Thursday, October 15, 2009

In The Navy...for Fall? Featuring J Crew Classic-Stripe Tissue Tee

I have been on a navy tear lately. Not sure why...I usually think of navy as the ultimate spring color. Maybe it's all the back-to-school-ness? Or maybe I've been feeling it because of the new fab J Crew Classic-Stripe Tissue Tee(#20019, $32.50)? It's one of the new arrivals at JC, has been in store for a couple of weeks and actually appeared online last night with the other new arrivals. (Yay for Polyvore clipping - although Dina's pic that I was using was pretty darn good, I must say, so props to her.)

What can I say about this tee? It's absolutely perfect. I have been looking for this tee for at least 2 years. First of all thanks to jmpb for first alerting me to the striped tissue tee and then taking pics (what a doll!). I believe I mentioned this before, but the very first one I tried on had the twisty-side seam thing going on, so make sure you try on before purchasing if possible! The 2nd & 3rd are just fine in terms of side seam. 2nd & 3rd? Oh yes...if you recall, I purchased this tee with 2 of the new sequin beaded tees (that I later returned). The SA put them all in the bag together, sans tissue. So when I went to put on my new fab striped tee, I had it on about 10 minutes when I noticed a small hole in the middle of the shirt around the belly button. Now, I'm an innie, so it wasn't that. It was from the sequins on one of the tees I got. But I was able to return/exchange without incident, thankfully - or I actually would have coughed up another $30 to get the tee, it's that perfect. But let it be a lesson in packing with sequins & beading...

Back to the tee. Love love love. Nice long length in the body & the sleeves. Fitted but not restricting. Fab neckline - nice scoop, with navy banding around to set it off. Classic. Simple. Perfect. Wow, I am blubbering - but this is probably my fave fall release item so far. Well, tied with the merino striped sweater and the Minnies. I took an M and there is still plenty of room in the midsection. And the stripes help camouflage and lumpiness - trust me, I always check for lumpies.

I wore the striped tee on Monday with jeans and the Atelier jacket. Plus the dangling crystal shapes bracelet and navy patent ballet flats. Later in the day, when I realized it was really cold, I swapped out the jacket for my navy Wellesley cable turtleneck (the antecedent of the Cambridge cable). Love the layered look with the stripes peeking out of cuff & hem. I also loved how this looked when I held it up to my charcoal and beechwood Michelles. Plan to wear lots this fall - maybe into winter if I get the right scarf. (Remember this at right from Glamour's JC fall preview?)

Polyvore from Monday:

More navy fun for fall...all lumped into 1 collage. See, I'm getting better at this - I saved it *with* text this time.

Tuesday was a perfect fall day. Really and truly. Sunny but with a crispness in the air that screams Autumn. This is my first Tissue Turtleneck from J Crew (#17656, $39.50). But I can promise you it won't be my last. I'll probably hold out for special pricing or a discount before I acquire more, but that will give me a chance to do a proper road test on this. Love the spicy olive color but I don't remember if they had that one in store. For a warmer day, this was a great top to layer with a cami, jeans, and some fab accessorizing. I kept it simple with my Hawthorn necklace from Anthro. It will be a great underlayer when it's colder.

Last Friday...maybe the last truly warm day for a while...pulled out the navy short sleeve cardi. I really hope JC has these again next spring because I will definitely stock up on some more. Such a great piece for the warm/cool days. I paired it with French Market tee and golden hickory cafe capris. I love how the capris pick up the gold in the tee.

Last pic...gosh, back in September...this is fun because I hardly even take pics with full outerwear. This is how you jazz up one of my standard outfits of navy vneck sweater and jeans. Add yellow jacket and olive scarf & sneakers. This was a soccer day outfit. Layers and warmth at the neck. I took the pic with jacket since I've worn that exact sweater/jeans combo a million times over - but it shows how much wear you can get out of a classic item. And I'm still not bored with it because it makes a fab backdrop for accessories.

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JennyMac said...

Love the striped tee under the black turtleneck. ANd the layouts you did are so smart. I will admit I have not been to JCrew in years...must make a return visit!

Love your work. Bravo.

jmpb said...

Wowza!! You look great in everything! OK, I'm running back to my B&M right now to get that striped tee! I've been trying to hold out but I love the way you've styled it, so many cute looks!

I tried on a tissue turtleneck for the first time and really liked it, I'd like to get the dark grey/charcoal color.

Love all your outfits but especially the last one with the beautiful yellow and scarf. So put together and chic! Thanks for all the great ideas!

ashley said...

okay i looove all of your outfits!! i've been too lazy to dress up. im really loving that stripe tee on you! i think that i might.... HAVE TO BUY IT!!! so versatile! thanks for the review/post!

ashley said...

and ps: i think im going to wear a black turtleneck today...sorry im gonna just flat out copy you! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the more I see that stripped tee the more I want it. I am planning a trip to JCrew this weekend so hopefully they still have them.

Love all the outfits, so chic!

HeidiG said...

JennyMac - TY! But I admit the turtle is actually superdark navy. But a black turtle would be a fun twist - I'll have to try that. (when I get one - I think I got rid of my last one, so it's on the list for fall purchasing).

jmpb - ah, you only have yourself to blame for posting the fab pic of the tee first!! :) I have a Gap turtle from a couple years ago in dark gray, or I would have gotten that one too. I think it will become a winter staple!

ashley - like I said, I do think the stripe tee is actually perfect. :) and it seems like a black turtle kind of day!

Rosa - you definitely need the striped tee. maybe we should all wear them for the next DC JCA outing! hehehehe. :)

Suburban Princess said...

Love the tee! You always do a great job of mixing and matching!

Summerilla said...

Love the striped tee. I meant to buy this but somehow along the way of trying things on I must have sat it down and forgot because it wasn't in my bag. :( I plan on getting one this weekend!!!

Love all the outfits, really love the last one from September with the yellow jacket and scarf.

GingerSnap said...

I love the striped tee! I have a version just like it from a couple of seasons ago. I literally wear it all the time and I'm sure you will love this one just as much!

jcmama said...

I have always loved JC's Tissue tees...they are oh so soft and thin. I do always manage to get a hole in the front near my pants buttons. I got the black/grey thin stripes tee last week. I may have to get more in different colors since I wear them a lot. I like how you styled all your outfits, very casual yet so put together.

Ann said...

Heidi, thanks for this post! I love all your navy-based outfits, especially the one with the atelier jacket. I have found myself drawn to navy this fall, only recent sweater purchases have been in that color. The striped tee would look great under those...hmmm...I now have my excuse to visit J Crew soon!!

Law and Fashion said...

I love navy too, it's such a fun neutral and looks good with so many colors! I'm so glad to hear that the tissue turtleneck is getting rave reviews from you. I just ordered my first one yesterday and I'm so eager for it to arrive :)

HeidiG said...

Suburban Princess - TY!

Summerilla - I can't believe you left that one out. Then again, I can - when we had the shopping event in August, there were at least 5 or 6 things I forgot to try on since there were 4 of us in the dressing room. :)

GingerSnap - you are so right, it's such a classic, isn't it?

jcmama - TY! I liked the black/gray striped one, too...may have to go back...

Ann - always happy to enable! :)

Law and Fashion - tissue turtle, yay! what color? hope you post pics on your blog!

DaniBP said...

I read your post and then rushed over to get the striped tee. Yay!
I am glad to hear you like the tissue turtleneck, if it is well made it is definitely a must have through the winter.
Thanks, HeidiG!

dinagideon said...

So I guess I was feeling spiritually connected to you and this post because I wore this tee today!!! :)

I agree it is fantastic...I have always adored J. Crew's tissue tees, and am happy to own another one.

BTW, I have had the side seam twisty thing before on a long-sleeved tissue tee...but on one from 2004 or so...I thought they were done with the twisty seams...bad J. Crew. ;)

Emily said...

I have also been on a navy binge. Oddly enough,navy is my favorite color to wear. After reading you post I am getting that striped tee. Looks great on you!

HeidiG said...

DaniBP - so glad you got the tee - hope you enjoy it! I'm already eyeing more colors of the tissue turtles as our days get wet & chilly here. :)

dina - too funny - spiritually connected through our JC tees, hehehe.

Emily - if you are digging navy lately, you *must* get this tee!

OneFashionistaDiva said...

I love the looks that you put together. you can sooo wear this tee in the fall. it will really look great with deep red patent flats or a patent bag.

HeidiG said...

OneFashionistaDiva - TY! I do think I will be wearing this tee a lot.