Friday, March 4, 2011

The Power of an Accessory - Loft Faux Fur Neck Warmer

Alrighty....first post back is up and I'm ready to go.  Taking a step back from spring because brrrrrrr, it was chilly today. 

One of my favorite pieces I picked up for this winter was Loft's Faux Fur Neck Warmer.  I'd been seeing lots faux fur neck things...but this one really spoke to me - from an aesthetic perspective and a price point perspective.  Love it when you get the balance!  The Faux Fur was originally $39, but I'm pretty sure I paid closer to $25-30, because I got it when they were doing 30 or 40% off.  And let's be real - I don't often purchase full-price at Loft because they run so many specials. 

I think the reason I really love this piece is because it works so well with so many of my simple pieces.  As I've been away from blogging, I feel like I have continued to refine my style and for me, simple is best and classic rules.  Not boring (I hope) but it just works for me.

But that simplicity gives me a fantastic background for specific outstanding pieces - like a great necklace, massive cashmere scarf, fun shoes...or totally luscious faux fur neck warmer. 
First outing - our annual Christmas party.  Each year, we have a family Christmas party for...well, it seems like the neighborhood.  Huge party.  Adults & kids.  Lots of fun.  I get to dress up however I want because...well, it's my party.  That's what's great about being the hostess.  And then hubby wears jeans to balance it out so everyone's good. 

I first wore the fur with the J Crew wool shift dress that the lovely dinagideon passed on to me because the waist just hit her so weirdly.  It's been a perfect dress for me.  It fit before I lost the weight and it fits now.  And the fur was just the perfect touch to update it for this year.  Did it even matter what shoes I was wearing?  No, not really.  Only caveat is that this is definitely a hair-up accessory, IMO.

We're going to a Brewer's Ball in a couple weeks, and I'll likely be wearing the same outfit because guess what....the fur is cozy.  Shocker, I know.  And for someone like me who is always cold, that's a definite bonus, especially with sleeveless!

Its next outing was for a Gift Exchange Brunch, where I paired it with my ubiquitous JC cream cashmere long sleeve tee, the Loft gold brocade skirt I picked up for a song this fall, tights, and boots.  Perfect for the brunch.  And nice and warm.  I love the texture of the fur with the shine of the skirt.

And as my friend Kim pointed out, the fur actually works as a nice diet tool.  You don't want to overeat or load up your cracker, chip, or whatever when you might be worried about (ewwwww) food falling onto the fur.  Had not thought of it that way, but yes, she had a point.

The only downside of this piece is that I didn't wear it as much as I had thought I would in daily use.  But that may well have been related to the whole popped ligament/cast thing.  With all that going on, I think I overly clung to my massive BR cashmere scarf as a security blanket and just didn't "feel it" with the fur neck warmer.  It's only the beginning of March, so I'm sure we'll have some weather for it before spring arrives for good.

Christmas Party Outfit:

Gift Exchange Brunch Outfit:


RosaLovesDC said...

You look fabulous in both outfits. I adore your faux fur neck warmer. I almost picked up the one that Madewell had, but since I already had a faux fur scarf I passed. But now I regret it.

La Belette Rouge said...

LOL! I LOVE the idea of faux fur as a diet aid. And you look gorgeous in it. Thank you for coming back to your blog. You were missed.xo

HeidiG said...

RosaLovesDC & LBR - thank you!!! xoxo

gigiofca said...

I love the faux fur, too. Aren't they super warm! I always end up taking mine off if I'm out and about. I love the skirt in the 2nd pic. Nice!

Patina said...

Heidi! What gorgeous outfits you've been wearing! Can you believe that I don't own an item of fur?!? However, I am always late and slow to catching on sometimes. I'm sure I'll be kicking myself next season because I didn't get on of those beautiful neck warmers.