Monday, April 26, 2010

J Crew Alice Ruffled Tank

J Crew Alice Ruffled Tank (#26725, orig $79.50, curr $49.99 online).  I got this in PEA (pearl) in an 8 and LOVE it.  I hear it's been spotted in store for as low as $29.99.  I paid $49.99, plus 10% off for giving them my email (again), and don't mind.  And I ended up returning the Ruthie shell in ivory because I liked this one so much more.

So let's break it down.  First of all, what are all those gewgaws down the front?  Let's see..some ruffles, some strips of the silk, some tonal grosgrain ribbon, some clear paillettes, and big old rhinestones.  But it all works.  I love that it's symmetrical and it's all right there front and center.  So it's GREAT under a cardi. Or a jacket.

But it's not one of those wacky tanks where you need a topper to tone down the wackiness (come on...we've been there...). The Alice is perfectly lovely all on its own.  All that "stuff" on the front - it all works together - probably because it's so tonal, it just looks textural.  And it has a bit of shape to it as well, unlike MANY camis we've seen.  So it's flattering without a topper.

I love the length - not too short at all (thank you, J Crew!!!) - works great on my long torso.  Got a short torso?  You're in comes in petites, too.

I have said before that I love the Pearl color, and it works so well with this cami.  In fact, I think the subdued colors (also available in faded black, fig, and hyacinth) really play up the textural element.  And the pearl Alice matches my pearl Jackie for when I want some more tonal texture going on.  But really, the pearl color works with so much in my wardrobe already, without being just a white tank. 

The cotton/silk fabric feels great.  And...should have mentioned this earlier, and this is a key point...the Alice tank is not, I repeat, NOT see-through.  I'm guessing it's because the tank has a double layer of fabric.  Not that I care why, I'm just thrilled to be able to wear it solo, sans cami.  It is dry clean only, but with all the gewgaws, I don't want to be responsible anyway.  (and at least it's not white)

I wore it last Tuesday for a client meeting downtown with my black Loft suit from a few years ago.  But as I was playing around on Polyvore last week with it, I threw together 3 other looks for different times of the year using the Alice. It should be quite a versatile piece.  For the meeting on Tuesday, I just added diamond studs and black patent heels.  the ruffle front made it interesting enough.

The kids were very funny that morning, because unlike my usual WAHM wear, I was wearing the suit as they got ready for school since I headed to the metro right after they got on the bus.  M said to me "Mom, you look really nice...I think that's the nicest I've ever seen you look...You look like you're about to go into a meeting with a lot of people."  Well, sweetie, I am.  Isn't he sweet?

Then there was my very truthful daughter.  About 5 minutes later..."Mommy, I really wish you'd wear your hair not in a ponytail or not in curls."  You mean like I used to?  "Yes."  Well honey, that's not really happening, but I'll try.  (ps - when I wore my hair straighter another day by just blowdrying it, she agreed it really did not look good.)

Ugh, let's talk hair another time.  To cut to the chase - layers & bangs - ok, I've made peace, plus the bangs have grown out enough in a week and a half that they are fine.  The texturizing - oh no, it's even worse than I thought...because the rain & humidity came. 

But let's go back to the very pretty Alice....
Polyvore from last Tuesday:
4/20/10 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

And then some other looks featuring the Alice tank, all of which I plan on wearing as weather permits:


Suburban Princess said...

It looks gorgeous on you!

mrs.anketell said...

I love that top on you, especially in that color!! And you know what?! I LOVE YOUR HAIR~! You look fabulous!! Great outfits with your new top that you have created, too.

La Belette Rouge said...

That top works so well with so many things.

p.s. I am coveting that straw bag. I saw one like it at Tory Burch only hers had a big logo on it. I want that one.;-(

Summerilla said...

I bought the same one! I just loved it too. Some people gave it bad reviews but I just loved it when I tried it on.

Patina said...

For the record i think your hair looks great and so does this tank. I'm happy that you posted IRL pics. The color is it with the suit.

Suzy said...


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love your hair, your outfits with the Alice, everything! Don't be so hard on yourself - and your children are so sweet! I miss those days (mine can be sweet, but as young adults they be direct and critcial more often!).

Love your ideas with Alice - this color is the same exact color as the collection bomber i bought 2 months ago but have not yet worn - but will now!
Thanks for the outfit ideas! (I have those GAP jeans with the repair patches on the inside - LOVE them!!! I wear them as soon as they come out of the dryer, haha. Probably because they fit great over my casts and now boot!)

Missed you last week! Hope to see you SOON!

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I love your set with the white jeans!

HeidiG said...

Suburban Princess - thank you!

mrs.anketell - thank you!

La Belette Rouge - thank you! I got this one at JC last year. Gigi had a post on her blog a month or so ago on bags and there was one just like it, only it had a chain strap as well. If I can find the post, I'll leave a link on your blog. I love mine b/c it's actually big enough to fit my sunglasses...which is WAY important for a summer clutch, you know?!?!

Summerilla - I can see how some people may think there's just too much going on, but I really liked the fit. And the infamous side zipper wasn't too crazy, either.

Patina - thank you!

Suzy - yes, the kiddies are sweet - it just cracked me up that right after M was loving my outfit, E was not loving my hair - I think she just thought it didn't look like me. And if I could get my hair to work ok in the humidity, I wouldn't mind it either, but today - flat fuzz. Not a good look at all. I just need to hold out for another month, and then chop 3 inches off the bottom and wait for the rest to catch up. Maybe I need to move to shine serum in the interim...

Kathy - thank you! I can't wait to wear this tank with white jeans in the summer - and since it's sheer I don't *have* to wear 2 shirts! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your hair too and although that top seemed to have too much of a jabot frontage it really doesn't look too much at all on you.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I think you look great, and I still love your hair! :)

gigiofca said...

Your hair looks hawt. The Alice is perfect for a suit. I see it more with that than casual, but of course it goes for both. I've tried it on & agree w/everything. Excellent review :-)

C said...

great... even your own kids treat you better when you wear a suit!

Southern Belle said...

I just bought this tank--it was just shipped--and I love your review--you look gorgeous. I had been wanting to try it because my daughter's name is Alice, so after seeing your review (I was way behind on blog reading), I bought it, the Alice henley, and the Gabriella dress since my other daughter's name is Gabrielle and it was the closest they had and I didn't want to slight her! And well, also because I've been wanting a strapless dress like woah. I love your polyvore set with the white jeans, and will be recreating it soon! Thanks again!

HeidiG said...

Soooo late responding - but thank you, ladies.

Southern Belle - I love your story of being a sucker for the names - aren't all of us moms like that??

thanks for visiting!