Monday, August 31, 2009

Flats Fun at Target

Let me start by telling you about these way cute little shoes I got for E last spring from Target.

Girls' Xhilaration Flora Ballet Flats ($12.99) Adorable. And they literally go with *everything*. E had a pair last spring that she lived in. And I got her another pair this fall because, yeah, like I said, they work with everything in her closet. Did I mention how darn cute they are on her? And I've always kinda thought, hmmm, I wish they made this exact shoe in my size because it would be oh-so-versatile. Love the color, especially - that pewter is fantastic.
So, lo and behold, what did I spy with my little eye when as I wandered the Target shoes aisles today?

Why, it's the "grown-up" version of E's cute little flats. Mossimo Vlasta Snip Toe Flats ($24.99) So to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, I did get a pair. They fit very TTS - I got a 9, not too wide, not too narrow. Love this!!

As I continued to stroll along the shoe aisles (did I mention the kiddies are back at school? first solo trip to Target in weeks)...I looked for those cute purples suede flats I posted on a few weeks ago. Not in my size, of course, (guess I'll have to go with the Steve Maddens instead, darn it), but I did see my size in Mossimo Odell Ballet Flats in the cheetah print ($12.99).
Narrow feet, stay away! It is definitely meant for those of us with the fat feet. And I sized up to 9 1/2 because the 9 felt a bit short (which never happens). That 9 1/2 does feel a bit wide, even for me, but I am hoping that an insole will make it work. For $13, I don't mind doing a little work to it.

A good start to fall, I think.


dinagideon said...

Fat feet...omg, you are so freaking funny!

:) BTW, I got the e-mail about the cute animal print shoes and I SO want to check them out, just have not had the time yet! Will soon...

You and E. get to match...I love it! That's awesome!

Patina said...

cute shoes. i can't wait to see them IRL.

Cate said...

i actually have those in purple, i thought they ran big! i got an 8 and i usually wear an 8.5 lol. love the cheetah print!

ashley said...

i love target! im gonna check out the flats tomorrow! :)

Kathy said...

I still have one more week before I am alone in the house for at least a little bit of the day!

Seashell has her eye on the animal print shoes, thanks for the post! We do still have one more week to shop for her. I won't let her wear any of her new things until school and it has the positive affect of her looking forward to school. She loves school! Now that is a future teacher.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I've seen these flats at my Target, too. Great finds and I also love that you and E. are going to match! :) Have a great day!

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

I like those snip toes! thanks for the review - my feet are a little wide so that is good to know!

tld51371 said...

Thanks for the tip about the wide shoes. I can't usually cram my feet in J Crew's shoes so anytime I hear that the shoe is wide foot friendly I have to have it.

Anonymous said...

hey! I have those cheetahs! got em last week. i have a long skinny foot and bought my true size. they look super wide b.c tthe sides bulge out til you put them on - i think all the extra on the side stretches forward and allows me get my foot into my reg size. you are prob right- a wide foot would not allow that and you would have to size up. they ARE comfy adn that is usually hard for my to say from target shoes. (i have weird feet)love your blog- also, where did you buy those plastic envelope things for your purse that you blogged on awhile back? been looking everywhere but can't find- great idea!

HeidiG said...

dina - go ahead and laugh, ms. skinny feet.

Patina - thank you!

Cate - I think it's about the weirdly shaped feet we all have and how different shoes fit us differently - it was short in the toes on me but pelnty wide - then again, who knows with Target sizing???

ashley - good luck!

kathy - new clothes as motivation for school? I like that.

FFM - E noticed how similar the shoes are and she loves it, too.

Sweet Tea - I think you will like the snip toes a lot.

tld51371 - haha, yep, totally know that cramming the toes in feeling.

Anon@10:44 - thank you! I am very sorry to say that Target doesn't seem to be carrying those envelopes anymore! And some of mine need to be replaced. My next step is to check office supply stores, then Walmart, then just search online. No doubt I will post when I find them. Let me know if you see them somewhere in the interim!

Suburban Princess said...

I love the leopard shoes! Very cute!