Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out of the Shadow with Black and Blue

Ok, I get it...much like wearing white after Labor Day, the navy and black combo is no longer the fashion taboo it once was. Done right, it's actually very, very chic. But it's not a combo that I find easy to pull off, unless the black & navy are combined in a single garment. But I think jeans make it work pretty well. And so does the J Crew color "shadow". You know I am a huge fan of navy blue. And I love J Crew's dark grays. Shadow falls kinda right in the middle. It's a navy, but a grayed actually reminds me exactly of the OPI shade from this fall, Suzi Skis in the Pyrennees - dead-on match. Someone asked the every-stylish & wise A Bigger Closet about it on a recent post which reminded me that I hadn't posted this outfit yet. (like so many others...)

A couple weeks ago, I met dinagideon for lunch and a little Crew time. New DC JCA Rachel joined us - and it was lots of fun. Her kiddies are adorable and she was so great. We look forward to seeing her at DC JCA outings to come. And I enjoyed being the only one without kids.

Um yes, I did just say that...hey, I shopped with my 2 darling angels for quite a number of years until I unloaded, I mean sent, them to school. don't shoot me. My kid-shopping triumph will always be the time I went bathing suit shopping with both of them and actually came home with a suit - and it was quite fab if I do recall. Ask my mother about the time she took M shopping and warmed up the bottle under the hand dryer at LL Bean. Which, incidentally, is a great place to feed a baby because they have those really comfy rocking and Adirondack chairs. And I look forward to E being able to shop with me on a regular basis soon - she's almost there...

Actually, when I do these outings during the school day, I end up being like the grandma since I get to do fill-in kid-less adult tasks. Or I'm the really cool aunt. I think I like the aunt title better.

So back to the whole black & blue thing. I wanted to (a) wear the Winnie since dinagideon was, of course, the kind soul who found it for me at the clearance center and (b) show off the new BR chain necklace since she is such a fan of BR jewelry herself. For a chic background, I went with my Chicos ultra slim leg jeans and the JC shadow perfect fit long sleeve tee (size L, which I always take in the perfect fit since I don't like them toooo tight, picked up for $10 at post-Xmas sale) for the blue and a black cami and boots for the black. and blue altogether. I think the shadow really knits it together. And it was great for showing off the necklaces (BR mixed chain with JC antique finish constellation locket) as well as the Winnie jacket.

Really, with that you need anything complicated underneath? Or at least that's been my excuse all winter. And then this pic shows off the supercool fun new scarf-trying trick (hacking knot) that I picked up from Cate's blog - Confessions of a Shopoholic Medical Student...she had picked it up from Sweet Tea in Seattle who tried it with a wrap as well as an Hermes scarf (which I had somehow missed even though it was just the day before, but she is one of my fave blogs to read). Bottom line...vlog instructions for scarf tying here - and I love how she showed it with the skinnier scarf, too.

So yes, I wore my Woobie/Blankie that day, too. This BR cashmere wrap is addictive!! And speaking of cuddly's been a while since I posted a Lucy pic (she's 13 months old today), so here you go...this is the "are you seriously bothering me with that camera?" look.

And this is the "oh, am I not supposed to play with this?" look. And *that's* why I get my FUggs at Target. (FUgg - Fake Ugg. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ok, your first reaction may have been accurate, but they are the best bus stop shoes ever.)


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, the look of guilt on Lucy's face! Her face can sometime get lost in the curls, but the first picture is pure Lab expression! We had a black lab, Suzy, during my childhood and she was the best dog to have with kids!

The Winnie looks so nice on you and I love how you wear it in tribute to Dina whenever you see her!

Anonymous said...

You are so right on about the Shadow color, I have the Matchstick cords in Shadow and it is neither navy or gray, and it is difficult finding tops to wear with them.

I love the Winnie on you, and Lucy is so cute.

HeidiG said...

Kathy - yes, my photographic challenge is always trying to get a good pic of Lucy's face. I actually got some great pics laying on the floor facing her...oh the lengths we go to!!

casual-crew - thanks. Shadow is funny - but I do love it, so I just go with it and pretend it matches what I'm wearing.

Lissa said...

My doggie would be dead if he attempted to eat our uggs! How fun that you had lunch with dinagideon! I tried to wear black/ navy years ago and was told I looked like a bruise. Glad that's not the case any more! Love hearing from you lately~

Summerilla said...

I cry I cry that I missed lunch and shopping that monday - sad sad. Grr to you work! We must plan a evening/weekend outing some time soon - speaking out outings when will all the DC JCA's get together again? It's been awhile - it's definitely time for one.

Love the outfits and I agree I love the look of navy and black together too.

Lucy is adorable, even when eating your shoes!

Slastena said...

Lucy's is so sweet, just want to hug her and smooch!
I have to check out Minnie ASAP, seems like the best fitting pant ever and you have mentioned you love it as well. You look fab!

PS- Have you been to store yet to see a new collecton? I am dying to make it.Don't know when.:(

Debye said...

You look casually chic as always, I just love the winnie coat. What a great group of DC JCA's, lucky gals!

FUgg's...I love it!

HeidiG said...

Lissa - and that's probably why I don't have real Uggs. :) A bruise...hehehe.

Summerilla - miss you too!!! Tysons isn't the same without you! We def need to plan the next JCA outing.

Slastena - yes, Lucy is that sweet. I am surprised you haven't tried the Minnies - I swear by them - but I tried on the denim ones today and oh, they were so bad on me. I just went to today to see the new collection. Got pics. Need to get my act together and post...

Debye - thank you! The ladies here are such a great group - so fun, so nice. Glad you enjoyed the "FUggs". :)

kanishk said...

The Winnie looks so nice on you and I love how you wear it in tribute to Dina whenever you see her!

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