Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Cardi Party?

Must be the today, I inspired myself. (nice going self). Ok, actually I just completely copied a look from almost 3 weeks ago - 10/6/09. As I wrote on my Polyvore, "Wishing I could get an IRL pic but camera is in trunk of hubby's car. Sure I'll be wearing this again, though... So comfy and way cute (IMO)." I literally wore the exact same outfit today. And enjoyed it just as much.

Michele cardi in Beechwood from last year (M), the ubiquitous white tissue bf vneck tee (M) - which is about to get some competition because I just ordered my 2nd open crewneck painter tee in white, and Minnies in coal (8). Plus twisted crystal necklace, its mate from BR that has dangling crystals every inch, Dina hoops, and the crystal shapes bracelet. Speaking of which, did you enter my giveaway for that bracelet? (Not the one I'm wearing, of course, duh.) Deadline is end of the day tomorrow! I love the neutral combo of coal and beechwood with the white tee to crisp it up. When it gets colder, out come the boots, a long sleeve white tee, and maybe a scarf. And Rosa & Gingersnap - just pretend I'm wearing JC toothpicks, ok?

Polyvore from 10/6/09 - and today (seriously, it's exactly the same - I think I need to switch up accessories next time):

10/6/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Saturday...skip - hubby out of town, not enough sleep, soccer games, Target, rain, etc = Jaspe sweatshirt + jeans + pink rain boots. Not a cardi and definitely not photo-worthy.

Moving right along backwards...Friday - oops, disqualified, not a for another post.

Thursday - Nice day - just beautiful. Jackie in spring daisy (M), white ON tank (L, and too big as it keeps stretching out - but their M's are too tight at the hem, need to find another white tank source), and Chicos boyfriend jeans. What else? Confetti necklace, FA07 dog charm bracelet, and cuff link earrings. Done.

Polyvore from Thursday:

10/22/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Wednesday - bad pics, but great outfit. Need a re-do - which I'm sure will happen as you know I repeat my outfits...often.

Tuesday - Home with sick M and infected Lucy. But at least I tried...This outfit did not photograph that well, but I really loved it in person. Maybe better accessories next time, like my red patent peep toe flats? Tissue stripe flora tee with my charcoal BR Michele-cardi-copy and Chicos slim leg jeans. I really liked the navy-charcoal combo - it might have worked better in the IRL pic with better lighting. Or chunkier necklace action. And I will once again sing the praises for the striped tee - so comfy, so cute, total winner for me. (unless you have a really short torso, and then I'm sorry)

Polyvore from Tuesday:

10/20/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Cardi party rocking on... (and don't forget to enter my giveaway)


Patina said...

Hi Heidi. I love all your outfits. I hope M and Lucy are beginning to feel better. I love your Jackie in spring daisy. it's the perfect compliment with your charm bracelet, which I adore. You have sold me on the boyfriend vneck tee in white. I have them in multiples, because I literally could wear a white one everyday and switch up the cardigan. The runner up to it would be my imperial tee. Thanks for letting me know about the target pearl necklace, but I don't have the will power to walk into target and only get the pearl necklace lol. I know i would get those cute flats and other things that everyone has been blogging about. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I like your outfits Heidi, the stripe tissue tee looks good on you!

Hill said...

I love putting a white tee under darker tones.. Some might disagree and say it's too many colors, but I love the look!

I get my basic white tanks at American Eagle. They will get a hole in them eventually, but it takes quite a few months, and by then, I want to freshen up with some new ones anyways.

Also, Express has good white tanks with shelf bras in them.. Shorter, but I like the shelf with certain outfits.

I need to enter your giveaway!

dinagideon said...

Golly, I LOVE you in that spring daisy cardi. MY FAVE on you...

The striped tee is beautiful on you...I cannot wait till I can show off how I styled it...

Give E and M a hello from us...I am so glad to hear they are better...poor kids. It is ROUGH to be sick, especially when you are so young, time drags so slowly when you are sick and that age!

mrs.anketell said...

love ALL outfits, esp. the Michelle in Beechwood,haha, we love that, don't we??!! I also love the striped shirt outfit.......and, the fact that you used the word "ubiquitous"--my favorite word!!

DaniBP said...

Great outfits, as usual, and I love your Polyvore's! I second Dina on the spring daisy cardi, so pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

OK, pretending those awesome minnies are toothpicks...the outfits are great and look super comfortable. I love the Jackie cardi. If I could have them in every possible color, I would.
And the stripe tee looks so chic and french!

HeidiG said...

Patina - thank you! M is all good except for a nagging cough. Lucy goes to the vet tomorrow so hopefully we will be done with the cone of shame - I know I am certainly done with it and so is Lucy! Glad you know your constraints WRT Target. :) Want me to pick one up for you before 11/5 if I can? (are we will on for that?) I tried on the Frye twins and they were a little restrictive in the bunion area, so that was a good excuse to leave them there. And I am so digging both pairs of my riding boots with the Minnies & Chicos slim jeanss, so haven't felt the need to venture further than that - if anything, I want a bootie with a heel - I have it pictured in my mine but haven't found it yet - haven't started looking, either, though.

casual-crew - thank you!

Hill - Thanks! I will definitely check out AE & Express for tanks!!

dinagideon - I love the spring daisy, too - wish JC offered it in more items!! Can't wait to see the striped tee on you - did you make Vanessa proud?

mrs.anketell - so glad I could brighten your day - I thought you would appreciate our beechwood Michelle!

DaniBP - thank you!

Rosa - that's right - visualize, visualize, visualize. :)

gigiofca said...

I love outfit #2 w/the yellow cardi. Red flats would look so cute w/outfit#3. I've been in search of the perfect-for-me-pair.

You look great :-)

Summerilla said...

I love your cardi outfits! I especially love the yellow cardi, you look so beautiful in yellow!!

I still need to get that striped tee!! I was going to buy the gray one the last time I was shopping but they were sold out in my size. I really hope I didn't miss out on these!

GingerSnap said...

Omg Heidi! I love that you are having a cardi party! And I totally CANNOT pretend those are toothpicks and not minnies!

Do you want to know how bad I am? I have such Minnie-envy that I went to jc this weekend and tried them on again " just to make sure " - they still didn't fit :( I think I am sadder than ever over it! :::sobs::: Why?!?!

In Honor of Design said...

I am loving your blog girl! So happy to find it. Will look forward to your posts!!
:) Anna

Woobie said...

What do you mean the Tuesday outfit didn't photograph well?? It looks ADORABLE. I also love the daisy jackie on you. BTW- entering for giveaway doesn't count for shopping does it LOL?

ashley said...

gotta love cardigans! :)

Ann said...

Heidi-you look terrific in these outfits! I may be copying some soon (as well as I can, anyway).

Anonymous said...

I love the dog charm bracelet! I see there is a beagle from the photo:)

HeidiG said...

gigi - thank you! ah, the elusive red flat. I am on the hunt for replacements for my brown and black flats - but I keep thinking I'll just stumble upon them one of these days....(I know, not gonna happen)

Summerilla - You do need to get that striped tee.

GingerSnap - sorry... :)

In Honor of Design - thank you for visiting!

Woobie - no, it was the Wednesday outfit that didn't photograph well (and it was a cute outfit, so I will look more closely at it next time I wear it). Tuesday photo-ed fine, so it was included. Wed got deleted fast. (and yes, entering gieaways is fine - as long as it doesn't become an obsessive hobby)

ashley - Yep! :)

Ann - copy away! that's one of the reasons we all read blogs, right?

Anon - thanks! I really enjoy it b/c it's chunky, but not as sparkly. Yes, there is a quite handsome beagle on one of the charms.