Wednesday, July 29, 2009

J Crew and Acura - Synchronicity

Talk about coincidences...or are we all on the same wavelength?

Yesterday I got my August J Crew catalog and my very 1st rewards card (yay!) in the mail. Interestingly enough, right behind the East of Eden-themed JC catalog was another glossy entitled “Style.” The picture and the word “Steinbeck” immediately caught my eye. It’s my latest Acura magazine, with the cover story being “MDX (that’s my car) Explores Steinbeck Country.”

Of course, I immediately had visions of a J Crew version of the MDX, much like the old Eddie Bauer version of the Ford Explorer and the LL Bean Subaru Outback. I mean, they’re selling Essie polish online (which, given my love of polish, I will *have* to try or I will lose all blogging credibility). They have vintage books at the Men’s Shop in Soho (of which the catalog was good enough to remind us). A girl can dream...

Of course the depressing version is that with the state of the economy, everyone is harking back to Depression-era inspiration. Recessionistas unite - you can wear J Crew and drive an Acura, I guess...

Here is a list of resources in the article in case anyone is interested in pursuing East of Eden a bit further:



Kathy said...

Congrats on your first reward card! I think certain things keep reappearing in our culture regularly and with all the talk of Depression, we should be on the look out for "Grapes of Wrath" references.

Summerilla said...

Yay for rewards card! I received mine too - I'm saving it for the Tyson's event.

I find it interesting that both J Crew and Acura are going to East of Eden route. I really love Steinbeck books. He is one of my brothers favorite author and we always had a ton of his books laying around. East of Eden is amazing.

tastymoog said...

Like I said before, dust bowl chic is the new heroin chic.

Zoë Moët said...

I wish J. Crew's prices reflected their depression era motif as well ;)

tastymoog said...

zoe moet,

I agree! :)

Alas, while I am trying to buy less / sew more, I am getting rid of two bags of clothing this week and therefore feel justified in buying a few fall items! Not two bags full, but a couple things... :P

Lissa said...

congrats on the awards card. I got that catalog in the mail and wasn't very excited about it. What's wrong with me?!?! :)

Bellwether said...

Fantastic Post Heidi! I can't believe J. Crew and Acura are both channeling Steinbeck - how interesting! And wouldn't it be great if Acura did a J. Crew limited edition car? You should suggest that to Mickey Drexler! BTW - did you see this?
I loved how it said that the creative director Ashley came up with the Steinbeck concept - maybe she has a friend at Acura's marketing dept??? :)

HeidiG said...

Kathy - maybe "grape of wrath" will be a new Fall 09 color?

Summerilla - I wonder who else is going Steinbeck?

tastymoog - you are so right! dust bowl chic.

Zoe Moet - you are so right!

Lissa - sad to say, I haven't gone through my catalog yet. (saving it for the beach next week) I've seen lots of the pics online, but that doesn't replace the in-hand feel.

Bellweather - thank you! and thanks for the link - I had not looked at the behind the scenes yet - very interesting - and aren't all those pics gorgeous?!