Sunday, April 18, 2010

J Crew Cashmere Tie-Front Cardigan and well, a Crappy Cut

Quick outfit and review...J Crew Cashmere Tie-Front Cardigan (#18248, orig $198, curr $129.99, purchased with % off for just under $100, I believe).  Still available in black, heather nickel, heather natural, and heather gray.

I got this a month ago on one of the %-off sales, in an M, and in navy (duh).  I admit that I hadn't thought much about it, until dinagideon talked it up so much.  (Check her out rocking it most recently here. I believe she has it in the heather natural and black, and goodness knows what other colors.) And I don't really have any v-style cashmere cardis, so I got it on a whim just to see and figured I may end up returning it.  (Dina and I have very different figures even though we are close to the same height so things just fit us very differently - I'm a brick and she's a pear.)

But, lo and behold, I absolutely loved it, as she swore I would.  To me the biggest downside is that with the tie, you can't really go with a tie belt type coat.  So when I wore it today with my trench coat, I just left the coat open.  Hey, I was wearing kept me warm.

No pilling so far, and I've worn it about 3 times in the past month since I got it.  For cashmere in the spring with some of these super hot days we've had, I think that's pretty good (esp considering that it sat on a shelf for 2 weeks while I decided whether or not to keep it).  It's a great cashmere piece to have for fall or spring because the nature of the tie front is more open, so it's not as potentially hot as a full cashmere pullover would be. 

And because it's so open in the front, it is quite nice for showcasing a fab necklace, as I did today with my Anthropologie yellow beaded necklace from 2 summers ago.  I forget the name, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it on Polyvore when I started the PV habit last spring, 9 months after it came out.  It's also great for showing off some pretty detail on a cute tank or tee underneath. And I bet it will be great with my classic stripe tissue tee.

There have been differing opinions online about the sweater.  The always-fab Post-Fab Princess got in the light ginger, maybe?, and got a major bathrobe vibe.  Well, shoot, once you get that, there's no going back and you're gonna feel shlumpy every time you wear it.  I totally understand her viewpoint...but I actually felt the opposite of shlumpy.  You all know I love my big oversized sweaters, and I like that this did define my waist with the tie.  Plus, I think doing the tie in a bow makes it less when it's just knotted, I feel like the ties are too long. 

To finish off the outfit, yellow Born Lovely flats (love me some yellow, navy, and white).  Matchy matchy with the shoes?  Meh, whatever, worked for me today.  And then a plain white perfect fit crewneck tee and some white jeans.  Springy for me.

Now...about the hair.  I's rather wackadoodle.  Try to be kind.  I thought of cropping my head out, but didn't want to do that for the next 2 months.  Well see what happened was... 

Ok, the last person who cut my hair, I loved.  And I had been going to her for several years.  But when I showed up with E for our appointment this past December, she had completely blanked and wasn't home. No problem, I understand, she had a lot going on.  Happens to all of us.  A friend gave both of us a trim and I figured I'd call the next time.  Then when I tried calling twice this month to make an appointment, the first time she was closed through Easter, and then last week, she was closed for the next 10 days.  And I just couldn't wait any longer....  (serves me right)

So I got a referral from a friend and went to a new guy.  (Looking back, I realize that the 2 people I know who go to him have either mega-thick hair with a wave, or really curly hair.)  Note, when someone new cutting your hair says about 5 or 6 times, "wow, your hair really is straight" after convincing you to do layers to get more volume at the top and then starts texturizing it, that's a bad sign.  Plus he didn't really listen to my direction on my bangs - which I was REALLY happy with and I've been trimming for the past 4 months - they were perfect - keep them long and graduate from the middle outward so it's not a line straight across.  Well, they are just barely long enough and much straighter across than they should be.  Ok, that's not so bad - I need to be much more insistent on the bangs next time - and within a week, they'll be totally fine. 

But the texturizing!!!  Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!  It looked really cute after he spent 30 minutes blowdrying it and making all the ends bend the exact right way.  I actually was ok with the cut for the most part the day of (which was Friday). 

Then Saturday morning when I went to style it, I spent my usual 3 minutes with the round brush to bend under the bangs so they don't stick out and give the top few pieces a bit of lift and shape.  And oh it was tragic.  I know this hair style.  Mega shag.  And shaggy.  I had this hair style when I was 8.  That was back in 1979, and it was stylish then.  Not so much now, esp on a 38-year old woman.  Up into a ponytail it went.  (I will say that it looked really good in the ponytail with the layers.)  Did I mention I was doing this before an 8:00 am soccer game?  Yep, that's how the day started. 

Today, I tried out the hot rollers.  Darned if I'm going to spend 20 minutes with a frickin round brush and blowdryer - I don't have that much time in the morning.  At least with the hot rollers, you put them in and can do other things.  I think I left them in too long.  Crazy curl today.  Although E loved it and asked me to hot-roll her hair, too (which looked gorgeous on her).  I think my hair worked fine today IRL, when it could moved. But I really don't think it photographed well at all.

I am so utterly disappointed in this hair cut.  Clearly this guy is not good with uber-straight hair like mine.  It wasn't the layers so much as the texturizing.  You don't do that on superfine hair.  It's never a good idea.  And he was doing it before I could even stop it.  Plus, he did cut the layers shorter than he said he would. 

What do you do when you hate your hair cut?  You can cry...but that just gives you red, puffy eyes and makes you look worse - and you don't need that when you are starting out with bad hair anyway.  So, you suck it up and deal...try to find a way to make it work...and wait for it to grow.  That is, after all, the great thing about does grow back.  So you may see lots of ponytails or other experiments.

Question - with such a bad cut, do I even try it out again with a stronger mandate?  Or just cut my losses and go somewhere else?  And go ahead, tell me your awful hair cut stories...I know most of you have them, so that I can at least feel in good company. 

Oh yeah, by the way...Polyvore from today:


dinagideon said...

OMG, OMG. Okay, I promise to read your entire post, but the HAIR! THE HAIR. You look amazing. SWAK.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you're back and that everything is alright. But damn you! I had resisted buying that cashmere cardi and now seeing it on you I think I have to buy it! ;)

dinagideon said...

Okay, I read the entire post. See, on first impressions, I LOVE the hair, but if you don't love it, I am so sorry that you were anguished.

I always have rough luck with my hair because NO MATTER what I do or what I ask for, I ALWAYS end up with a haircut a la David Spade 1998. Yep. A guy from the 90s. Haha. No wonder I get ribbed for my hair so often at my blog. ;)

If you find someone who will do what you want and does a good job, let me know and I will make that worth it!

BTW, the navy tie-front looks fab and in no schlumpy or bathrobe-y. Hand on heart. :)

Glad to see you back, btw.

turquoise22 said...

Okay, all I have to say is that I am incapable of lying...even it is for the sake of empathy. Just can't do it. I blame it on being a Virgo and being born in Missouri ("show me state"). Back to the point: YOUR HAIR LOOKS FABULOUS! Really. I opened my Blogger dashboard and I immediately said to myself, "ooh, her hair looks awesome!" I noticed it was lighter and styled differently before I read your post and I must say, me likey...a lot! You are probably just not used to the look yet. I think your hot roller idea is a good one. I don't know anyone that can work a blowdryer at home like the stylists do in the salons. Anyway, not typically one to comment too much but OMG, you look great!

Kathy said...

I like your hair! But, you have to deal with it everyday, so what you think matters! I would not go back to the stylist again because he did not listen to you and then did not do what he said he would do.

With a bad cut, I have learned to just suck it up and deal. It grows back and at least yours is long enough to put into a pony tail and you know you look great with that style. On the bright side, it will be really, really hot soon and the pony tail will be a neccessity! You really look great!

Peggy said...

Girl, your hair looks great! You look so pretty in your post today!

Anonymous said...

Your hair does look great! I have fine hair and had a guy do exactly the same thing to my hair. It looked fab when i left... but it was much harder to deal with so i do feel for you and relate.. You are right, you don't do that to very straight hair.. I really do like the layers though.. I say keep the layers and go to someone else and tell them not to texture.. it will grow out quickly if you keep the layers..

Real Working Mom of OC said...

I'm so sorry you don't like your hair! For the record, I think it looks great in your picture, so maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it. I can relate to how you feel, though, because I've been on the receiving end of two or three CATASTROPHIC hair cuts in my day, and it's no fun. Like you, I have baby fine hair, only mine's not straight, it's worse!! The back is pretty wavy and the front is not so wavy. Thus, I'm forced to worship the round brush and blow dryer daily, and I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do with the time! Hang in there. I love the navy and yellow!! :-)

Lolo said...

Your hair looks great! But it sounds like it takes some work -- and you probably dont have time to do that everyday.

I have superfine stick-straight hair (plus 2 kids, husband, and full-time job). Folks that know how to cut that kind of hair well (so it looks good styled or not, 1 day or 3 weeks later...) are few and far between (I have been with my current stylist for 7 years). My advice is to look for another stylist. Its not that this one did a bad job (really, your hair does look great!) but it is worth continuing your search.

That cardi. I own two of them (heather nickel and heather camel)! I love them both, have worn them multiple times as an alternative to a blazer at work. Got them on sale + % off. I found that fussing with the tie a bit in the morning its quite flattering and -- most importantly -- stays in place all day. In addition to the traditional front bow, I also tie it slightly to the side in a modified bow with one loop (if that makes sense).

Patina said...

The first thing i thought when I saw your pic was, wow, Heidi looks fantastic and I love her new hair cut! We've all been there and done that, right??? Love the cardigan. I didn't get it. With my hourglass figure, I didn't think it would work on me, but on you and Dina, it looks fabulous!

itztru said...

Another Virgo chiming in...Love the hair!

Anonymous said...

I like your hair, however I agree he should not have texturized your straight hair. I have straight hair and from my experience not many hairstylists know how to cut it, when a stylist cuts it right you should not have to spend more than 10 min on it, everything falls into place.

You scared me off from trying a new hairdresser closer to my home, my current one cuts my hair with no fussing required, so I will put up with the commute.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your hair is fabulous! You look much prettier with it this way.

I bought that cardi but sent it back, I looked like a sack of spuds in it but it really suits you.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I absolutely love your hair, and think you look gorgeous. :)

Pamela said...

I love your hair too!!! I think it looks great with those bangs and curl. But I totally know what you mean about having someone who doesn't understand your hair give you a bad cut that YOU don't like. I have naturally curly hair and have battled with that issue. You come home and when you wake up the next morning, remember it's not a dream and that you really DO have bad hair! Go with the flow, do the hot rollers (when you have the time) or do the ponytail until you've grown it out. But in the meantime, book an appt. NOW with the woman who you normally go to for an appointment later. My opinion is that if you felt this new guy didn't do a thorough consultation and know the limitations on what you can/can't do with your texture and type of hair, it's not worth risking it again. That being said, I still LOVE the hair!!

Oh, and the sweater is totally cute too! And note to self-bring my white jeans out!

Meli22 said...

I don't know about the haircut, but gosh darn woman that curly beautiful hair is GORGEOUS. I love how it frames your face- you look younger (not that you looked older before) and so pretty.

I am in love with that hair. End of story :)

I normally don't comment, but I saw your picture in my blogroll and said 'holy cow she looks HOT!' so I had to comment. ;)

You need to hotroll your hair every day gal lol!

MMM said...

Your hair really does look FABULOUS here! :) But, I know how it feels to hate a new hair cut &/or color!!
I was just at the salon on Friday as well and I am still trying to "get used to it"!!! :-\ I have naturally curly hair and I still haven't been able to find anyone that can color/foil, cut and style it to my liking! :( I only go to the salon about every 3-4 months so it costs A LOT of $$$ when I leave and it's soooo frustrating to pay that amount of money and not even like it! My husband gets so tired of hearing me b*#!h everytime time I come home from a hair appointmet! =P
Anyway, hang in there-- you (we) may end up liking it more as you (we) "get used to it" but if not, it's 'just hair'... it'll grow back! ;) Right!?!?!

Drewablank said...

(Echoing Dina) OMGOMGOMG!! You look so pretty, Heidi! And that haircolor! It's new, isn't it? 'Loooving the look! And that pop of yellow? Delish, girl!

(Hahaha, I just read over that paragraph and can't stop getting an image of myself snapping my fingers and all that in my head!)

I have missed you and your posts and your comments, sweetie! So good to know that everything's well. :) Like the ladies, sad that you don't seem to like your hair...but I do understand that this is from styling galore, and not your "original" haircut to begin with. :( You look fantastic, though!

Stephanie said...


The hair really does look cute, but I can totally understand you not wanting a cut that takes so much time in the morning. I know you're in the DC area so if you're looking for someone new I love Ty at Robert Lewis Salon in White Flint mall. He's about $60 for a cut, but I've been going to him for several years and always love the results.


P.S. I have naturally wavy hair, but it is very very fine and I ALWAYS wear it straight and I have him cut it to look cute straight.

A Bigger Closet said...

Welcome back Heidi! And I have to agree with the other ladies who posted comments - your hair looks terrific! It's so flattering with the soft curls. Also love your navy/white/yellow outfit.

Debye said...

Sometimes it take awhile to get used to a new haircut, I love the layers on you. I had my hair recently over "texturized" and it looks choppy if I leave it straight or just try a round brush (which I have no patience for). I always use hot rollers. I don't always want it poofy or overly curly so I often just barely heat them and then leave them in as long as it takes to put the last roller in. I find this works wonders....on really bad days, I love me a ponytail!

Oh, and I love the pops of yellow with the navy....welcome back:)

C said...

your hair looks nice... glamorous, actually...sort of red... like Ann Margaret as a young woman...wear big dark sun glasses and you can look like a Hollywood star. Of course it does not look like it did before, so maybe you just do not recognize that person in the mirror.

Summerilla said...

The first time I donated my hair to locks of love the guy cut it WAY shorter than he was supposed to, I'm talking 5 inches shorter. He also tied it up in a pony tail to cut it and that's a no no that I wasn't aware of because it makes it way shorter in the back than the front. It was also uneven on both sides and just a disaster with the layering. I cried... I cried a lot and then I returned to the salon 2 days later and asked for my money back.

I think the hair looks good! I'm like you, I need a style that takes little time and not a lot of fuss.

I love the cashmere top on you. I wish I had bought one, I wanted one so bad but I was worried about the tie. You and Dina both wear it well.

janet said...

I t looks REALLY good~ maybe after you do it a few times, you will be able to do it quicker. It is a change, but a good one!

La Belette Rouge said...

Your hair looks amazing in the picture. I swear. I know it isn't what you wanted. But it really and truly looks fantastic.

LT said...

I think your hair looks GREAT! But, as someone with extra-fine hair, I know that super layers or texture make it hard to style. It's frustrating when you tell the stylist "I spend X amount of time styling my hair" and they give you a cut that requires WAY more attention than you have to give. But seriously, the bangs and the cut look really good. :)

Margie said...

I've never posted on your blog, but I MUST TELL YOU that your hair is VERY flattering on you! When I logged on, that's the first thing I noticed and thought, "Wow, she must have gotten a make-over with a wonderful new hairstyle that is just right for her!" It looks classy and is a softer look. I vote YES.

OneFashionistaDiva said...

you look fabulous! i am loving the new cut and color! the look that you put together is darling...i may have to consider that cardi as well.

Anonymous said...

I have had nightmares that my hairdresser moves far away and I get it cut by someone else and it comes out 'all wrong'--with the style completely ruined!!!
Luve my hairdresser sooo freakin much!
I think you should move on from that guy since he didn't really listen--alot of MALE hairdressers seem to really get into texturizing for some reason--wel atleast from my experience. I like Women Hairdressers better.
That said I think your hair looks pretty the way you have it styled in this post--and I luve the tie-front cardi.--really cool!

Anonymous said...

I really like the hair, but if you are not happy with the job the stylist did, then you should go somewhere else. I go somewhere in Bethesda and I really like my stylist. She listens to me. But to find the right stylist when I move to the DC area was a bit of a challenge. I had to go to 2 people before I found the right one.
Good luck and let me know if you need a referral.

HeidiG said...

Thanks to all for the feedback on the hair. It is very nice to hear. It's still a total pain to deal with, but that's for discussion in another post.

Anon@9:55pm way back when I actually posted this - oopsies, sorry, but I hope you LOVE the cardi!

dina - next time I see you, I'll have Tommy Boy lines running through my head since that is one of my all-time fave movies.

Lolo - thanks for the suggestion on the half-tie - will try that.

Stephanie - thanks for the suggestion - I have another referral from a friend, but will definitely write down your guy's name. WF is not too far.