Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Confetti + BF + Danielle = Fun!

So you all know what a huge fan I am of the J Crew tissue boyfriend tee. (Did you see plum raisin for fall? Squee, love!) And I love my new Confetti necklace. So imagine my glee when I was looking though some old JC pics and, duh, realized that the previous online pic of the v-neck tissue boyfriend tee shows it paired with the champagne quartz confetti necklace. Fun fun fun! And interestingly enough, I seem to toss on the confetti necklace every time I put on a bf tee lately. They are such a perfect pair - the necklace gives you big bang in terms of statement, but it's still lighthearted & casual from the beads kinda going their own way. And the bf tee is really perfect backdrop for any necklace. And I realized that I wore the Danielle sandals with both outfits, but I think they work nicely with the necklace.

Last Monday, I went with the navy tee. I love this color. Well, I love navy in general, but I really love it in this tee. And I loved it with loose linen trousers (Chicos, Summer 08). And um, yes, these pants are too big for me since I lost the weight, as I bought them in September last year. Maybe I need to take in a few darts at the waist like the linen seaside pants? Or just pony up and actually get a pair of pants that fit? That's honestly the issue - the 2 pairs of pants that fit me best right now (outside of jeans) are both J Crew purchases this season - the Harbour Oxford Capris and the black cafe capris. I think I need to invest in some new pants for next spring/summer.

Polyvore from last Monday:

Wearing Today-7/20/09
Wearing Today-7/20/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

And speaking of the black cafe capris...this past Monday...um yeah, that was yesterday. Anyway, I popped into the office to meet with a co-worker for a few hours. (Some things are so much easier to do in person!) Easy outfit - bf tissue tee, this time in shell, the black cafe capris, confetti necklace to dress up the tee, Danielles because they are so cute, and Dina hoops. This was my 2nd outing of the cafe capris (still haven't posted 1st one, sorry) and I love love love them. I feel so skinny in them. I feel like Audrey Hepburn. I love them with a simple little tee and I can't wait to wear them with sweaters in the fall.

Polyvore from this Monday (yesterday):


post-fab princess said...

Eeeeee! I love each and every element of your ensemble, dahling. Those Danielles, they are faaaabilis.

AnneG said...

Black + White = Simple & Classic. Gorgeous!

Drewablank said...

You're so cute with your boyfriend tees! I just stopped by the Pentagon City B&M today, and there were just tons of white boyfriend tees in their sale section for a mere $9.99 PLUS and extra 20% off! Shee! If only I didn't have a million white shirts in my wardrobe....

There were also more than a handful of black cafe capris too, going for $59.99. Without the extra % off.

And is it just me or is your hair getting long? ;)

Kathy said...

hahaha, I am completely losing track of the days too! You look so cool and comfortable in both outfits, very polished!

Lula Mae said...

Those tee's look good on you (they don't seem to fit me really well...)...you have such great style!

gigiofca said...

I love outfit #1. That necklace was made for you.

A Bigger Closet said...

You look so pretty in both outfits Heidi. I love all the pieces you're wearing too. I even have a couple of BF tees now (the beige one pictured and navy) along with both colors of the confetti necklace! I agree the tees are a great backdrop for those pretty necklaces. :)

HeidiG said...

PFP - thank you!

AnneG - thank you! Sorry I couldn't make it to the Reston JCA event Mon - things are a bit nutty here with the kiddies in camp. But I am so looking forward to Tysons in August! And I do want to check out the Reston store sometime as I have never been there.

Drewablank - I would have grabbed 3 tees at PC in a heartbeat. And it is just you - I had an inch cut off my hair last week - it just looks longer because I am letting the bangs grow out a bit through beach vaca next week (easier to manage with hats, etc without the bangs).

Kathy - hahaha, not just me, yay. I am thankful the kids are in camp because that is keeping me on schedule...sorta.

Lula Mae - thank you! I think the looser fit of the tees work because my shoulders carry them. (brick shape = some benefits) That being said, I have, to my great dismay, found that the bf tee doesn't actually work with everything, but it does work with a lot of what I have, especially since my daily style is much more casual than a lot of people who go into an office.

gigi - thank you - it was definitely a good on sale buy. Like FFM says, on sale pretty. (my favorite kind)

A Bigger Closet - thank you! I do love the black confetti, too. Maybe that will go on the list somewhere. :)

Zoë Moët said...

I'm convinced that capri pants can be made to work in the fall (so you can put off ponying up for another few months)...I just haven't quite figured out how...let me know if you have any ideas ;)

Patina Cabachon said...

yup, i would say that the necklace was made for the bf tees. i love it on you and the bf tee in champagne is freaking fabulous (smile). i have become a fan of the bf tees thanks to you. I even think your pearl bracelet would look fabulous with the bf tees. Hmmm, do you think i said bf tees enough in this post??? lol.

Anonymous said...

Love all your outfits and you look wonderful! It's amazing just how much a little necklace can add. It finishes off the whole look!

HeidiG said...

Zoe Moet - Capris definitely work through fall - I mean, I wear cuffed jeans in December (weather permitting). It's all about style & material - I will definitely wear these black ones through November with just about any sweater, or even a tee and blazer. But I would not wear my Harbour oxford capris since the fabric is way too summery. Finish off with ballet flats, mocs, or even the right pair of heels.

Patina - you can never say bf tee enough! and...wearing pearl garden bracelet with bf tee today, need to post pics.

Stephanie - thank you! ah, the power of a good necklace!