Thursday, March 3, 2011

Navy for Spring, including J Crew Shelby Dress

So when my parents were here for a visit Tues-Wed of this week, my mother informed me she was tired to seeing the same darn picture of my fingernails on my blog.  Ok...'nuff said...I've been wanting to get back to blogging.  Black Pearl by Chanel is lovely, but you can only stare at it for so long....even for me....

And now that I am cast- & splint-free, I really have no excuse.  I got discharged by my occupational therapist on Thursday and the hand surgeon on Friday last week, no surgery needed. Immobilization by cast & splint did the trick.  And apparently,  I have weirdly hyper-flexible thumbs, so even though I don't have all the movement back in my right thumb, I can still bend it more than the vast majority of the population.  And I'm working on strength.  Every bottle or jar I open is a victory.  Uber-bendy thumbs...who would have thought? 

So... a slew of pre-spring purchases to share.  And boy have I been on a navy streak....just like I am every spring.  (note same navy flats and, as appropriate, Gap jeans.  and...the cast...this was a quick try-on session)

Let's start with J Crew.  The Shelby Dress (#35083, $128).  Wow, still full price, and I bought it a month and a half ago.  Huh, how about that.  What can I say?  Love love love.  It's navy, so that always wins in my book.  I love the eyelet.  I tried on the white, because I've been looking for a LWD for summer, but navy was so much better on me.  Yes, the dress is short, but you know me - I'll be wearing it with flats or flat sandals to ground it.  And interestingly enough, the white read as shorter on me than the navy.  Optical illusion?  Who knows - but it was the navy I fell for and brought home.   

I took a 6 in the dress.  And even though I've been sizing down across the board due to the weight loss, I really think this dress runs large.  It doesn't get you in the ribcage like so many JC dresses do.

Love the cut of the dress.  There's a lot of fabric up top, but because it's shirred, I didn't feel like it looked "vacant" up there.  At the same time, if you are busty or actually have curves, I think the dress could totally accommodate that, too.I'll wear it tons.  Nicely out to dinner or to church.  Or just running around town. 

Next from J Crew, the Stripe Tux Tunic, (#34997, orig $79.50, now marked down to $19.99 on the website, all sizes available).  I certainly didn't pay full price for this one.  I believe it was marked down, and then I got 30% off.  So the price was not too far off the current price.  Glad I didn't pay full price.  It's really cute but it has its limitations, for sure. 

I took an M in the top, but if you aren't as large in the shoulders as I am, you could definitely go down a size. 

IMO, the *only* way to wear this is with very slim bottoms.  In my quick try-on pics, I've got a pair of Gap legging jeans (which merit their own post soon, because I've been living in them).  But truthfully, I actually liked them better with the black Minnies when I tried them on in store.  The color of the stripes is "washed navy" - very pretty, but it almost works better with the black slim pants. And likely white jeans, since I wear them with everything in the spring.  But again - slim is the operative word here. 

I wore pretty much this outfit to the Valentine's parties at school.  Loved it.  It will be a fun top for spring.  But again, not worth full price. 

Moving on to Ann Taylor and more stripes.  Because the only thing better than navy in spring is navy stripes. No idea what this dress was called.  But when I saw it and then tried it on...again, it was love.  I usually wear sundresses in the summer, but there are lots of times that you just want a sleeve.  This dress perfectly fits the bill. 

I love the wide scoopneck - and have even tested it to verify that yes, you can lean over and the top stays put.  Often with necklines like this, to get the dress large enough in the shoulders, the scoopneck is so loose that I would end up flashing everyone any time I bent down to put something on the dinner table!  So bravo, Ann Taylor...or should I say...brava!

In case you happen to run into one of these in the sale section, I took an M.  It's fitted but not tight.  And way comfy (is there any other way for my wardrobe?  no...not really)

I think my mom actually liked this one better than the J Crew one.

I'll wear it with any kind of shoe in my closet really - sandals, TOMS, flats, whatever.  With hoops and a ponytail, I'm done for summer.

Finally, a quick run-through at the Loft.  Wow, the Splitneck Lounge Tunic is mega-on sale, with extra % off even!!  It was orig $34, pretty sure I had a % off when I bought it, though...but that was back during the cast days.  Now it's $29.99 with 40% off.  

I took an M - the S was too tight in the shoulders.  This top is very thin, which you may not be able to tell so much in the picture. And when they say splitneck...they mean it.  No way can I go without a cami underneath. 

I picture wearing this with every pair of slim pants under the sun that I own - white jeans, khakis, cafe capris, and (duh) regular jeans.  It would also be way cute with Bermudas.  

The top has a button on the outside of the sleeve and a tab inside so that you can roll up and secure the sleeves.  If you wear it with sleeves down, the tab may bug you a bit, but shoot, paying that little for a cute spring top, who cares?

So you can tell by the 2nd pic that I was realizing the riculosity of posing with a big blue cast on.  Is riduclosity a word?  It should be...perfectly describes my state of being while I was dealing with this thumb mess. 


AppGal said...

Wow, you are looking gooood girl! So happy to see you back! Love the AT dress. It is super-flattering on you.

JulieStyles said...

You look fab. Glad you're feeling better. Nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to blogging! I love the navy Shelby dress on you. I've had the white Shelby on my sale wishlist forever. I hope it goes on sale soon.

MMM said...

You look great (as always!)!

I hope you decide to share your weight lose secrets with us too {hint, hint}! ;)

So glad you're back!!!

Pamela said...

You look amazing, Heidi! So happy to see you back.

I really like the AT dress and the JCrew dress. I am holding out for a sale on the JCrew dress but I fear I may have to jump on it before sizes are gone. It's so classic.

HeidiG said...

Thanks, ladies. Happy to be back...hope I continue. :)

Holly & Pamela - I can't believe the Shelby hasn't gone on sale yet, but keep thinking it should soon. Such a great dress - one of the few FP-worthy purchases for me, but I do hope you both can still get it!!

MMM - Upcoming post, definitely, on weight loss. Maybe next week? Takes some thinking on how to put it into words. :)

gigiofca said...

I loooove the Shelby & stripe dresses on you. So great. I first thought the cast was a dish glove. I'm like...Heidi, why... *lol* Hope you're healing well.

Patina said...

You wear blue beautifully.

Auksuolė said...

You look lovely, what is your height?