Friday, January 8, 2010

Award Season is Upon Us...

Ok, so the People's Choice Awards were in December. Golden Globes are next Sunday (Go Glee!! and no school on Monday, yay!!) So it seemed to be a good time to do some bloggie awards. Oh, I have (as in other areas) been so slack here...

Thank you to the always lovely dinagideon for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thank you to the amazing Summerilla for the Happy 101 Award. (A full month hasn't passed, so I'm not totally behind)

And finally, thank you to the fabulous *and* generous drewablank for both!

For this award, I have to list ten things that make me happy:

1 - hugs from my kiddies
2 - when my husband makes me laugh
3 - when Lucy curls up under my desk while I'm sitting there, like she is as I write this (I put a small fuzzy blanket under there just for her)
4 - the smell of fresh mulch because it means someone is gardening
5 - a cozy blanket
6 - the feeling of the warm sun on myback
7 - finishing a puzzle - jigsaw, crossword, sudoku
8 - a really cold beer on a hot day
9 - a mug of hot tea on a cold day
10 - a really great deal on something I'd been coveting...usually from J Crew

And for this award, I need to divulge 7 things that you all might find interesting to find out about me.

1 - My favorite color is ivory/cream/tan. Except when it comes to walls - I can't stand unpainted walls. Instead of waiting a year after we moved into our current house, I had all the walls painted within that year.

2 - I may be tall but I'm so *not* athletic. I do love to walk. And I'll even run - but only with Lucy. I never thought I would be a runner, but for my dog, I'll do it. She distracts me. Then again, that's why I always loved Step Class back in the day.

3 - I love dogs and cannot watch any movie where bad things happen to them. This started at an early age. Apparently I was absolutely despondent after watching Snoopy Come Home. My mom still talks about it. I will never ever see the movie Eight Below. (sled dogs, Antarctica...) because I was in tears just watching the trailer at the movie theatre. I cried at Dances with Wolves when they shot Two Socks because by then he was a dog to me. When Helen Hunt's aunt was in the collapsed house in Twister, I was on the edge of my make sure that beautiful golden retriever was ok.

4 - I call my parents by their first names. Always have. My twin sister does too. Apparently, it was because my parents told the kids in the neighborhood to call them by their first names so we picked it up, too. I don't ever remember not calling them by their first names.

5 - I cannot stand being cold. And I run cold. So I always love to throw on the layers, add the sweater, add a scarf, whatever. I even keep a blanket at my small living room desk so I can put it on my lap if need be. I religiously carry a sweater everywhere in the summer because I know I will be cold inside anywhere I go. (JC Jackie...I love you!)

6 - I have developed quite an interest in WWII, specifically the European theatre. It probably started with Band of Brothers. The first time I saw it (the Bastogne episode), I found it difficult to watch. Then I realized that as hard as it was to watch, it was so far beyond my comprehension worse to actually experience it, that I should make myself watch it and maybe learn something. Any time it's on TV, I watch. The current book I'm reading is "My Father's Son" by Farley Mowat (of Never Cry Wolf fame). The previous book I read was its predecessor, "And No Birds Sang." Both books about his WWII experiences, as a Canadian infantryman. The books are definitely entertaining. As Amazon said, "he describes the agony and the antic humor of the soldier's existence..." And then last night, after hubby went to bed, I stayed up to finish watching Patton. Clearly a pattern emerges here. No idea why...maybe because my dad is such a WWII buff.

7 - I am a very tactile person. Comfort is paramount, with the possible exception of special occasion dressing, and then I aim for as much comfort as possible. There are so many clothes that are comfy that look good, why should we walk around in clothes that don't feel good? Because of this, I did end up returning that ATL sequin shell. I actually brought it with me to wear NYE with my gray BR Michelle-twin and jeans, but I put it on and took it off about 3 times. Those sequins are attached *really* well. And all those threads just irritated me. In spite of the great price and how gorgeous it was, it wasn't worth it to keep. When I keep fidgeting after I put on something, I know it's not the piece for me.

So that's my 411. And for the 7 bloggers I nominate.... I always cringe when I do these because I really do want to list everyone, but you all can see who I read by my sidebar. And shucks, can't do the 3 above, although you all know you are tops in my heart! I don't think you 7 here have posted - so hopefully I'm early enough to catch you.

The Rest of the DC JCA Posse:

Slastena of About All or Nothing at All - I know you don't usually do these, but can't leave you out, honey. If you all think she has such a glow in her online pics, you should see her IRL - she is positively radiant.

3-Penny Princess - Such an amazing amount of chic in such a petite package. She just oozes it.

Cloggsy of English Tea - Who literally has the most amazing head of hair - just gorgeous. And I always love seeing pics of my hometown, Richmond.

Suzy of BichonLuvr's Closet - Because she has a Lucy, too. One of these days you'll make it up here for an outing but I'm so glad we got to meet for lunch & shopping that time you came up to MD. I swear the other DC JCAs are much nicer than I am!

Two of the Most Fabbie Canadians who always make me laugh, smile, giggle, or at least titter:

Lady Buttons of Lady (Buttons) Sings the Blues - Because any lady singing the blues needs a pooch named Della.

Post-Fab Princess of Pudding and the Post-Fab Princess - As a math major, I wish they had taught a class in J Crew math...but then I never would have left school because it would be too much fun.

And finally, from quite a few time zones due east:

Jemma Ruby from Diary of a Wonder Woman - I know you already did yours, but had to include you because I was so lame about responding to the last award you gave me. And your Open-Toed Shoe Pledge will live in infamy. Please re-publish this a public service. Someone in the magazine trade should adopt this.


Cloggsy said...

You crack me up girl! Do I have to list just 10? That's too hard!

HeidiG said...

Cloggsy - list as many as you want, honey!

Kathy said...

It was so interesting to read your list! I have developed the same interest in the Vietnam War and can often be found watching the war films on History channel.

gigiofca said...

It was fun reading about you, Heidi :-)

Summerilla said...

I plan on returning the ATL sequin tank too! I just haven't gotten around to it - I should look at the return policy and make sure I still can. I had planned to wear it for NYE also but put it on and took it off so many times. It just didn't look right on me, was too big in the shoulders/arm holes but actually added weight to my mid section.

My word verification is "liquor" haha I love it!

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading about you, I also dress for comfort and cannot watch bad things happen to dogs on the tv news or movies.

Lady Buttons said...

Aw, thanks, Heidi! I love reading your blog, too, and it is great to learn a few little random tidbits about you. Your WW2 interest is neat-o! Lil B reads/watches everything he can about WW2. My parents found him a helmet at an antique shop for Christmas, it's now his prize possession!

post-fab princess said...

Thanks for the award Heidi!!!! You are just the best. And I am flattered to be grouped in with LB as a fabbie Canuck. (:

Slastena said...

Thank you, sweetie! Now I simply MUST do it ! So fun to read your list!

HeidiG said...

Kathy - ok, I'm not the only war nut. :)

gigiofca - thanks!

Summerilla - good call on the ATL tank - because if an M was that roomy for me at the shoulders, I can only imagine how huge an XS would be on you!! "liquor" hehe, for the person who references NYE.

casual-crew - thanks! I know, poor doggies...

Lady B - wow, I bet that helmet is quite cool!

PFP - you are most welcome!

Slastena - no pressure to you with the new baby, but I just couldn't leave ya out. :)