Friday, July 17, 2009

Update from Yesterday and J Crew Sale Purchases

My parents were in town Wed night through Thurs night/Fri morning, so we, of course, hit the mall on Thursday for the day. (not so much shopping at the river - but that means we shop when they visit, yay!)

Of course, I had to stop in at J Crew to take a little peek around and do a couple of returns. The ripstop utility pants were just awful on me, so they went back. They looked so fab on dinagideon earlier this week. I am wondering if they were just too big, but ah well...back they went. Instead, I snagged a pair of cafe capris. They are just a basic black but I am ridiculously excited by them because I tried these on in way early spring and the 10 just looked awful on me. But yesterday, I tried an 8 and they were perfect. Yay!! And my current black cropped pants are really on their way to the dustbin, so it was a good buy. But I have to say I was rather disappointed in my B&M as there really wasn't much sale merchandise or new merchandise either. Here's my PV set of my JC 20% off purchases.

Final Choices from Latest 20% Off
Final Choices from Latest 20% Off by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

So you can see that I did re-purchase the confetti necklace in champagne quartz. For $45, it's worth it. I love that they a solid color and not iridescent, like pearls - just a fun change. I love the longer length of this necklace too - it will work with so many tops. And it won't snag my sweaters like the beautiful but evil twisted crystal necklace. And I love that it's the necklace shown with the tissue bf vneck tee, since I am such a fan of that tee. And I did branch the tissue bf *crewneck* tee. BTW, love the neckline on this as it has a bit of a scoop, so it's not strangling you. I may see what other colors I can turn up.

And I did get the pearl garden bracelet in clementine, which I have been coveting ever since A Bigger Closet posted it - love this color! I had it in my cart last week before checking out, but took it out since I figured 1 pair pants, 1 necklace & 1 tee was enough. But it was actually in the store, so it was a sign.

And this is what I wore for the shopping outing. New confetti necklace - yay! And tissue bf vneck tee. And my linen-cotton seaside pants. But I have to say, the pants are making me sad. I think they are too big for me now (ok, I have lost about 10 lbs since I got them). And the linen does stretch out a bit. And you know I practically refuse to wear belts. But they are so loose, flowy, comfy. I think I need to take a couple darts in the waist so they actually stay up and don't fall & give me saggy-bottom. And I really should be wearing it with more fitted tops, actually. Ok, lecture to self on pants over - anyone got anything else?

Polyvore from Thursday:

Wearing Today-7/16/09
Wearing Today-7/16/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

And here's the Polyvore from Thursday night when we went to the Nationals game with my parents. We had a fantastic time and had great seats! Fun evening out. (Kiddies had a fun evening with their beloved babysitter.) Mom left from the game to head back to the river, Dad spent the night (don't ask, long story involving schedule/calendar mixups). And oops, not enough time for IRL pics. I will get one sometime when I wear the harbour Oxford capris - but I will say they were perfect for the ball game.

Baseball Game-7/16/09
Baseball Game-7/16/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

My other fun purchases from Thursday were makeup, so I'll save those for another post as this is long enough. Good night!


Petunia said...

The Confetti necklace looks so pretty on you. Love the whole outfit!

Summerilla said...

Love the items you bought, especially the necklace and bracelet. I've been wanting to check out a B&M but just haven't had time with everything, maybe I'll make the BF drive me tomorrow just to check out the 20% off sale... hope it's still going on if I do decide to go.

Congrats on the extra weight lose - go you!

Anonymous said...

OHHH....I luvee the Garden Bracelet in the would go great with this pearl cluster necklace I bought off Gigi!
You "razzle-dazzle 'em in the Confetti necklace!

gigiofca said...

I can't wait to see the garden bracelet on you!

Jemma Ruby said...

Hi heidi, I've been on the fence about the ripstop pants- they seem to be really hit or miss. You didnt do too bad considering that everyone is saying the sale is really picked over- you got some great basics!

Her Preppiness said...

Great choices

dinagideon said...

I want to see the garden looks so pretty!

I am sorry the ripstop pants didn't work out, they are an awesome basic...any chance you will try a size smaller? (Which, by the way, good for you on being a skinny minnie!)

See you your Boden polyvore...seems some neutral lover may be coming over to the very colorful dark side. Heehee. ;)

Elizabeth in MO said...

Congrats on the great buys! Congrats on the weight loss - how have you accomplished that??? Please share! I'm struggling with an extra 5-10 pounds that, if I would lose, would make my clothes fit SO much better!

Anonymous said...

You look great! I also own the rip stop pants and somedays I love them and other days I think they look awful-- LOL-- who knows?!
Kathy said the same thing about our local B&M, very low inventory. Huh. I guess they anticipate a really impressive fall debut for the stock to get this low. I think i need a pair of the black capris too so I may make a quick stop in.
Have a fun weekend!

GingerSnap said...

You look darling and I love all your polyvore sets :) I'm sorry the ripstop pants did not work out for you. Maybe try them in a smaller size...they are really wonderful to wear! :)

Patina Cabachon said...

i am drooling over the garden bracelet...take a pic, take a pic, please!!! You look great. Congrats on your weight loss. Way to go!!!!

HeidiG said...

Petunia - thank you! I love this new necklace.

Summerilla - thank you! good luck finding something at the B&M! (Montgomery was looking bare)

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you - confetti is fabbie!

gigi - probably wearing tomorrow!

HeidiG said...

Aaaaand back to responding (was trying to sneak in blogging during E's bday party)....

Jemma Ruby - thanks, I think I will really love all my purchases. Don't know what to say about the utility pants - wondering if sizing down is the right answer?

Her Preppiness - thank you!

dina - I am wondering if I should have sized down again on the pants - can I try yours on tomorrow? (did you get an 8?) Funny that I was looking at so many colorful options on Boden - but they are the colors I love, that I haven't been seeing much of at the Crew - the greens and yellows (must be my W&M schooling).

Elizabeth in MO - I don't know if I have a special tip on the weight loss. I am sure that the extra exercise from walking the puppy and the boot camp help - but I think more of it is getting my eating habits in line. We all have different triggers and different methods that work. For me, it started when we make the decision to get a puppy, even before we got one. Something mentally clicked. Mindful eating is important - being aware of what/why you are eating. Realizing that it's ok for you to feel hungry, you don't always have to feel full. Trying to avoid boredom snacking and sweets after kiddies' bedtime. I am lucky to have a pretty decent metabolism (thought not as good as when I was younger, that's for sure). Hope some of that helps!

Stephanie - you definitely need a pair of the black capris. You know how sometimes you see something in PV and in person, it's not nearly as fab? I think these pants look better on IRL than in PV. Good luck.

GingerSnap - thanks for the suggestion - I am wondering if it is a size issue, and that my primary pants size has, in fact, shifted downward. There are plenty of 8 Tall's online, so I will have to try them.

Patina - oh yeah, the garden bracelet has you written all over it. Pics tomorrow probably.

3-Penny Princess said...

Hope you had fun at the Nats game! Another summer classic activity that I haven't had a chance to enjoy this year:(

I envy you for having the confetti necklace! I have been coveting it in the ivory since it came out but can't seem to catch a good sale. Of course, the fact that I've been blocked from J.Crew doesn't help...

On a different note, I did sneak into a B & M a couple of days ago and didn't find anything I wanted to buy - at all! So that's great for my credit card. I guess we'll just have to look forward to fall shopping!

Random thought: my comment verification word is "mickey". Even spelled with an "e." Mr. Drexler is definitely reading this and wants us to know that we are not buying enough...

A Bigger Closet said...

What a fun haul Heidi! Sorry to hear the pants didn't work for you but glad you found other pieces that did, and you were able to get the lovely bracelet on sale. I ordered it in the white pearl as well to mix with my real pearls. In turn, you inspired me to try the confetti necklace. I got it in black first and love it so much that I got the light one too during the 20% off sale.

ashley said...

yeah the B&M i went to this weekend was pretty sad. i love how u put a big red x on those pants. it made me giggle! but congrats on that cute necklace and bracelet you'll get a lot of use out of those!