Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Shoes for Spring #1 - LL Bean Coastal Rain Skimmers

Realized I have a couple posts I've been mulling that fit this category. Today's Black Shoes for Spring are my new LL Bean Coastal Rain Skimmers. (#TA261027, $69, but I only paid $59 - thanks for the $10 Bean reward certificate, Mom!!)

Seriously, best set up ever - Mom has the Bean credit card. I get to order online with free shipping & monogramming and she gets the points. Win-win. I *do* pay her back, of course. In this case, she specifically gave me the reward because she knew I had been mulling over these shoes.

*****Update on 3/26/10 - Bean just announced yesterday that they are now, like Zappos, offering Free Shipping.  Period.  Free Shipping...that's it.  As they say now on their home page "No minimum order, no end date, just free."  Could somebody please cue the applause? 

According to the Bean website, these shoes were featured in O magazine in September 2010. Ok, so apparently I missed them this fall, otherwise I would have been all over them. It's a perfect marriage of the duck shoe and the ballet flat. So it pretty much suits me to a T. You all know how I love my ballet flats. I know J Crew has the cute rubber ballet flats but they are just too narrow for me, and show a bit too much toe cleavage for a well-functioning "rain shoe".

I got a 9 which...oh, I don't know, I hate shoe sizing. Let's just say I run between 9 and 9 1/2, so if you're worried, size down. Or get 2 sizes? I don't know...that's why I went ahead and tried them on in store. I do usually take a 9 in Bean shoes.

It's a really comfortable shoe. They are weatherproof, but leather so they breathe - no stinky feet, yay!'s their blurb:
Ideal for wet trips to the office or around town, these casual weatherproof shoes combine comfort and style with protective coverage for inclement weather. Pliable patent-leather upper is seam-sealed to keep water out. Thickly padded insole and a flexible rubber outsole give you much more cushioning than traditional skimmers. Rubber outsole adds traction on wet surfaces. Imported. Best with lightweight socks.
( I wear socks unless I absolutely have to, i.e., with boots)

I was tempted by the blue but I just got a pair of navy patent mocs, so these looked too similar in the navy and I ended up with the black...which I wore today...yucky rainy day. So they were perfect.  (They also come in nautical red, bright yellow, and dark brown.)

I wore the skimmers with a JC black long sleeve tissue tee & cami, Loft denim mini, and black JC leggings.  I see now why Summerilla is always raving about her JC leggings.  Per Summerilla, she wears hers weekly, washes with no holes or fadin.  Love! Then accessorizing with above shoes, black scarf, ponytail & hoops, and topped off with my BR trench. 

It was a full day - mani/pedi in the AM (courtesy of gift certificate from Xmas - yeah, didn't use it when I had the cast on my right hand), then chiro visit working out an issue with my left rotator cuff muscle, and then up to school to help in M's class and in E's Jump Rope for Heart session.  (and back up to school to pick up some left-behind homework...sigh...)  A good outfit for my day.  Comfy for mani/pedi, yet still presentable for afternoon at school - and when I was helping M's teacher pull out pieces of "parchment" the kids made out of the tea they were soaking in, I was glad I had on dark colors. 

Definitely a perfect spring shoe!


JulieStyles said...

Thanks for the review. Those are adorable. It has been raining all month, so maybe if I order these, the rain will stop :-)

Magnolia said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

RosaLovesDC said...

OMG, I love those rain shoes!!!
And you look fabulous.

Summerilla said...

It's true!! My Jcrew leggings have held up through everything. After a million washes no fading either!
BTW love the shoes and so happy to see you back blogging regularly again!

Jillian, Inc said...

Love the shoes! Def. will get a pair in navy. You look beautiful! Are you still wearing the black pearl polish - or what's your new choice(s) for spring?

Anonymous said...

those are really cute,
I am a 7.5 should I get that size

NantucketDaffodil said...

Those look so cute Heidi...might have to stop by Bean this weekend.

HeidiG said...

*** Just updated the blog post - did you all hear that as of Friday, LL Bean now offers Free Shipping. No minimum, no end date, just free. Yay!!!!

JulieStyles - ah yes, the "bring an umbrella" theory. Hopefully that will work, but if it doesn't, you'll have cute shoes to wear in the rain!

Magnolia & Rosa - thank you!

Summerilla - thanks! and yes, finally got myself a pair of the leggings, they are so fab.

Jillian, Inc - thank you! still wearing black pearl, interspersed with others. Last few have been: OPI Light My Sapphire (my fave navy), OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone-Star (light blue, which I posted a few weeks ago), butter London No More Waity Katie (lavender, which I need to post), RBL Jane, Essie Flawless (med pink, purchased at J Crew)

isabella - I hate to advise on size, since my sizes are all vary between 9 and 9.5. But it you are a solid 7.5, start there. Also, you can take a look at the reviews on the website to see what others are saying (love that they do that!)

NantucketDaffodil - hope you like them!!

Melanie said...

Definitely like the system with using Mom's card! Sweet! ;)