Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nail Files - Some More Pales & The Earth Day Exchange

First of all, I've been meaning to try out the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish (on sale this week at Target for $6.49, btw).  Per their website, it has all the steps of a professional manicure in the bottle.  Translation for us laymen - you don't need base or top coat.  I tried Pink Slip, a very pretty and clean looking pale pink.  I've heard raves from some about this polish but I just didn't get it.  I used 3 thin coats, and there were still streaks. I would take it off tonight, but I'm just too tired to re-do the nails.

Then again, the streakiness happens a lot with Essie's pale cremes, too, like Ballet Slippers.  (Hmmmm, pink slip and ballet slippers....are we supposed to divine a resemblance????)

Bottom line...like the color, but oh, how I wish I could return it...I don't think I'll even use this on my toes because it's so streaky!  Maybe the mid-tone or dark colors work better.  Would love to hear from those of you who have tried it.

Next up...Chanel Vernis in Trapeze.  From the Holiday 2009 Collection, it's described as a "silver beige".  Now the story on this is that I've shied away from Chanel polish lately.  I just so strongly prefer the OPI formula and brush, and the Chanel polishes don't always stand up to the use that OPI does.   Availability in store is limited since it is, after all, a limited edition shade.  As of now, Nordstrom still has it online.

I saw the Trapeze polish at Bloomingdales at White Flint back in February when snaphappy and I were on a "get the kids out of the house before we lose our minds because of the blizzard" outing.  And I've been pondering it ever since.  So a few weeks ago, when snaphappy and I were again bopping through White Flint (sans bebes this time), I hit the Chanel counter at Bloomies, and sure enough, there were still 3 or 4 bottles sitting there.  It was a sign, and it came home with me. 

And I love it.  Although, I admit to being a bit perplexed about its inclusion in a holiday collection, especially if that collection was inspired by the plumage of exotic birds (not making this up here).  But I will say it would stand out in a sea of vampy manis & pedis over the holiday season...including mine, hehe.

I think it's a great spring color - reminds me of a pale metallic khaki.  Much better than the Sephora OPI Under My Trenchcoat, which was ghastly on me when I tried it last fall.  I also think it would be a perfect summer color...on toes buried in the sand....  Ok, pretty much, it could work year round.  This one is a definite keeper.

So I cleaned out my polish bins yesterday.  And separated out E's polish. Ah I love cleaning out.  It's a good think to do when you can't sleep at 3 am.  And I think I may even send the old polishes into Zoya.  I read about this on my usual sources for important nail news, All Lacquered Up.  The 2010 Zoya Nail Polish Exchange, in honor of Earth Day.  From now until June 30, you can send them a minimum of 6 bottles (no max) and for $3.50 each to cover shipping & processing, they will send you however many colors your request (I think that you are maxed out to the number of polishes you are sending in).  So good for the environment, as you aren't supposed to throw old polish in the trash, and you are trying out Zoya polish for half price.  How cool is that?  btw, USPS will not ship nail polish, but UPS & FedEx will. 

I have not tried Zoya polish before, but I am going to send in a bunch of my old polish and try out a few of their colors.  Will post as I do, of course.  The one bit of important Zoya wisdom that I picked up (from All Lacquered Up, natch) is that you can't use fast-dry top coats with this polish because it affects the wear.  Good to know.

Anything new in the polish world for you all?  Me, I'm waiting for the OPI Shrek Forever collection release. 


Elizabeth in MO said...

LOVE your blog - I read it all the time but rarely comment. Just wanted to comment that I use Zoya polish (that's all I use since I've found it at my salon - I think they charge only $6 a bottle) - it is phenomenal! It lasts forever on the nails! I do use the whole "system" though - base coat, polish,top coat AND remover from Zoya. Can't recommend it enough - fantastic!

Cate said...

LOVE the Chanel color. I may have to try the Zoya thing too! I went nail polish crazy at Ulta last week and got 3 OPI shades- gargantuan green grape, lucky lucky lavender, and red my fortune cookie. I'm wearing the green now and LOVE it. I also got the bright brink essie color from J. crew. I don't like essie polish as much because I don' think it goes on as smoothly as OPI, but I couldn't pass on the color.

Anonymous said...

Love LOVE the Chanel color. So classic. Too bad about the other shade, but the Chanel is so gorgeous.

Summerilla said...

Love all your new colors - also love the Zoya deal, I have no old polishes to send in right now but I will definitely check them out and maybe make a purchase. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

The Trapeze is gorgeous! I have tried Zoya and was not impressed. OPI is the best, especially when doing my own mani/pedi. It just seems so easy to use!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

Did you end up keeping the gray maxi dress you posted about a while ago. I got the lilac one and while it fit great I could not stand all the heavy fabric swishing around my ankles. I own several maxis but this one is going back! Just wondering what you did.

Your friendly "fit" model

HeidiG said...

Way late in responding here...

Elizabeth in MO - thank you! Good to know about the Zoya - I have heard that their polishes don't always work with other top coats, so I'll keep that in mind.

Cate - I saw your green polish pics and it looks fab on you!! And I totally agree with you on Essie application - there are exceptions, but on a whole it's just not as smooth as OPI.

Rosa in DC - thank you!

Summerilla - remind me to bring you a bag of old polish next time I see you!

Kathy - thanks for the input!

Anon/Fit Model - funny you mention the weight of the fabric - I had someone comment a while later about the very same thing - how heavy it felt swishing around the legs and that it would the last think you'd want in the middle of the hot summer. I did end up returning it - plus I didn't love how the bodice looked with my arms - ok, maybe I just need to work out more, but I thought the cut made them look fleshier than usual. I did get a maxi dress at Loft that I am pondering keeping. Will have to post soon on that.