Sunday, July 26, 2009

ISO...Purple Shoes

First off, forgive my absence, which I am sure you all managed quite nicely. There was some major stress going on over the week. Sometimes things happen that just throw you way off your center and that was me this week. And I just couldn't handle blogging. I barely read - maybe a post or two a day (and I know I love to get the comments/feedback from you all, but I am back to that now - it will take a few days to catch up, of course.) But it's all settled down and I'm back. And I have some catching up to do (I know I promised pics of the pearl garden bracelet in clementine - oooh, it's pretty!) At least for a week - we are headed to the beach next weekend for a week with hubby's family, so not sure how much blogging will take place that week.

I think I may be on a purple shoe kick...which is a little odd, because I am not a huge "purple" person. In fact, looking at my closet, I don't even think I see a purple tshirt (well, duh, no bf tissue tees in purple). I do have the misty lavender Jackie, but that's it. And you know I love my flats, especially ballet flats. I have been seeing purple ballet flats everywhere and am starting to want a pair for the fall - specifically, purple suede ballet flats. Why, if I don't really have purple to speak of? I think it would be a fun pop of color with all the neutrals. I love the idea of purple with all the tans/creams that I have.

It all started with a stroll through Target and these pretties were on the endcap. (Interesting that the search starts in the low end and works its way up for me.) Mossimo Odell Suede Ballet Flat ($12.99). The color is richer in person - closer to a plum. I tried it on in a 9 and found it very comfortable, with plenty of room. If you have narrow feet, this is probably not the shoe for you. If you do like this shoe, it comes in 21 incarnations right now online - suede, patent, metallic, fabric, and lots of colors, too. (Maybe it's replacing the ubiquitous Xhilaration Sable ballet flat from a couple years ago that came in a billion colors/fabrics?) The reviews for this shoe have been very positive, too. One had a 3-star average, and the others had 4-5 stars. For those of you who have not heard me go on and on about my shoe issues, this is my old-lady Target trick. Yes, their shoes are not that supportive. (Whose ballet flats are, really?) When I get a cute cheap pair of flats from Target, I usually stroll over to the foot care aisle and get a pair of gel insoles to put in them. Tacky, I know, as I run through the lame-o "gelling" lines from the commercials, but *amazing* in terms of added comfort.

The next purple shoes I spied were at Nordstroms...not on sale for the Anniversary Sale. (Jerkies! Otherwise they would be mine already.) Steve Madden Krowwn flat (#265289, $49.95) This actually might be my favorite of the bunch. Ok, it's not *exactly* purple; it's really fuchsia. Well, it's purple-ish. I love the cute little satiny ruffle along the edge all around the top - adorable!! I did not actually try it on, but I did pick it up and handle it, so I can vouch for the fact that it does seem to have some degree of cushioning in the bottom. So I would imagine they are more supportive than the standard ballet flat. They are also available in black, but that's it.

Back to a more true purple - Boden Patent Trim Flats (#AR404, $108). I have not yet tried their shoes, so I can't vouch for the fit factor. These are "fully padded for extra comfort." I like that they are leather because suede can be limiting, depending on weather. And that's why I would also have to seriously consider how much I want to spend on purple suede flats - how easily would they get ruined. Maybe leather is a better way to go. I really love the patent trim on these - way cute and such a nice detail. It is available in a couple other colors (red, green, blue), as well as the standard brown & black.

And, of course, I can't neglect J Crew, can I? Kelcey Suede Ballet Flats (#19312, $98) Let me just say how much I love J Crew for putting their shoes out in store in a size 8. All of you with your cute, tiny, dainty feet, don't complain - you get to try on everyone else's shoes. When the size 8 is out, I can usually pop my size 9 in there for a second, just to get a sense of whether a size up would work or not. I think I tried these on in store (in, ummm, the 8) the last time I was in and the fit was reasonable - so the size 9 might work without killing my wide toe box. But I'm not 100% sure since, quite frankly, there were so many cute little flats out that I was extremely distracted by all of them and I don't remember which one I actually tried. Anyway, with the Kelcey, the plum raisin is the most colorful option, but I love the navy - online it looks almost peacock (a JC fave color, I know), so it may be worth checking out IRL. The chalkboard could be a semi-decent replacement for my beloved gray patent ballet flats.

So...any other crazy cravings for Fall?


Patina Cabachon said...

HEIDI!!!! *cyber hugs* I am about to run, but I couldn't log off with out saying hi. I am sorry that you have had a rough week. I hope things are better and I am glad to see you here today. I will be back later to finish reading your post.
P.S. I spotted the pearl garden bracelet on you at Dina's party. It is beautiful and so is everyone in the picture.

GingerSnap said...

I am with you on the purple obsession too. I don't even own that much of it, but I'm falling hard in love with it for Fall. I like purple, and these cute flats would jazz black and charcoal nicely :)

I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough week, but I'm glad to have you back!!! :)

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

I love those Boden flats! I am not a "purple girl" either but last year I was on a *major* search for a purple handbag for some reason! If you haven't tried you should check them out - you can search by color! It is fun to see tons of bags or shoes fill the page in the color you are looking for :)
Welcome back... have a great beach week!

A Bigger Closet said...

Glad to you're back Heidi, and that life is better after the rough week.

I'm lovin' the purple for fall too. I saw AE has some cute purple suede flats too on their website that are well priced.

gigiofca said...

I am excited for fall. I hope to have my act together & looking hawt, even though our summer will probably go until Oct.

I'll definitely be putting purple in my mix.

Great shoes!

Kathy said...

No, purple is not for me, but if I keep seeing PV sets, I will probably be brain washed into NEEDING some! Funny how that happens. I am liking the grey for fall and I love suede so much, even the thought of bad weather does not stop me from buying it.

It is so nice to have you back!

Ema said...

Welcome back Heidi, I missed your posts!

I think purple is a tough color to sport (it looks good on me but I suddenly feel very "dark" when I'm wearing it) but I'm loving the softer "wisteria" hue of the new Jcrew rollout (with a hint of pink in it).

I don't have particular cravings so far (that's good news) but I'm still very much into summer.

post-fab princess said...

Summer has really just started in these parts, but the Fall arrivals in a few different stores are got me thinking autumnal thoughts! (:

Hope all is well with you Heidi! Glad your week of stress is over...

Have fun at the beach!!

C said...

I got three pairs of purple shoes last winter....mostly heels! Very weird but it fit into my mostly bland wardrobe well...last fall, purple was a "new black" as they say.

HeidiG said...

Patina - thank you! posting garden bracelet next, I swear. ;)

GingerSnap - thank you! I think purple would spice up a lot - it's *almost* a neutral in the right tone.

Sweet Tea in Seattle - I don't think I have ever tried - I usually head to Zappos, which can be a pain to navigate at times. thanks!

A Bigger Closet - AE too? Will have to check them out, thanks!

Gigi - Fall is my fave season - even though, you are right - we will probably end up with summer weather through October since it started so late for us here.

Kathy - I hear you on the PV brainwashing!! I have been loving gray for a couple years now, and I swear, gray shoes do go with everything - and they make everything look a little more fab.

Ema - thank you! Lucky you on enjoying summer - I'm so bitten by the fall bug, it's sad.

PFP - I know I'm way further south than you, but our "true" summer seemed to start pretty late this year - I think that was true up the East Coast. No matter - loving the autumnal thoughts.

C - 3 pairs of purple heels? Sounds fab! Funny, I wasn't that into it last year, but this year it just struck me.

Drewablank said...

When I read the first few lines of your post, I thought, "I've totally been there!" I hope thing's have gotten better. I know how sometimes things just snowball and you just can't find the energy to do anything, much less blog. :p

But this post of yours...yummy! I love ballet flats (although I've been trying to keep to heels myself just so I can add to my vertically-challenged self, ahem), especially colorful ones! I do try to stay away from anything suede since it's so hard to find a time to wear them. But the ones you've posted here are so pretty! And the ones from Boden with the patent trim are too adorable! But with that price tag...I'd sadly have to pass...unless they went on sale...*evil grin*

Like Ema, I'd digging the wisteria color J.Crew has come out with. :)

Take care, Heidi!

Cate said...

Love purple as well- I bought the target shoes when I was there earlier today!

Zoë Moët said...

I have to admit, I like the J. Crew flats the best! They're sooo pretty!

And yes, suede may be limiting, but purple is not exactly your go-to, wear every day color, so you could just save them for those beautiful, crisp autumn days :)

Also, about the whole purple issue, it is clear that purple has, for the past few years, been making a comeback, but I remember a few years back when purple was so out that some stores didn't even carry the color at all!

I'm glad it's back though, it's so romantic and vintage-y :)

HeidiG said...

Drewablank - thanks!! I am now thinking about heading to DSW to see what they may be offering in the purple hue, too! And I am so with you & Ema - that JC wisteria is just dreamy!

Cate - Enjoy the Target flats! Let me know if you end up getting any other colors!

Zoe Moet - oh yes, I have that crisp autumn day in my head!