Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cream for Cold Weather

I'm talking about the *color* cream, not the milk-based product - which, I think, pretty much works year-round. Cold weather always inspires me to wear these warm shades of white. They just feel cozier. Autumn definitely feels like it has arrived!

Yesterday - yep, pulled out the cashmere for the first time this season. J Crew long sleeve cashmere tee. This is my dressy version of "I feel like hanging out in a sweatshirt." So comfy, not tight (but not too baggy). It just feels good. Layered with a cami or tank of course. Is it me, or do you just assume that you will need an underlayer when wearing light colors on top? Anyway, paired with new Chico's off-the-cuff boyfriend jeans, new cap toe ballet flats, and the classic confetti necklace.

It was a good day because I am now dropped down to chiro only once a week - and hopefully soon can phase out altogether. I will say that it has truly been a lifesaver. My neck and shoulders are better than they have been in several years.

Oh, and that's my new haircut with 2 inches lopped off the bottom. Love love love it. Do you like getting your hair trimmed? Not to go to Britney extremes, but I love the feeling of getting a good chunk hacked off at the ends. And of course, the beauty of hair is that it if you don't like it, just wait a bit for it to grow out.

Polyvore for yesterday:

Today, again, a nice good chill in the air, so I pulled out a new BR tee that I got yesterday (on sale for $19 in store). Love the gray and white stripes. Look at the way cute gathered cuff (below) - it's brilliant because you get plenty of length in the sleeves but it's not so long that it will drop in your soup. Fab! I definitely anticipate layering it with many sweaters this fall and winter.

And I've layered it with my BR cream sweater jacket from a couple of years ago. I love this sweater - the 60's-ish styling always makes me feel chic. The jacket is hard to photograph well, though. I love it in person, but the pics never turn out that great. And to finish out the outfit, since the tee is nice and long, I wore my gray Minnies and then added black ballet flats. Fun, comfy, and I felt great in it.

Polyvore for today (not the greatest since I had to sub both tops):


Suburban Princess said...

I love the first top!
You always look great!

Dont give up chiro altogether...I still go once a month just to keep my health up! It is good to get adjusted from time to time to keep everything where it should be :O)

jmpb said...

adorable! really like your br tee and the gathered cuffs, too cute!

Anonymous said...

I really like those flats, they look so Chanel.

Question: how are you liking the Metallic market tote? I really want the pink one, so I just wanted your opinion. Does it get scratched easily? Thanks

ashley said...

lol! i was wondering what cream it was! i thought you were going to mention a great moisturizer for fall/winter. but the cream shade is nice too! love both the outfits! that stripe tee is super cute! i want one!

Patina said...

i almost pulled out my cashmere henly in "cream" hahaha. great minds think alike. it's coming out and making it's debut this weekend. have a great night

Suzy said...

A for adorable! Yes, you guessed the nail polish color - Boy, you are GOOD! I couldn't remember it. I'm busy learning 160 new students names right now...always a challenge for me.

Chasing Davies said...

I have that BR long sleeve stripped shirt in the darker gray and charcoal - love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfits, and the tee. I wanted that tee but by the time I got around to buying it, it was sold out. I have seen so many versions of the grey and white stripe tee, it is so popular this Fall and you can wear it so many ways.

Also your haircut looks good, reminded me I have to call my hairdresser today for my much needed cut.

tastymoog said...

I almost always wear a tee or cami under sweaters, even dark ones! I just feel weird without that extra layer. Maybe it's just being from the northeast, I got used to needing that extra layer! :)

tastymoog said...

oh, and I love that 2nd outfit! It is very 60s chic, but still modern.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Chiropracters--there are alot of nightmare stories of "readjustments gone wrong." My Sister's best friend is one of them. Of course I am a FAN of YOGA and the stretching and adjusting/posture alignment--the awareness you get of your body...along with all the mental benefits are unmatchable!

dinagideon said...

Hi!!! (I actually have time to comment even though I am subbing--I think I might get more time to myself when I am not at home with the kids which is SHOCKING!) :) You aren't surprised are you?

I LOVE your new haircut...and my GOODNESS cream is so pretty with your skin tone and hair color. Amazing. :)

P.S. If you want to come to a yoga class with me sometime, I would love it!!! I go to yoga something like 2 or 3 times a week!

HeidiG said...

Suburban Princess - TY! Chiro advice duly noted - I have heard that's the way to go, to get down to once a month, and I will be very happy when I get there.

jmpb - TY!

Rosa - I do not have the Metallic market tote, it's my sub on PV for the laminated canvas Cocteau tote. But I recalls omeone mentionging on PV recently that it was the same fabric as maybe the Thompson tote?

ashley - TY!

Patina - oooh, I bet that's cozy!

Suzy - TY! And trust me, it was a very educated guess - LPAD is one their most classic colors.

Chasing Davies - I really wanted the black/tan one, but they didn't have my size, bummer. Isn't it so soft?

casual-crew - I just posted pics of the new JC striped tissue tee (that jpmb posted yesterday) that comes in gray & white. Another potential source.

tastymoog - nice to know I'm not the only one. it's such a habit to underlayer.

yogagirl - excellent advice, thank you, I will keep it in mind.

dinagideon - TY! And maybe I will try it out with you some time. :)

Summerilla said...

I love both of these outfits!! You look amazing in that cashmere sweater.

Love the new trimmed hair cut. I seriously need to get mine cut asap!! I'm just not sure what salons to trust in NYC and I especially don't want to go to one of those super expensive salons and pay a ridiculous amount.