your head, not mine).  Back to the color - a sparkly dark pewter.  Honestly, I wasn't feeling this one so much when I put it on, but that was earlier in August when it was so devilishly hot that it was hard to even comprehend fall...let alone fall polish.  Looking at the picture now, it's really growing on me.  I'll have to pull that one out again soon.  It would be a fun party polish - and the darker pewter means it works with silver and gold, so it's way versatile.  And do I even need to say it?  Application was fantastic.  And remember, as with all sparkly polishes, those little bits of glitter mean that it stays on better.

Second: Cuckoo for this Color.  I've probably said it before, but at the risk of repeating, I'm just not a blue-green person.  I am really way more of a yellow-green person.  I don't get teals and turquoises when I shop for clothes - they just aren't great colors on me unless I have an uber-unhealthy tan.  And I'm just not drawn to them in general.  I go for the olives and such.  Not sure why I even got this one except that it was pretty and I was just in that state of mind.  Again, application is fantastic.  If you skew to the blue greens, go for it.  This was ok on me.  But it was GORGEOUS on E's toes, so I have a feeling she'll be the one sporting it this season.  I do also think it would be a great spring/summer pedi - very mermaid-ish, as well as cuckoo-ish. 

2 of my fellow DC JCA's come to mind immediately when I see this color - dinagideon & Summerilla - you both need this polish - Summerilla because she loves fun polish and it will look great on her; dinagideon because she doesn't do a lot of nail polish but this would be beyond amazing on her, too, and she is such a teal chick!

And finally: Glitzerland.  Ok, points along on the name, huh?  I'm still on the fence about this color.  I had it on last week when I wore my "you're so stylish it makes me sick" outfit and when I went to lunch, both friends commented on the polish and loved it - one of whom is a die-hard creme fan.  I think my issue was that by now, I am SO READY for the dark polishes, that I wasn't in the mood for a lighter one.  But as far as golds go, this one will work on a lot of people because it's not too yellow-gold, it's more tan-gold.  Way more versatile and skintone friendly for more people.  A great party or holiday polish.  I'll probably take this one up again when I get bored with darks in a few months (usually hits me in January - I don't crave sunlight, I crave pale polish.  Weird, I know).  Again, great application.  Can't argue with that - it's why OPI is my default polish. 

So that's my summary of my 3 faves from the OPI Switzerland Collection.  Some nice options for over the season.  I think Cuckoo will be a hit, but for my daughter, not for me. 

What are my fave fall polishes so far?  Stay tuned...I'll try to churn those out this week. 


Genny said...

Normally all I buy is OPI. However, Wet n Wild is 1/2 off at Walgreens this week plus my hubby's company gets a discount on top of that---anyway. I decided to try this Metallic Silver and it GORGEOUS. Not to shinny or metallicy. Perfect for 42 cents and is holding up with well with my Seche Vite top coat. I also got the BEST shade of purple ever. My favorite color is purple and I have about 10 bottles of purple but this shade is the BEST. So cheap nail polish rocks for me this week:) Cheers. Just had to share!

Anonymous said...

hey - would love to know how you would compare the first opi color to the essie "over the top"...they look close. I love Essie's "over the top"!

Summerilla said...

You are right....that color is SO ME!!!

HeidiG said...

Genny - wow, that is a great deal. I'm all about the Seche Vite, I think it's magic. Glad you are enjoying your polish!

Anon/Cindy - Interesting question - I actually just went and pulled out the bottles so that I could compare. If I get a pic of them next to each other (camera packed away right now), I'll add it to the post. IMO, the OPI is more glittery, and the glitter is more gold and more colorful, whereas the Essie has more subtle sparkle, and its color is a bit more blue. On the nail, I think the Essie reads darker than the OPI. Does that help?

Summerilla - Told you!! Now I just have to get those Chanel & RBL pics up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! That does help! However, I just saw your post on the Chanel color...and I will most certainly getting that color! It's a beauty. You have turned me in to a nail color junkie. Thank you! ;)