Friday, October 16, 2009

A "Skinny" Alternative

Ok, this post is not for you 00's out there and you girlies fit enough to majorly rock skinny jeans. Well, maybe some of you. But this is primarily directed at the "Skinny jeans? Me? Never!" population. As you know I have 1 pair of Crewlet matchsticks that I really like, but I have always had difficulty with the whole skinny jeans thing. (Important note - JC's Minnies are totally exempt from that because they are awesome and I love them and they are so much better than skinny jeans, at least to me, but I can't wear them *every* day. Speaking of which, I actually *gasp* machine-washed my Minnies today - will post on outcome soon.)

So...jeans...I have been a fan of Chicos jeans for a while. Not that I am hung up on numbers, but you have to admit that there is something cool about getting a size 0.5 or 1 in jeans when you are used to an 8 or 10, right? They have a new cut called the Slim Leg. So it's not quite "skinny." But definitely a long, lean line. The official name of this jean is Platinum Denim Slim Leg Jean ($69). I usually order my Chicos jeans online to get the Tall inseam of 35"(which, by the way, with Passport membership, meaning I've spent over $500 at the store lifetime, always gives me free shipping and 5% off purchases - take that, J Crew). I couldn't get these in Tall in my size in either of the 2 blue washes that I wanted so I finally went into the store and picked up a pair of 32" regulars to wear cuffed or tucked. (And I need jeans since mine from last fall/winter need to be hot-water-washed to shrink them each time I wear them because they really are too big.)

These make a great alternative to a skinny jean if you just aren't comfortable with the skinnies. Close fit, but not sausage-inducing, if you know what I mean. And they tuck into boots very easily as you can see from the pic below. Lots of different perspectives of the jeans below, including the oh-so-NOT-flattering dead-on pose, but I suppose it's helpful. Should have included a cuffed-with-heels pic, but eh, take what you can get.

The last pic is how I wore the jeans today, with the JC wool cardi from last fall - anyone remember the name of this one? Loved it last year. Love it this year. Can't wait to wear it again. The tee is an Open Crewneck Painter Tee (#17390, orig #29.50, curr $19.99 online, love the neckline) that I just got on sale + 20% off - yay. I think I may have to pick up a few more of these because the fit is great.

I liked the outfit with the boots (which would have been fab given all the rain we are having), but opted for the loafers since I spent most of the day running around the house and to the grocery store getting ready for hubby's family to visit this weekend. And loafers just work better than boots for that. Same logic for the jewelry - cuff link earrings and twisted rope rose gold bracelet. Some shine, but no dangly necklace to get in the way.

Polyvore for today:

10/16/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

So if you've been afraid to take on the skinnies...give these a try.

***Update - I forgot to include the Chicos discount (by the way - ALWAYS look up coupon codes for them online - they always have them) - Using code 6710, everything is 20% off through today (10/17). There's also a $10 off $50 code, 6654 through 10/25.

PS - (meant to do this last post) Huge thank you to snaphappy who showed me how to modify the html so that links open in a new window - you are awesome! XOXOXO


snaphappy said...

Thanks for the shout out! Happy to help! ;)

Suzy said...

Thanks, Heidi for the *skinny* jeans tip. As a 12 or 14 gal myself, I need all those tips I can find! I had ordered the Tory Birch skinny black pants (similar to JC Minnies) as those Minnies didn't fit me at all! I am a Chico's passport holder, and never quite understood why everytime I do go in there they say "the computer shows you have a $25.00 coupon and extra % off blah blah blah. I don't go there very often...but did spent quite a bit in one trip while on a business with my husband a few years ago. It was the only store near our hotel in Florida I knew, and the weather was MUCH hotter than predicted for March, so I needed to buy some clothes!

By the way - I have that sweater too!!! I never saw anyone mention it - don't you love it??? I almost pulled it out today for this first under 50 degree day all day in VA.

Have a great weekend, and thanks again for all the info!

GingerSnap said...

Great post. As you know, I am a fan of the skinnies - in fact I just ordered ANOTHER pair of the toothpicks from J.Crw - I am addicted!!! Sadly, those Minnie pants you love so much look like crud on me :( I want to love them, and you always pair them with such cute things...why don't they fit me!?!!?!? :::shakes fist at the heavens::: darn you minnie pants!

Ann said...

Thank you for the tips on this! Another that you and others might want to try: Loft's modern slim jeans. I am 5'6" and got the regular length, but they come in petite and tall also. They fit me better than any other pair of jeans I have right now and are not too expensive ($59.50 or $69.50, I forget which).

Lula Mae said...

CUTE :) Love your tips!

Anonymous said...

I love skinny jeans. I am addicted to the toothpick jeans from JCrew as well. The minnies just did not work out for me, I wanted to love them but it just did not happen. I am so jealous of your minnies because you always look so cute on them (I saw the navy blue ones today at the store).

Gingersnap: Did you order the toothpicks in the new color? Oh you gotta do a review as soon as you get them. I am dying to get them too.

melissamolasses said...

Is this your sweater?

Jemma Ruby said...

being a pear, skinny jeans for me need to be just perfect to be decent. They have to be more straight than skin tight and that is damn tough to find!!! I may just ordfers these from Chico's thanks for the tip and you look lovely as usual!! :-)

Jemma Ruby said...

have you tried the amore jeans by the way? what do you think?

HeidiG said...

snaphappy - you're welcome!

Suzy - I just posted the 2 latest codes on the original post - 20% everything through today (code 6710) or $10 off $50 purchase through 10/25 (code 6654). Today is another good day for "our" sweater, by the way if Richmond is anything like DC today.

GingerSnap - I know you love those skinnies, and they look fab on you. Sorry the Minnies don't work, but I imagine everything I pair with Minnies would be fab with the toothpicks too.

Ann - ah yes, the Loft jeans - Cloggsy of English Tea is a big fan of those. I will have to try them. Thanks!

LulaMae - TY!

Rosa - I think you and GingerSnap need to form a no-minnies-for-me support club. :) But you look so fab in everything else.

melissamolasses - yep, that's the sweater - but through the weirdness of either PV or J Crew, at least half the time, the PV name for JC items is totally off and I know it's not a Tartine or snow leopard. But thanks!!

Jemma Ruby - TY! These definitely fit the straight but not skintight requirement. No, I haven't tried Amore jeans...tell me more!

kate said...

Do the open crewneck tees run true to size (by the size chart)? Do they stretch out as you wear them? I do love the neckline.

dinagideon said...

Oh, I like your "front on" pose, but I get why you may prefer the others...I definitely have a side I prefer (left facing the camera) and I know that my front-ons are fine, but my perception is one of "Oh, my Goodness..."

You know I am a fan of the "skinny" look for ladies larger than a size 0 because sometimes showing off the junk in the trunk is a *good* thing. Thanks for your tips...I hope more people join the bandwagon. :)

BTW, guess who missed something today? Mr. Dina is FREAKING out. Yes, he is. And one more day of grey. SADNESS. But at least I get one more day of aqua blue on Friday (let me tell you the hassle to get that to happen...sigh). Sorry to be cryptic...but I know you know what I mean, however you can call me if you don't. Okay, now I am babbling and need to stop. :)

tastymoog said...

Nice jeans!

I am a big fan of Levi's 505 and 552. Both have a straight, slightly slim leg, but not too skinny. Plus, my size with them has been consistent, unlike with jcrew.

HeidiG said...

kate - I think it runs true to the fit of the other painter tees - does that help? A bit looser than the perfect tee, but much more fitted than the boyfriend tissue tees. I have only worn the tee once, but I did sleep in it (love to sleep in the soft JC tees) and it didn't seem to stretch much.

dinagideon - oh noooooo, I can only imagine the highjinks in your house today!! But apparently you had time to do some majorly gorgeous blog layout updating, so it was time well spent

tastymoog - thanks for the recommendation - I will try those Levis some time!

Elizabeth in MO said...

Thanks for the awesome tip on the Chico's jeans - I'm definitely going to have to check those out. I'm a 10 and have a few years on you - I just really can't do the J.Crew skinny jeans, so I'm very anxious to try these. I read your blog all the time, although seldom comment - LOVE your blog and your sense of style! Keep up the great work! THANKS!

Kathy said...

You look so good in the skinny pants! Jeans or minnies or cafe capris, they all look good on you. I love all the collages you are doing!

Anonymous said...

You are so right Heidi. Gingersnap and I need two support groups, one should be called (as you suggested) "no-minnies-for-me" and the other "addicted to toothpick jeans".

Anonymous said...

I like the skinny jeans look on people, I can only wear JC matchsticks and they are more straight leg than skinny, and they tend to stretch out to look baggy.

The Chico jeans look good on you, I checked them out and was pleased they ship to Canada, but they were sold out of my size.

gigiofca said...

You look so great in those! I love your outfits, esp the one w/the boots. Hawt!

Chasing Davies said...

wow - great find and suggestion - thanks! I might have to try those! :)

Love the way you wore them in your pictures - looks great in all.

izzyb said...

spend 500 and get free shipping, some of the other stores could take a lesson,does this include the lingerie area?

unforturnately although I am the target age group for Chicos the clothing doesnt call my name, but i will take a look at the jeans,

HeidiG said...

Elizabeth in MO - TY! Hope the jeans work for you, too!!

Kathy - TY! The collages are fun, but I'm still such a newbie at them - but a good way to show multiple pics without taking up lots of vertical space!

Rosa- enjoy your new support groups! Just toss me a bone when you & GingerSnap find pants that fit the category of 'ewww, these are WAY too big for us!' :)

casual-crew - they ship to Canada? yay!! The size-sold-out thing happens to me often, so I just keep checking back regularly. Just another web site to stalk...

gigi - TY!

Chasing Davies - TY!

izzyb - I completely agree about the rest of the clothing not exactly doing it for me. I find their tops to be too short & boxy on me in most cases (outside of the fact that I'm just not into their prints at all). But I have a fab faux-fur long gray cardi from them from a few years ago that I adore. But otherwise, pretty much just jeans for me.

And the 500-free shipping thing - works when you order from Soma (love their vanishing edge undies). yeah, lots of retailers could take a hint on that one.

GingerSnap said...

Haha - Heidi! I love your idea of a no-minnie-for-me support group! Poor Rosa and I both love them, but sadly, they just won't love us back! It's cruel, really.

We are totally going to form that support group (and the toothpick one too!) I have a sad, sad, sad addiction to those toothpick jeans. I'm wearing them right now too. Haha :)

Woobie said...

Hi Heidi- I too recently put my minnies through the wash. They are dry- I haven't had the nerve to try them on yet to see how it went.....I am about to embark on a yearlong journey of living out of my closet. I have one final shopping bender planned this week- I am looking for J Crew fans to stop by and comment on ideas for my final spree. If you have a minute I would greatly appreiciate it! Thanks- Woobie

FB @ said...

This is a look definitely for me

I also happen to like denim that fits like leggings only because they aren't super tight skinnies and I'd probably only ever wear them tucked into boots

L said...

The skinny pants look great! I too thought I could never wear skinnies, until I tried a pair from SaltWorks Rector St. Skinny. See if you can find a pair! They're great!

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap - hehehe.

Woobie - wow, I am impressed! I just checked out your blog, and became a follower. No comment yet on purchases for your final bender - will give some thought. Will post on Minnies tomorrow or next day - but can tell you they were fine. ;)

FB @ - glad you like them!

L - oooh, I will look for those, thanks!