Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boyfriend Tees and Cafe Capris

Whew, do I have some catching up today. If you recall, I mentioned in my last post...a week and a half ago...that I tend to get a bit obsessive about projects to the detriment of, well, everything else.

So what have I been doing since last Wednesday?
-Furniture moving after finishing the first insane round of furniture painting (Thurs)

-Hosted a brunch for about 20 friends (Fri)

-Went to the DC JCA brunch (Sat)

-Had my parents visit to see kiddies play soccer games (Sat-Sun)

-An insane amount of gardening (Sun, Mon, Tues)

-More furniture painting after my dad came back up to bring the other bed for E's room (Tues)

-Met dinagideon (plus bro & kiddies) for some JC time (Wed)

Fortunately, work is kinda on hold right now while we await some info on the direction of the project, so I had the time. But like I said, to the detriment of all else...including my health. By late Wednesday, I realized that I had worked myself into a big old nasty sinus/head cold thing - it was more that I couldn't think straight at first, and then the symptoms arrived. (dina - I am sorry, if I realized I was sick, I wouldn't have met up with you - hope hope hope I didn't pass on the germs.)

I would like to, once again, extol the virtues of Mucinex-D for sinus issues - genius product. Once I finally went to the store on Friday and got some (motivated by the fact that we were actually down to only 2 rolls of TP in the house and we have 3 bathrooms - like I said, not thinking straight when I have a head cold)...oh, so much better. In fact, I was feeling so great that I got up at about 2:30 am and started catching up on my blog reading. But I did sleep in this morning, thanks to my wonderful hubby.

But basically, I spent Thursday and Friday parked on the couch, trying to rest and not let the house totally collapse around me. Now I am back to blogging and do I have some catching up to do... First of all, outfits for the week. J Crew boyfriend tissue tees and cafe capris. Hey, they work. Perfect for this transitional weather we are having right now. I like to think that the different colors and accessories vary the outfit, but this week, I was either too busy or too sick to care. And um, yeah, I only showered and got dressed yesterday since I had to go to the store. And I finally figured out how to use Picasa on my desktop to do the collage thing - which is nice, because seriously, these outfits really don't merit their own individual posts. But I am way amused at the fact that clearly I have a favorite pose.

Wednesday, I finally pulled out my BR statement necklace. This is the FA08 version of the SP09 one that Patina and dinagideon have. It only has 4 chunks on it - leaf, chrysanthemum, peacock, and elephant. I don't wear this often because the elephant always flips around, but I actually took a pair of pliers and switched the direction of the elephant so it's not as likely to do it now. (pats self on back) But I really think adding an extra jump ring between the elephant and the big link will really help. Need to do something as I got a ton of compliments on the necklace when I wore it Wed - which was nice, since I think that one was the most boring of the outfits.

Patina - this is for you - closer up of the BR necklace. (sorry, didn't get a separate shot, had to crop a full length photo)

Polyvore for the week:

Some J Crew reviews to come shortly, including the most perfect-for-me gorgeous sweater that seems to be B&M only right now. (Come on JC, I need a pic for Polyvore!)


Kathy said...

You looked different even though you basically chose the same thing to wear! I worry about my "uniform" dressing, always a tee and cardi, makes me look the same each day and that everyone notices! Glad you are feeling better!

MMM said...

Thanks for sharing~ you look great (as always!)! I hope you are feeling better!?! :)

Summerilla said...

Ok brunch and a meet up with DIna - now I am seriously missing the DC area!

Sorry you weren't feeling well. Head colds/sinus infections are just the worse.

Love all the outfits. I really like how they have similar pieces but all look so different.

Miss you. XO

Patina said...

I'm so happy that you're feeling better that you took pics of your outfits while you were away from blogland. I do love your style and Have missed you!!!! The o8 version of our necklace is beautiful. I can see why you received so many compliments on it. Now that you fixed mr. elephant, hopefully you'll get to wear it more.

OneFashionistaDiva said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I like the way that you put your items together. Stop by my blog at

DaniBP said...

Love your necklace with the elephant!
These are great day-to-day outfits. You look really polished and elegant.
Hope you're feeling better!

ashley said...

glad to see you are back! i really need to get my hands on a boyfriend tee! they look soo comfy! hope you're feeling better! i haaaate being sick!

Anonymous said...

I know firsthand how bad sinus headaches/colds can be, I suffer from them also, they are horrible!

Nice outfits.

Anonymous said...

All great! Question. Do the Naturalizer loafers run true to size and do you like them? You have a great eye for good, versatile shoes.

Kelly238 said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who "wears uniforms". I have been on vacation this week and lived in jeans and JCrew graphic tees, sometimes with cardigans and then mixing it up with the shoes and accessories. It just makes life easier - and isn't a way of showing our style by "creating a signature look"?

HeidiG said...

Kathy & MMM - thank you!

Summerilla - we missed you so much - esp when I saw the Jaspe hoodie, I was like awwww, Summerilla's not here... Miss you too!

Patina - thank you! it's funny about the necklace - fall 08 had 4 "pieces", then yours and Dina's in the spring had 5 "pieces" this rate (1 piece each season), by 2011, that sucker is going to weigh a ton!!

OneFashionistaDiva - thank you. And I just visited - love your blog, too!!

DaniBP - thank you! Mucinex-D = love.

ashely - you should get a BF tee, but size way down on it - they have it in the gorgeous plum raisin for fall - yum!

casual-crew - thank you! and thanks for the sympathy - it's hard when you realize you just can't mentally process much more than a comic strip.

Harvill - thank you - I am just about to post on the shoes, actually. i take a 9 or 9 1/2 depending on width - on these I went up to 9 1/2 and they are insanely comfy.

Kelly238 - that's right! you got it - signature look... :) Great way to pack too. Hope you are enjoying vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better.
The outfits are great, very comfortable. I agree with Summerilla, similar pieces but the different combinations make the outfits looks so unique.
I did not know there was a version of the BR necklace from last year. I saw a new version online

HeidiG said...

Rosa - I forgot to look for this year's necklace - how do you count the small brooches? Looks like 3 big pieces and 4 small ones.