Friday, October 30, 2009

Still Nuts About Navy

Yes, still loving the navy this week. And last week...this post includes last Friday's outfit which did not qualify for the last cardi party post. You know, since it wasn't a cardi and all that... But I think my current navy phase is entirely due to the J Crew classic stripe tissue tee (#20019, $32.50) and the tissue turtleneck tee (#17656, 39.50). They are such great fall pieces - I love the color (navy...duh) and I love the weight - soft but not too-too thin - and they layer up beautifully.

Last Friday, I pulled out my J Crew cashmere femme sweater from last winter. How many of you have this? I love love loved it last year. Love love love it again. I took an M, and if anyone wants to sell an M in another color, let me know. I really should post that on the JCA weekly exchange but well...yeah, I'll get to that. Not much blog reading this week, as it started on a real down note since Lucy was not able to shed the cone of shame. Her stitches came out, but the patch of skin above the incision that had razor burn from them shaving her tummy had gotten infected as well and even though she couldn't get to it by chewing (thanks to the cone of shame), she was able to scratch at it with her back paws - which we realized too late and it started getting worse because she was able to scratch at the (sorry to be so gross) scab to get most of it off, so that infection just continued. At least we did get the stitches out, so we are in 1 more week of cone - and now she needs a tshirt 24/7 to keep her from being able to get at it with her back paws. Funny as it sounds, we both were really down about it on Monday and Tuesday...but we have both adjusted and bounced back. We go back to the vet on Monday and I hope hope hope we will be cone & tshirt free after that. I won't actually ask you to say a prayer for my puppy, but feel free to keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for my sanity. thanks.

Back to the outfit...honestly, I was looking for another way to show off the JC heirloom floral earrings that the lovely Summerilla passed on to me. I do really like them with the navy. However, just adding the garden pearl bracelet wasn't enough to jazz it up (esp when the bracelet is clasp-forward in the pic). I think the earrings alone were definitely more glittery in person, so I wasn't sure about adding a necklace. But photo-wise, it definitely needed something else. Ah, live & learn...that's one reason I take the pics - I learn from them too.

Polyvore from last Friday:

10/23/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Then again on Monday, more navy in the form of the tissue turtleneck tee, which I love with jeans and the cami peeking out at the hem. This time I added the confetti necklace, which I really liked with the turtle. I asm so glad I got that necklace. I believe those are the Chicos boyfriend jeans - way comfy for a day where I spent a good chunk of time at the computer working adn the rest of it moping around about the fact that my puppy & I were sentenced to 1 more week of cone-dom.

Polyvore from Monday:

10/26/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

And on Wednesday...

Striped tee again. Have I worn this once a week since I got it? I'm definitely dropping its CPW (cost per wear) fast. I really could wear this about every other day. Since it was warm on Wednesday, I layered it with my navy short sleeve cardi and then added some necklaces to chunk up the neckline a bit. And I even wore my hair up (just for you FFM), which interestingly enough, works better since I got 2+ inches chopped off the ends.

Polyvore from Wednesday:

10/28/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Where's the navy train headed? I don't know...but much as I love these pieces, black may be taking a more predominant spot for a little while. Why?

Reason #1 - (hello, Halloween on Saturday)

Reason #2 - 212-Sephora polish - funky, but love it - mani'ed it tonight - pics soon, I promise.

And Reason #3, for those of you who haven't seen my Polyvores today/yesterday - this little lovely arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday....

J Crew Selby satchel in black (#18260, $orig $275, black on sale for $149.99) Can you believe I actually didn't have a black purse in my closet? I mean, I'm certainly not a bag hoarder - just a nail polish and mascara hoarder, but I actually didn't have one in black. More on the bag later - it's lovely, must post pics. I will say this - perfect!

Why am I up this early? That crazy puppy is running around the backyard with, I believe, a green tomato in her mouth. At some point, she realized that "balls" grow on the tomato plants by the side of the garage. How convenient for her. (Detached garage in back - no, I don't have tomatoes growing in my front yard. Seriously....) I'd just like to go back to bed since we have kiddie Halloween parties at school tomorrow.


Rosa said...

I love all the navy in this post! sorry to hear that Lucy is still wearing the cone of shame. I feel bad for the little doggie, and now she has to wear a tshirt? Poor thing.

Wow, the Selby Satchel is gorgeous. I have been thinking about one, let me know how you like yours.

Have fun at the Halloween parties with the kids. I am going out with husband tonight and we are gonna spend a lovely evening in the city. Still trying to decide what to wear...

casual-crew said...

I was thnking abouts your posts on the stripe tissue tee when I was ordering a couple of items from J Crew. I was trying to match all the items together so they look coordinated like your wonderful outfits, I am not so good at it.

Sorry to hear about your puppy, the t-shirt must be driving her crazy!

The Selby is really nice.

Pamela said...
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Pamela said...

Oops! let's try that again!

Poor puppy! She probably wants to lose those "accessories" fast!

That purse is gorgeous. Please post IRL pics!!! What a deal!

If you love the tissue tees and tissue turtlenecks, I highly suggest you try out the Forever Cardigan in the Lounge section. I ordered it one in black and one in navy. I'm wearing the black in my outfit post this morning. It's a bit weightier than the tissue tees, but just as soft and cozy. I KNOW you will love it!

Pamela said...

Good grief-I meant to say "Always" cardigan not "Forever"-that was a knit-this is a cotton tee material. Okay, I think I'm done! I need more coffee, it's early.

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear about Lucy! It is so difficult to keep them safe from themselves. We have had to crete ours with a cone for a while, so sad.

I have femme sweater in navy and I love it too! I have all the pieces of outfit #1(except shoes), I will by your twin this week! I am going to put the navy tissue turtleneck and the striped tee in my bag right now.

Love your nail polish and looking forward to your black phase (as thats my favorite) and CANNOT wait to see IRL pics of the bag!

Happy Halloween!!

Kathy said...

I know you are a J. Crew girl, but here is a sweater very close to the femme:*1*96*-1*-1*1

(looks like an exact copy, except for the colors)

DaniBP said...

Love the navy! I sent back my striped tissue tee because I ordered it in the gray, aghh what was I thinking? I should have ordered a navy, oh well. LOVE the Selby, the black with the natural leather handle is similar to the Hobo Gallery of last year, which I have in black and I LOVE it. I was also black-bagless, oddly enough. Such a basic thing. You will get tons of use out of that Selby.
Hope your puppy is better soon! Yes I am saying a prayer for your sanity! ;)

catonthefly said...

I really wished the cashmere femme sweater would have worked out for me; I purchased a medium in the cantaloupe color but I really need a small. If you're interested in this color, just e-mail me. It is brand new with tags.

Cathy said...

I love the blue! Question - did you receive the twisted ribbon tank and the sale skirt. You have such a great eye - I'm wondering about how you like them and the fit before I order. Thank you! You are always so nice.

Lady Buttons said...

Eep, trying times! My fingers and toes crossed for both Lucy's speedy recovery and your sanity!

(love that bag, by the way!)

Molly Darling said...

If you like J.Crew's turtlenecks, check out these ones from the Gap- super soft, not sheer, and a bit longer than usual (great for us tall girls!) I picked them up on sale awhile ago in white, new vineyard (purple) and terrain (a great warm neutral).

dinagideon said...

Oh, I so love the striped tee under the cardi...I will definitely be copying that...GORG!

Poor sucks when your animals are not feeling well. My kitty is SO old and feeble, it just gets sad watching them hurt. Ugh.

I did it. I bought the sherpa hoodie in antique stone (because of the free shipping cod that expires soon). I bought it in a small, and now I read that it runs small. BOO! But I read your comment on how I could wear it as a winter coat and I was thanks for the (gentle) push...

Happy Halloween to E and M. :)

HeidiG said...

Rosa - Hope you enjoyed your evening out. Will be posting Selby review later today or tomorrow - but can say that I love it!

casual-crew - actually the tshirt on Lucy is *much* less bothersome than the cone - if we only had to do the tshirt, I'd be happy. if you ever want a 2nd opinion on ordering, matching, etc, feel free to email me at heidigblog[@]verizon[.]net or send me a message through Polyvore. I don't claim to be the most adventurous stylist, but my style works for me.

Pamela - I know, I know, I need to check out that Always cardi - I know Summerilla loves hers, too. And I need to catch up on blog reading - so will check out your outfit post, definitely. :)

Kathy - well, you could really outdo me by pairing the navy femme with your navy Quincy bag, so rock on. I'm actually wondering how the striped tee would layer under the femme sweater, so I may try that one of these days. Selby review soon, I promise - I did get the pics yesterday. That Bloomies sweater is a way close match! (I did get my femme sweater on sale, though, so I don't love the FP price tag as much.)

DaniBP - I actually probably would have gotten the JC gray striped one as well, but I got a gray striped tee at BR a few weeks ago. Ah well, another order... Selby pics coming soon, I promise. The hobo gallery is very pretty - you are so right about the black/natural leather combo - that's what really drew me to the bag. And it's so soft...

catonthefly - I will definitely email you...just probably not right now as I should probably get some more sleep when I'm done commenting. :) I keep hoping they'll come out with a similar cut this year (b/c let's face it, they do recycle a bit, don't they, i.e. DaniBP's comment above on the Selby vs. Gallery hobo)

Cathy - you are so sweet - you just made my day! I did not get the ribbon top - I tried it on in store and it was too boxy on me. So I am just way jealous of all the lovely JCAs who scored it at 19.99 and are loving it. I did get the skirt but I returned it. (oops, should have done a review first). I liked the skirt but I didn't love it - I just wasn't getting the feeling. And I wasn't sure about how much wear I would really get out of it - I just kept picturing the combo of the skirt with Lucy's toenails. Plus, I ordered the Selby bag the day after the blue skirt, and so something needed to go back. If I hadn't ordered the bag, I probably would have kept the skirt. It is really cute. I may have been more inclined to keep the silver b/c that would have been so great for holiday parties. Maybe next % off sale? Size-wise on the skirt - I went with my usual JC skirt size - an 8 - I did not need to size up like I did with the silk charmeuse pencil skirt this summer. HTH!

Lady Buttons - thank you, ma'am!!

Molly Darling - I will definitely check out the Gap turtles. I tried the ON ones a month ago but the neck was too floppy & loose and wouldn't stay up (I don't like to fold my turtle necks). I have a charcoal Gap turtle from a couple years ago that I love, so nice to see they are keeping up with that. Thanks for the tip!

dinagideon - I think you will be fine on the sherpa hoodie - you know how I am about shoulder room, and you don't have that issue. I hope you love it - it is so cozy! Unless we get to 15 below, you won't need much else this winter, hehehe. Hope you all enjoy Halloween, too! Can't wait to see pics of the kiddies!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE navy....It's actually my favorite color, mostly because it goes with EVERYTHING. Love the stripe top from J.Crew. May have to check that one out :)

casual-crew said...

Thank-you for the offer Heidi, it is very nice of you to help me out.

Ema said...

I LOVE the last outfit, you really rock that striped tee Heidi. And of course I love the navy!
Hope that Lucy is doing better...

HeidiG said...

Kelly - the navy striped top really is, IMO, just perfect. If it's not too long for you, I think you'll love it.

causal-crew - you are welcome - email anytime. :)

Ema - thank you!