Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Dresses

I'd like to talk about day dresses. It seems like a bit of an old-fashioned term. But I do love me some day dresses. Pre-kids, I loved skirts and dresses. Then the babies arrived and well...most clothing has to past the floor test, wherein you need to be able to sit on a floor with your legs out and change a kid in the middle without revealing too much. So, the skirts & dresses took a mostly backseat for a number of years. (And I never got the moms who could change a diaper kneeling - but maybe that's too awkward for me since I'm tall, I don't know.)

I think dresses are so easy. 1 piece and you're done. I always feel so put together in a dress. Just add a few accessories. My friend, Laura, went on a cruise in May and packed nothing but dresses - they are so easy to dress up and down. (and they pack small, too!) I love sweater dresses n the winter...but that's another post. This is summer dressing, people!

But I want to talk about day dresses. Not sundresses - which I love - but casual-ish summer dresses that have a bit more coverage when it's not 85 degrees in the shade. So I don't need quite as much sunscreen when I walk outside. So I don't necessarily have to bundle up for a run to the grocery store. (See Summerilla's post here - so true, so true.) And while sundresses aren't that hard to find, day dresses seem difficult. Especially in knit (and you know how I love my knits).

My first summer day dress, which I have posted before, is the J Crew pique striped dress from Spring 2007. Which they were still making this dress! It was perfect for an easy weekend day. My dad was up to spend the night before flying out of BWI to visit his sister, who lives in Hawaii but is visiting a friend in Nevada. We all went out to dinner at Red Robin - his & the kiddies' favorite. Sandals and some simple jewelry and I was good to go. I threw on a long black cardi later for dinner since I always freeze dining out. I wanted to go with a color, but couldn't find a color that worked for me with the black & white.

Polyvore for Saturday:

Another summer day dress - Today, I wore my newest Ann Taylor Loft dress, the Sleeveless Dress with Front Twist (which only shows up online if you click from Polyvore). This was one of my finds in my I Love the Loft post. Granted this isn't as covered as some day dresses, but as far as I'm concerned, if you can wear a regular bra with it, it qualifies. And notice the accessories...yeah, just about the same. Boring me, works.

My new name for this is the Posture Dress. I will admit I had second thoughts about the dress when I tried it on again, wondering if the bust area was a bit, ahem vacant. But I had already mistakenly tossed the receipt and I just didn't feel like dealing with the hassle of that, so I donned the dress and wandered downstairs to get 2 honest opinions from the kiddies. They both gave it a thumbs up, so it stays. The key is good posture here. If you slouch, the dress is way baggy in the bust area. If you stand up straight, as we all know you should, it works fine. So...ta da...the Posture Dress. And if you really don't know how to stand up straight properly, check out Tim Gunn's Guide to Style book - his description of correct posture is entertaining, endearing, and spot on (of's Tim Gunn, duh) And when I pulled it up, I saw he has a 2009 boxed calendar - 365 tips. How did I miss that? Totally going on my Christmas list next year! (the 2010 version, natch)

Polyvore for today:

Blog note - it's a crazy week with some work deadlines and getting ready for E's birthday party on Saturday, so although I am up and running, my posting this week will be limited. Bear with me, please.

What are your favorite dresses for daytime? Or are you anti-dress? Speak up!


Summerilla said...

I am a love love dresses all summer long person. I love day dresses, but I have a hard time finding a nice knit dress that can be casual enough. Which is why I bought the J.Crew Kalya dress in 5 colors because it's rare to find one I love.

I really love these two dresses on you. I freeze everywhere too, I always keep a cardigan (usually the french terry) in my bag or in the car incase I need one. I also love the day dress because it can be so easily dressed up with cute jewelry and shoes.

I think I'm going to add Tim Ginn's calendar to my list too, thanks for sharing!

Lula Mae said...

Hey! I am back posting and reading!! I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! And that bag is you have it?!

gigiofca said...

My favorite day dresses are similar to your striped one. The rules are they have to be comfortable, pull on, yet look like I am ...what did I say earlier...mind blowingly chic. *lol*

sparrowsandsparkles said...

LOVE day dresses. The stripey is adorable on you. I've been enjoying my recent Loft finds but I really don't have many... the baby/toddler thing had been going on for years here too so I am just getting back into buying them!

Stylestance said...

Love day dresses too. Lately I've been enjoying patterned flow-y versions, like long tunics. I find they feel fresh and breezy for summer, yet can be anchored with a cardigan. Macy's Inc. International Concepts line has some cute boho styles available online. You look adorable, ready for anything on a summer day :)

mrs.anketell said...

I am a lover of day dresses, too:) I love my ATL black knit dress, (same one you have) and wear it often. I also bought another cute, cotton dress at ATL that I wear as well. I also love my ATL skirts----like you say, "easy, breezy" summer outfits:)

ashley said...

i looove day dresses too! just add a necklace and they become fabulous! i love both of the ones you have on!

AppGal said...

oh, you KNOW i am not anti-dress!!! I am pro-dress. I have to separate my dress categories into 2: casual and appropriate for school. Many of my day dresses are too low-cut for school (although, I could throw on a cardi and be good). Several of my Patagonia dresses are perfect day dresses for school.

Love love love the ATL dress on you. Glad you decided to keep it! Who doesn't need a reminder every now and then to keep good posture? :)

Petunia said...

Oh, I love these casual dresses! Sometimes it is just too hot during the Summer to wear jeans, and a casual little dress is so comfy and cute.

post-fab princess said...

LOVE dresses. So pulled together, yet so effortless! A good dress is hard to find, so thanks for the tips! The ATL dress is TDF, lady! You really know how to rock a day dress with those gams. Ok, enough old timie terms. (:

Starfish and Sundresses said...

Dresses are definitely my clothing item of choice! These are lovely :)

dinagideon said...

Oooh, I change diapers kneeling, or even sitting on my booty and swinging my calves to the back part of my body (does that make sense?) I still love wearing dresses...yay!

And can I say, I love, love, love these on you. My favorite of the two (if I have to pick) is the striped one...because it is very summer-y of you!

I am swamped here at school and home, still on for this weekend (you know what I mean), just can't seem to find the time to catch up by phone! :)

A Bigger Closet said...

I've resisted dresses for years, mostly wear shorts in the summer, but this year JCA's like Heidi and Dina have inspired me to give a few of the casual and comfortable J.Crew dresses a try. I still own more shorts than dresses, but things could even out soon. :)

Patina Cabachon said...

you know how i feel about summer dresses,but in case you forgot...LOVE THEM. To me, they are so much more comfortable in hot, humid weather than pants. I love your day look chic, cool and comfortable, which are definite must haves in a summer dress.

Kathy said...

I love day dresses! When I worked in retail (before kids!) they were my clothes choice everyday! There is nothing easier and you look lovely in each one! Have a great week!

CECE said...

I love the dresses! I am partial to the striped one coz Iove shirtdresses! You look great in them! Thanks for sharing!

Bella said...

As a fellow Heidi, I had to stop by and comment! And it just so happens that I have friends in Boyds! LOVE the dresses :)

LizPoms said...

Hi Heidi!

Just wanted to let you know that I did see that bag again at Nordstroms. Its by Treesje and there are many colors. The funny thing was there were no prices and the tags were handwritten and said "direct from Direct" which I think means you have to order and have them shipped to you from the sale.

Sorry I couldn't find out more! Have a great day!

Emily said...

Day dresses are my new "thing". I love them, esp with the TX heat.

Love, love, love the striped pique dress. It just looks so great on you!

HeidiG said...

Summerilla - thank you! That Kayla dress is way cute. I don't remember seeing it in store, but I was not drinking the Crewlade so much then.

Lula Mae - yay! so glad you are back! No, do not have the bag - it's my PV dupe for my AT white leather bag that I posted on here:

Gigi - mind blowingly chic, of course. I'm going to make that my new AM mantra. ;)

sparrowsandsparkles - you do have some rather fab dresses yourself, ya know. And who notices the dress anyway with your new fabbie LV?!

Stylestance - I will have to check out INC - I confess, I mostly shop in the smaller stores like JC, BR, AT, ON because they are easier to cover. But the Macy's is right there.

mrs.anketell - ATL is a great place for summer dresses, I think. I've been seeing lots of other cute ones from there out in the blogosphere.

ashley - thank you!

AppGal - yeah, school requires a whole separate category, doesn't it?

Petunia - I agree - I stand by my statement that a dress or skirt is way cooler than pants or even shorts.

HeidiG said...

PFP - love the old-timie terms - so fun!!

Starfish and Sundresses - thank you!

Dina - I am impressed, they were just too much of a pain for me when the kiddies were little, but you definitely rock the dresses, too, lady. Looking forward to this weekend!

A Bigger Closet - Yay, a dress convert...well, semi-convert!

Patina - thank you! yes, I know you are a huge fan and look fab in your dresses, too.

Kathy - Ah, the good old days of retail! Easy dressing is always good!

CECE - thank you! You have some fabbie dresses, too.

Bella - how funny - always nice to meet another Heidi! (Are your friends in "real" Boyds, or "suburban" Boyds? I am a suburbanite, enjoying our corner of suburbia in the country with the cutest Post Office ever.)

LizPoms - thanks for the info. I am headed to the mall tomorrow, so I will check it out!

Emily - TX heat, oh yeah, that's harsh. I couldn't do it - I'm such a mid-Atlantic girl.

Elisa said...

Both day dresses are fabulous.!! I too have a similar designed black sleeveless Ann Taylor dress.

HeidiG said...

Elisa - thank you! AT is definitely another great source for day dresses!

Bella said...

I've only been there once, but it was very country-ish to me, and beautiful! Do you know anyone with the last name Johnson? They have a little girl.

HeidiG said...

Bella - I don't think so - my youngest just turned 7 - sounds like your friend may have a younger one. Small world, though. :)

3-Penny Princess said...

Okay, I'm a little late in chiming in, but the striped dress is fab on you!