Saturday, October 24, 2009

Heidi's Beauty Bag - Mascara Report

You all know I love mascara...and I am always looking for a newer, better, more perfect option. So here are a few options I have tried out lately. And I give them all good marks, too.

1) Maybelline Pulse Perfection ($12.99 at Ulta). Ok, I actually did not try this one out in person, having tried and been rather disappointed with Estee Lauder's and Lancome's "vibrating" mascara's. (Or as my fab friend Sherry calls them "mascara with benefits", hehehe.) However, bus stop & blog buddy, snaphappy tried it and swears by it. I'll be honest - my whole issue with the vibrating mascaras is just my own impatience - I feel like it takes too long and I can swipe the wand through my lashes in half the time (swipe swipe swipe wiggle wiggle done - repeat on other eye). But...if you are a fan of the pulsars, try it out, or you haven't tried them, this is a good way to start.

2) Cover Girl Lash Blast Length ($7.79 at I tried the regular Lash Blast when it came out (how cute is the big orange tube?) but the large handle on the wand just felt awkward. This one, however, I really liked. Wand is great - no clumping. It's a perfect everyday mascara. Very good length and some volume. Not a rock star look, but not everyone is looking for that.

3) L'Oreal Telescopie Explosion Mascara ($8.99 at Ulta). Seriously check out that wand. I first fell in love with that wand when Givenchy came out with their Phenomen'Eyes mascara last year - but on me, the formula was too wet and I felt like the mascara never dried and my lashes were kinda gummy. Then again, to be fair, it was August, which may not be the best time to try out a new mascara, but I still returned it. However, the brush was fab! It gets every single little lash. So I figured I would just wait until someone else came out with a similar wand. And here we are, slightly more than a year later, and L'Oreal does. Really like this mascara - it does grab every single lash. My concern about the wand was that the little mace-like tip would take forever to coat the lashes (see comment above in #1). But it really doesn't take any more time. So, 2 thumbs up for this one. Nice length & volume, minimal smudging.

4) Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara ($22). Love this. Love love love. Really truly love. Ok, I probably wouldn't have actually purchased #2 & #3 (at Walmart) if I realized the BB one would be out this soon. And I've sorta abandoned them for this one. I didn't love their Perfectly Defined mascara, that came out this summer - like the Givenchy above, it was too wet for me - it took forever to dry on my lashes and I always ended up with the little tiny black dots all over my eyes - ugh, what a mess! But the Extreme Party Mascara...first of all, how can you not love the name? In terms of application, no clumping, great length & volume with not a ton of effort. But the reason it's called "extreme party" is that formula is supposed to stay flexible so that you can reapply whenever - including hours later on your way out to a party! And guess what? So true!

I can put this on in the morning and then add another coat later in the evening and my lashes just look better and better! And I haven't had any smudging with this either. I can't believe I am about to type these words, but I do believe this works better than my beloved YSL Faux Cils, especially because you can reapply later. The timing of this release is perfect, especially with all the holiday parties coming up in the next few months.

I do realize the irony of my typing about party mascara on a Saturday night at 10:00 pm as I sit here watching Rachel Zoe in my sweaters, hehehe, but what can I say - hubby out of town (bachelor party in Vegas), so I'm not a bachelorette myself, I'm a single mother this weekend. Fortunately, 1 soccer game was cancelled this afternoon due to the monsoon, so we had a quiet afternoon/evening - which is good since tomorrow is going to be CUH-RAZY! Many props to anyone who can do this, and I'm not trying to be flip here, I promise - I am exhausted. Of course, it's my own fault because after I caught up on Project Runway last night, instead of going to bed like I should have, I was sucked into watching The Negotiator with Samuel Jackson and Kevin Spacey. Have you all seen that? Love love love that movie - both actors are just fantastic on their own - but together...AMAAAAAZING. It gets me every time.

So tell me about your fave mascaras. I know GingerSnap loves her L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes and yogagirl is nuts about her Lorac.


Ema said...

Nice to have some company on a Saturday night, my husband left for a business trip to Rio (nothing less) and will then spend Halloween in Vegas!!! So jalous...
Anyway, re. the mascara my all-time favorite is Definicils by Lancome (the last that I've tried is Diorshow but too much clumping for me), especially because it came in a khaki color that was perfect on my eyes (but I can't find it any longer). I will definitively try the Bobby Brown, the fact that you can reapply sounds like a nice feature.

mrs.anketell said...

Yay, nice to have company on a Sat. night, agreeing with Ema!! My hubby is out of town for work and it was me and my little two and a half year old boy all weekend!! I too, am a fan of Dior Show Mascara, like Ema, but it is kinda clumpy. I also like Maybellien Great Lash, a long time classic. May have to check out the Bobbi Brown!!!

Cleo26 said...

Heidi, YSL faux cils is my favorite, followed by Diorshow. Actually, i like to use them together, but when i choose only one, it's YSL.

My mascara routine consists of Sheido primer, followed by YSL, and if i have it, Diorshow. I'll have the try the Bobbi Brown.

Anyone tried Latisse, eyelash extensions or, dare i ask, faux eyelashes? :) I haven't but am reading a lot about Latisse.

Pamela said...

I'm loving Lashblast Mascara by Covergirl. I really want to try the Bobbi Brown mascara now. I was just at the mall, oh well-guess this calls for another trip! :)
My lashes are redish brown and very light so I'm always looking for ways to make them stand out. I wanted to try Diorshow but hear good and bad reviews. I guess I just have to try it for myself and see what I think.

DaniBP said...

Thanks for the mascara review, HeidiG! I am hopeless at buying makeup, I think right now my only mascara is a little sample that came in a free gift bag from Clinique. That's just sad, isn't it?
I am going to buy the Bobbi Brown. I love the name too. EXTREME PARTY! Yay! hehe

Suburban Princess said...

I love my L'Oreal but I will try the BB one now!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute post--esp. the comment your friend Sherry made about the vibrating mascaras!!! LOL
I use(3 + years) and am quite happy w/ LORAC Black Mascara.

Jemma Ruby said...

I swear by Mabellyne great lash, for me that works really well. I did try the vibrating maybelling kind and it does work, but it is a bit of a pain and way too expensive for how much it needs replaced. I also tried mabellyne XXL with one side white and the other side blac- that also works well but too mcuh of a pain for my morning routine!

Anonymous said...

Heidi - This is totally unrelated to your mascara post - but thank for the tip - always searching for best mascara. I love seeing your items on Polyvore because you have a good eye, and always pick such versatile things. What are you going to wear that blue skirt with? It's cute - and I love the sale price - but could not figure how to wear it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

This is your friendly fit model posting...just wondering if you had tried on the pleated posy top? What size you would rec. Not sure about my usually 8 or to go with a size 6 like I have in my garland cami. I wear an 8 in the Francis but no store close by....unsure. I did get measurements from CS but still not sure either. Thanks a bunch.

Summerilla said...

I definitely want to try the Bobbi Brown. I've been using Dior forever and love it but I'm willing to try something new.
Did you ever get to Neiman to use that coupon - if so what did you get?

HeidiG said...

Ema - Rio & Vegas? ouch. My sister used to be a huge fan of Definicils - and as many mascaras as I have tried, I have never actually tried that one.

mrs.anketell - I picked up DiorShow once, but as soon as I smelled it, I put it back - I just can't do any kind of "rose" smell - I got a very sensitive nose way back when pregnant and it stuck!

Cleo26 - so that routine explains your gorgeous eyelashes, ok. I have heard that the eyelash extensions are just fab, but I hate to commit to something like that and then have to keep it up. I am curious about Latisse, and would love to hear feedback from anyone about it.

Pamela - you'll have to go to mall *again*? oh darn. :)

DaniBP - Party on!!

Suburban Princess - hope you like it!

yogagirl - I know, you love your LORAC!!

Jemma Ruby - I tried the L'Oreal tubing double-sided (the one that GingerSnap loves) and it's great, but it just took too much time to do both sides some mornings - I like my swipe, swipe, swipe, wiggle, wiggle routine. and I am lazy. :)

Anon @ 1:17 - TY! I need to wait to see exactly what the color looks like and how the fit is IRL, but literally the first outfit that came to mind was black turtleneck, tights, & flats/boots/heels with some sparkly jewelry for Xmas Eve. Also with a white button up shirt, maybe a gray Michelle cardi, tights. In warmer weather, just a simple boyfried tee and sandals. I think it could be a fun 4-season piece. In terms of colors that would work with it, I think bright citron would be gorgeous. But I'll have to experiment when it comes (tuesday) assuming it works. You're right - it is such a good deal now!! And as A Bigger Closet pointed out (who inspired me to order it), it's lined - yay.

Anon@2:16 - Hello fit model! :) I haven't tried it on, sorry. But it store it looked like it could be on the boxy side. Gigi's post on the top said it seemed to run TTS or a bit larger. HTH!

Summerilla - OOPS! that's what I forgot to mention - this is what I got at NM with the coupon - but oh, they were jerkies there - I didn't realize until she was ready to ring me up that the $50 was off 1 item, not total purchase (contrary to what the coupon actually said) so I got the mascara for free, but had to pay for the other 2 items - which is ok b/c they suck and I'm taking those 2 things back this week. the SA said that there was nothing she could do and no one who could change it b/c the registers were set up that way. And I didn't have the time to argue b/c I had to leave to get back home for the bus stop. So PO-ed at NM. I will not shop there for cosmetics again. The previous time I was looking for BB at that mall I went to Saks and the woman helping me was so nice and so helpful.

Anonymous said...

Heidi - Thanks re: the skirt and what to wear. ? -- how do j.crew sizes run in skirts - I've found them fairly consistent in pants. So, if I'm a 6 in shorts, pants, would the skirt be a 6? Thanks!

HeidiG said...

Anon - I would guess probably a 6 in the skirt, too. Since the price was low and I have a B&M where I can return easily, I got sizes 8 & 10 and plan to return 1. I wear an 8 in JC pants, but took a 10 in the charmeuse pencil skirt, so I wanted to have options. My personal sizing with skirts depends on the cut. I usually take an 8, and that charmeuse one may have been out of whack since it was unlined charmeuse and I wanted it loose enough to not have to wear a slip or spanx.

Summerilla said...

Really?! Shame on you Neiman Marcus!! I would have been say angry - the coupon said NOTHING about only off one purchase. How LAME. I bet they had a lot of unhappy customers that day.

Patina said...

I swear by Mac's lash primer followed by their Zoom Lash. Honestly, it's the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the 6 in the posey top. Gigi got back to me and said-- in essence- better to have it a bit fitted than blousey b/c of all the flowers, etc. Thanks for you help as well.

Did you try the Francis or have the garland from the summer? If so, what size did you get in them?

HeidiG said...

Anon - glad Gigi could help. I got the Frances in an 8 and I didn't get the garland top, but I tried it in an 8 and it fit fine (but that was before I lost weight).

Jillian, Inc said...

Seems I am always on the lookout for *the perfect* mascara and right now I love Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I have also recently discovered the beauty of using a lash primer first. Helps mascara wear longer and better and also helps keep lashed curled. I have used both Lancome and Clinique primers and prefer Lancome.

HeidiG said...

Jillian, Inc - I know you are right about the lash primers but I am just too lazy to use them on a regular basis. Maybe I should start, though. I tried the Lash Stiletto - loved the inky blackness and the length & definition, but it didn't give anything in the way of volume (I guess that's what the lash primer is for, right?)