Friday, September 4, 2009

More Cardis...Matchy, Matchy...

Let me tell you a funny story. Once upon a time there was a nice girl who liked clothes very much. She married a wonderful man and then had an adorable baby boy...and then she got pregnant with a baby girl and that wonderful husband laid down the law: "No matching outfits." I think it may have been said even before the actual labor & delivery.

This is much funnier when you're not the mom. And clearly that was me, and I have pretty much paid heed. Hubby doesn't ask for much in terms of attire from us. But then....what happens when you get 2 fabbie hand-me-down Lilly Pulitzer cardis from your sister-in-law for your darling little girl and they happen to be the exact shade of 2 cardis that you happen to have in your closet? You got it - matchy matchy time.

First up, the muted aqua faux-Jackie from ATL. I love these cardis just as much as my JC Jackie. Fit is a little different, but different is good, right? I wore this aqua-ish one on Monday since E was wearing her mini-me version for the 1st day of school. That's right - the 1st day of school - you would have thought I would have been blogging more, huh? Yeah, me too. (Work deadline, what can I say?)

E loved that she and I had on the same cardi - just as she loved it when I got similar Target shoes to hers...of course I'm not wearing them since I'm still trying to heal my heel. (Flip flops through the weekend and them I'm done, my feet are tired!)

I wore the cardi with a white tissue bf tee, outlet matchstick jeans, and an ATL scarf that matches the cardi. My daughter loved it, so it was a good outfit. 1st day of school went well for everyone, except that M is bitter that he has had homework all week and E hasn't. I adopted the twin message of "Life isn't fair, deal with it" and "Wait until next week, she'll have homework every night, too."
Such a good mom I am. At least neither one has asked for purple hair...yet. (Kathy - I especially loved the dual perspective on your post, it was hilarious. I have been on 1 side and anticipate being on the other side very shortly.)

Polyvore from Monday

The weather has been gorgeous this week, did I mention that? Not too hot, not too chilly. So I've been loving the chance to wear sweaters this week and not swelter in the heat. Wednesday was not exactly matchy matchy, as I was sporting the cardi color that E wore the day before. Give us time though... So glad I got the spring daisy Jackie - I just love this color. I'm quite sure it will look ghastly on me mid-winter (I mean literally, it will totally wash me out and make me look like a corpse or zombie), but it's fantastic for now and fall, when I still have a little wore-SPF-but-got-some-color-anyway. Plus it's perfect with my Cocteau tote.

Under the cardi, I wore a tissue bf tee - but a *crew* neck one. I really should grab 1 or 2 of these next time I order online. Love them as much as the vneck, and it's nice to have another option...especially when the weather gets chillier. This one is dark slate or charcoal or whatever.

And then white jeans. Patina had a fun post yesterday about wearing white outside of Labor Day, and I say wear it as much as you want. I love white jeans with thick, cozy sweaters - I think they chic up some sweaters and give you a different look. White outside of summer is all about fabric weight. Linen = no. Thicker denim, wool = yes. Simple.

Totally neglected the accessories on this one. Ah well, what can you do? I think this was day 1 of flip flop wear, so I was focused on the feet and the gaping wound on my heel.

Polyvore from Wednesday:


Anonymous said...

Yes- the crewneck boyfriend tees are awesome. I throw one in my cart every order!

Kathy said...

I agree with you about the white jens, I find myself wearing mine at least in Sept. E is going to want aqua hair to match her Lillys!

JCAUNCMom said...

Heidi, you just look ADORABLE as always in these new outfits. And as for white after Labor Day, I say rules are meant to be broken. :-)

Hey JCA pals, question on the crewneck boyfriend tees. Actually, also on the tissue tees and on the new painter tees in the fall line. What's everyone's take on sizing on these tees? TTS or a bit big??

HeidiG said...

M.A - I need to do the same - but they are selling out in most colors. I think I came to that party too late!!

Kathy - Aqua hair streaks, oh yes. We'll wait to see what color jerseys her soccer team has. :)

JCAUNCMom - thank you! On the fit of the tisse and painter tees - I found the painter tees more fitted. I take an M in tissue tees and still have room in them. I tried on the boatneck painter yesterday and the M was very fitted on me and the L had a little more room. I would say the painters are closer to the perfect tees in terms of fit, so I would go 1 size larger than tissue, since I think the tissue run large.

dinagideon said...

I first want to say, "you wore a scarf this week," of course you did... ;)

I love matching CW, so I fully applaud little E wanting to match you.

Great always look so fresh and happy!

maryamjan said...

I love the daisy jackie and own it as well. Never though to pair it with the black T-shirt but now I definitly will! Thanks for the styling inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I just received my long sleeve tissue tees yesterday in my order. The sizing is all over the map. I ordered the large in the grey, too long in the sleeves, a bit baggy however it will make a great lounge/sleep tee. The medium in the green (celery green) was too fitted in the body. In the v-neck boyfriend tissue tees the medium was big on me.

Have a great weekend.

HeidiG said...

dinagideon - um, it *was* a little chilly that morning. you were wearing what? tank top? ;)

maryamjan - the tee is charcoal gray, but I love the idea of it with a black tee, too!!

casual-crew - excellent points on the tissue tees, thank you!!! I automatically think "bf tissue tee" whenever I hear someone say tissue tee, and I realize the fit on the bf tissue is way different than the other tissue tees. thanks for that!!