Sunday, March 20, 2011

J Crew Maritime Dress

So lesson learned on Friday...when you're in Polyvore and click on Blogger, it will post the set right to your blog as a new post.  Hmmm....this could take laziness to new levels for me.  Click, click, click...

And it's just taken me this long to get to the regular post.  The usual weekend stuff....

J Crew Maritime Dress (#37228, $78).  I had been curious about this dress ever since seeing it in the catalog and a few weeks ago my fave PS, Jill, emailed to tell me it was in, so she held it for me.  I asked for an M, but she said she'd hold an S & M as it was running large. 

Oh yes, it most definitely was running large. I know I've lost weight since last summer, but...  Anyway, the M was huge on me.  To my fave petite JCA girls, I hope the XXS works on you - but considering how much room there with the S on me, I don't know.  Definitely worth a try-on IRL or getting measurements from CS before ordering.

Wide-shouldered gals, like myself, guess what?  Plenty of room in the shoulders.  Maybe because it's knit? But no pulling or tightness. Yay!  The knit on this is nice & substantial - esp important when there are wide white stripes.  And did you notice the cute zippers on each side at the bottom?  What a fun detail!

As you can tell from the previous post, the PV set, I wore this on Friday.  A gorgeous early spring day.  Nice & warm, sunny, just perfect.  I paired it with black leggings and my black TOMS.  The TOMS themselves merit a post of their own which I promise I'll get to.  I'll just say this - love love love.  Then a pair of gold hoops and a ponytail to show off the hoops and the nicely wide neckline, and I was good to go.

I thought the dress worked really well with the leggings.  If you're nervous about the length, they are a perfect solution.  And they kept my legs warm - it was nice outside, but not that nice, and you all know I always run cold.  Without the leggings, yes, it's a short dress.  No, I won't be belting it like in the online pic because (1) I don't wear belts, and (2) that would likely make it too short.  When it's warmer, I'll be wearing it with anything flat shoe-wise - sandals, Converse, TOMS, espadrilles, navy flats, yellow flats.   

Definitely a fun dress for spring!!


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MMM said...

You look GREAT Heidi! :)

I have this dress too but it hasn't been quite warmer enough here to wear it yet! But hopefully soon! ;) C'mon spring!!!

Thanks for sharing-- I always enjoy your reviews & IRL pics because we are right around the same size! Although if you keep losing weight, then that might change! :-0

Anonymous said...

Please share your weight loss tips, you look great as always and I love the way you paired the dress with the leggings.

Pamela said...

I absolutely adore this dress/tunic. I actually bought it. But then returned it. Let me tell you why. One day at work I spied the EXACT same print, same color, same EVERYTHING as someone rounded the corner. I thought, "omg, who is wearing the dress??" as there are not many JCrew shoppers at my office, if there are any aside from me at all. So, I went into the cube area and find out who it was and turned out to be a new guy who has a freaking rugby in the EXACT same color, wide print, everything!!! I nearly died. I couldn't do it. I couldn't risk wearing it the same day/time he wore his rugby. I'm sure I'll kick myself in the butt for returning it. Now that I see you wearing it, it makes me long for it again. But then my mind's eye flashes back to Chester wearing his rugby and I just can't do it!!

HeidiG said...

Fash Boulevad - thanks! I will definitely check out your blog. *Love* Brad, so cute.

MMM - thanks! Not yet warm enough for me to do it bare-legged, but the leggings definitely worked for warmth. I even had a trench on with it in the early morning and it looked great. No worries, won't be losing more weight. Happy where I am. :)

Anonymous - thank you! I've been working on a weight loss post. Not sure if it will help others, but will be puttin it up today or tomorrow.

Pamela - Oh noooo!!!!!! Ok, I don't blame you one bit. That would totally turn me off of it. Maybe if it's on sale later and you could save for weekends or evenings? Or wear it 3 days after Chester? I will actually be chuckling now every time I wear the dress because I'll be on the lookout for the Chesters here!!