Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bangs Are Back

Oh yeah, the bangs are back. I've gotten pretty good at trimming my own bangs, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I really don't love how my forehead looks with its horizontal wrinkles (from the usual raised-eyebrow "seriously?" look I often sport) and dark smudges of melasma (thanks hormones). It's not THAT bad, but I do really like myself so much better with bangs. So mid-day Thursday, I actually trimmed them. Happy dance!! Most important key to trimming your own bangs - always leave them WAY longer than you think you should.

I loved my outfit on Thursday with the dark slate Frances cami and so I thought I would go with a dark top/light bottom combo again on Saturday. Then again, speaking of dark things on top, maybe I was inspired by seeing this out my back door Saturday morning....

The scary part is how quiet she was about it - we hadn't heard a thing. M noticed, showed me, so I of course grabbed the camera, opened the door, took a pic, and hollered "OFF". Guess we can't "hide" the plastic yard toys up on the patio table anymore... Did I mention Lucy's insane vertical leap? 44 lbs of it.... Go ahead, laugh through my pain.

Anyway, I had another appointment at the chiropractor on Saturday morning. (quick story - you know how I always talk about having neck issues? Well, I'm finally taking it seriously and seeing a doctor, and making changes - so here I sit at my "new" desk in the living room since working/blogging at the kitchen table was doing bad things to my body) And for those appointments, you really do need to wear pants. And it wasn't going to be hot, so I thought "hey, let's pull out the white jeans!"

I do miss the white jeans...although we are supposed to have highs in the low 70's this week, so I will be able to bring them out again. And, like I said, dark things on top on my brain, so I pulled out my navy bf tissue tee. I always love a bf tissues tee - I feel like I've hardly worn them lately since I've been so sundressed out. Hello, old friend!

Fiinish off with pinky accessories - pink peeptoe Clarks (which gouged out the skin on my heel when I walked Lucy), fireball necklace, rope rose-gold bracelet, and the omnipresent Dina hoops. Loving my Suzi Skis polish with the outfit, too.

Polyvore early Saturday:

Speaking of walking Lucy...later in the day, in the early afternoon, I took Lucy on another nice walk. Walked puppy = happy puppy = happy owners. (I did change shoes first though, since I didn't want to lose the skin on the other heel - seriously, it was so uncomfortable that I quit the earlier walk part way through and walked home barefoot.)
But I was finally forced to cry uncle and submit to the humidity. It was just way too hot and humid to keep wearing jeans, even white jeans. The air was so thick, it was insane. So I kept to the navy/pink theme, and swapped out to the dressy jersey strapless dress with the blush Danielles. Wise decision, my friends, very wise.

I also immediately came in from the walk, turned on the A/C and bumped it down to 75 degrees. And I *never* turn down the A/C - in fact, I try to put off turning it on as long as possible. But I was dying!!! As soon as I changed, I was a happy girl. So happy that I threw a white cable cardi in my bag in case I needed it while we were out at dinner (which I did, since I usually freeze everywhere).

Polyvore later on Saturday:

Bangs are back...happy me.


dinagideon said...

Ooh! I get to be first (it has been a long time since I have been able to say that)!

First, love bangs on look so young...GORGEOUS!

Also, the outfits just make you look so nice and slender. Score!!!

It was CRAZY yucky humid on Saturday...we could "see" the air here in our lovely swamp, cough, cough, I mean, our lovely nation's capital. ;)

BTW, I want a vertical leap like Lucy's. That is very cool...

Patina said...

I can only imagine how Lucy landed on top of your table...scary, lol. Animals do the darnest things. Gorgeous outits and you look stunning as always.

monogramgirl said...

I love you with the have gorgeous hair. Great outfits. I hope the chiro appreciates your shnazzy outfits as much as we do!

gigiofca said...

Lucy on the table is funny, I have to say. Your bangs came out great. You want to still be able to see, right? ;-)

Kathy said...

1. Whenever I hear of anyone trimming their own bangs I say "NO"! I have been scarred for life when I trimmed my own bangs the day before my junior of HS. I did not leave them longer than I thought they should be. They were wet, my hair is curly and by the time I was finished one side was correct but the other side was too short and I had cut much further in than I should have. Crooked and short with one ear showing more than the HS! The horror!

2.Great outfits. I do like the dark on top,light on the bottom. I also like that you are incorporating the greys already!

3. If we don't remove the steps to the hot tub each time we use it, Daisy is up there surveying the yard! She gets so mad when we take those steps away. Her next choice is the top of the table on the deck. She just lounges on these things as if they are her throne!

Chasing Davies said...

Love the bangs!! SOOOO cute - great look.

Only The Good Stuff said...

Love it all; the bangs, the looks, everything!

Pamela said...

You look great with the shorter bangs and long side swept bangs! I wish I could pull out my dressy jersey strapless dress again! It was CHILLY WILLY here in Wisconsin. I'm fearful the dress may not see the light of day again for many months!

DaniBP said...

You are very skilled at bang-cutting, they look so great!
Likey the outfits!

Anonymous said...

Yep--BANGS are better for you!!! I just told my Mom the same thing as she was thinking about growing her bangs out!--and ohhhh....I miss walking my dog...but am on the verge of getting a new puppy!!!
Be careful with the chiropracter--I've heard some bad stories on that.

HeidiG said...

dina - thank you! I always feel younger when I have bangs. And you are welcome to jump on my patio table anytime. :)

Patina - thank you! I can well imagine how she got up there - she hopped. Is there part NBA player in Labradoodles?

monogramgirl - thank you! I don't think the chiro cares, but my outfits make me happy...right up until I am sweating from the humidity, that is...

Gigi - thanks! (and glad to amuse you)

Kathy - Yikes, thanks, and hahahahaha.

Chasing Davies & Only The Good Stuff - thank you!!

Pamela - this may be my last wearing, but I am trying to figure out if I can stretch it until fall. Stay tuned...

DaniBP - thank you!

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you! I will be careful about the chiro - hubby has seen this one and he came highly recommended. new puppy? can't wait to hear - I know how much you miss Henry.

C said...

about the dog/table problem....after I adopted a previous dog, I kept finding the place mat on the (spindly, wicker-based, glass-topped) table to be crooked...."Did I really leave it that way?" I would ask myself. Then one morning I forgot something, rushed back inside, and what was on the little fragile table? 45 lb dog looking for crumbs. At least it wasn't me leaving the place mat un-straightened... :(

HeidiG said...

C - that is too funny. It appears that Lucy only jumps for friends and toys at this point. But I haven't caught her doing it again...yet.