Monday, August 10, 2009

The Nail Files - August Update # 2, and Outfit of the Day tossed in, too

With my last Nail Files post I mentioned that I had my fab friend Sherry on a Dior polish mission at Nordstrom. And she delivered. And oh yeah, I think I am in love with this polish. Behold, Dior Lemon Balm #703. It is available exclusively at Nordstrom and it is quite possibly the most perfect color (for me) I have ever seen. I love that it's darker and moodier, but not almost-black. It's a shimmery, plum-y, taupe-y confection and um, I actually can't stop staring at my toes. (Fab friend Sherry borrowed it on the way to her pedi tonight, and it's totally fab on her, too.) Here's my picture of it:

Trust me, it's way more gorgeous in person. If you want to see fantastic swatches, check out - she is a polish genius, and also a polish-photographing whiz. And her blog is my go-to, 1st stop source on all matters nail-related.

Can't wait to toss it on my fingers as well (currently sporting OPI At First Sight), but I'm not quite mentally ready for dark fingers yet. Give me another week, hehehe. Of course, I still have to IRL test OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow and Essie Chinchilly. But that likely won't happen until this peels off my toes.

And here's my you've-already-seen-it outfit for the day. Black knit dress from ATL, black sandals, simple stud earrings. But I added the new Cocteau tote and the spring daisy Jackie to freshen it up and loved them with it....but I just didn't get them in the picture. One of these days I'll actually take pics with bags and cardis and all that to show you that it does get more interesting...just not today.

It was 97 degrees here today, with a heat index above 100, so it was perfect for an easy knit sundress. We picked up Lucy at the kennel this morning and she always sheds upon coming home, so a black outfit was the right choice. And E had her 7-year check up today (she grew 4 inches this year!), so a cardi was a must as well.

I have to say that I am really loving this spring daisy shade. I feel like it makes everything look a little fresher and more interesting since it's an unusual shade of yellow. I will probably look like death in it in the middle of winter...but I'll be wearing way heavier sweaters then, so no worries! And I am also love love loving the Cocteau tote. I highly recommend. The laminated canvas is just plain fun. (anyone seen a good pic for Polyvore, by the way?)

Polyvore for today:

Wearing Today-8/10/09
Wearing Today-8/10/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

In other news, if you are in the DC area and haven't actually checked out 3-Penny Princess' posts on the next DC JCA Private Shopping Event at Tysons on Sunday, 8/23, and Diana P's Fab Jewelry Trunk Show 8/22 & 23, get thee to her blog to check it out. Would love to see everyone there!!


dinagideon said...

I love the pedi! I want to try that color when my kids get is fabulous.

I also love how simple and chic you look today...perfect for the exhaustive heat!

Talk soon...

HeidiG said...

Dina - Thank you! (and don't shoot me when you see the comment I just left on your latest post...)

Summerilla said...

Yay! I just love when I get on blogger and see posts from you! Hope you had a great time at the beach with the family.

It is so HOT here. It's finally feeling like summer, we've had it so nice and I want the cooler weather back already!! This heat gives me a headache. The simple summer dress is perfect for this weather.

I can't wait until JCA weekend! Are you planning on going to the jewelry show saturday or sunday? I'd like to make sure I go the same time as you and Dina do!

Lula Mae said...

I love your pedi too!!! And Dior polish is my fav, I swear by it!

dinagideon said...

Hahahahahahahaha...I am so glad you wrote the joke...was waiting for it in fact. ;)

I will be going to the JCA event at tyson's but am not 100% sure about Diana P.'s thing because of CW...but maybe I can swing home in between the events...

mrs.anketell said...

I LOVE that nail color!!! Perfect for fall toes (like you, not ready for dark polish on the nails yet!!) thanks for this post and loving your summer outfits!!!!

Lissa said...

oh i love that fingernail polish color! I just might have to get some!

Patina said...

Oh my, how i love that polish!!! it looks fab on you. *putting on my wishlist* as I type. Thanks for sharing it with us.I agree with Dina..your outfit is perfect. You look beautiful.

Mommy Pastrami said...

I just found your blog through Sweet Tea in Seattle, and I LOVE it!! I adore nail polish and think your blog is so much fun!!

The polish in this post is awesome!

HeidiG said...

Summerilla - the beach was fantastic - planning to post some more beach info tomorrow. I agree on the heat headache - ugh! Tomorrow is supposed to be much better, though. If I go to Diana's trunk show, it will be after the JCA event on Sunday (can't justify 2 trips down to VA to shop in 1 weekend). But it's a little up in the air (how much money can you spend in 1 weekend?) I do really want to go b/c her stuff is so fab. We'll see.

Lula Mae - thank you! this is my 1st Dior polish, and I understand why you love it - application & formula were great!

Dina - still giggling here, orange you glad I commented on your post?

mrs.anketell - thank you! Can't decide when I am ready to go with dark tips again - maybe after Labor Day?

Lissa - you should - it would be gorgeous on you!

Patina - thank you! That polish is a gorgeous color, I was staring at my toes again today at work. So sad.

Mommy Pastrami - thank you for your sweet comments, and thank you for visiting! I love Sweet Tea's blog!

snaphappy said...

OMG, LOVE that color! Sherry had told me she used it, too. I'll see her tomorrow and check it out IRL!

I'm probably going to stick with my stand-by Lincoln Park After Dark at my pedi tomorrow!

Jcrewcrazy said...

Wow! That nail polish reminds me of the one I have sitting in my bathroom cabinet - Chanel's Cosmic Plum. Great pedi and shade!

Slastena said...

Heidi- gorgeous tan!:) Love the polish- dark and brooding. Incidentally, I prefer my men same way, lol!:)))

HeidiG said...

snaphappy - it is gorgeous on Sherry, too! LPAD is such a classic, though, you can't go wrong.

Jcrewcrazy - thank you! I bet the Chanel one is gorgeous, too.

Slastena - thank you! Just how you like your men, hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

WOWOWOW--I ADORE the Dior Lemon Balm--super find and thanks for sharing!

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - this is SUCH a you color, with your love of purple. I can totally see you rocking this polish.