Friday, November 6, 2009

Black Dresses....and showing a little love to Banana

Today was a total sweater dress day. Do you have the sweater dress love? I will admit, it is hard to find the right fit, as they usually come in the alpha sizes, not numeric. But when you find one you love...mmmmmmmm...cozy... Nothing better for a chilly day - sweater dress, tights, boots...and done. And it just feels like you're wearing a big huge sweater all day. Danger areas? Either end of the spectrum - the too-tight & too-short hoochie SD, and the so big it makes you look like you are one big tea cozy SD. Last year, I got 2 great sweater dresses from Banana Republic.

(side note - any of you moms out there seen Elmo's World when he did the banana episode - and he sings ba-ba-banana, ba-ba-banana - well, it's been about 7 years and that song still pops into my head whenever I go into BR. you're welcome...)

This is one of the 2 sweater dresses from last fall. I got this one with 30% F&F last fall (so $130 less 30% = $91.) I have definitely worn it enough to be worth it and I'm not done yet. Last Christmas when we visited the in laws in NC, it was unseasonably warm, so I wore it plain with footless tights and ballet flats. And I layered it with a white or cream tee plus tights and boots all last winter. BUT...I kept wanting to get a striped tee to layer underneath because I thought that would be cute. If I do say so, I think I was right. Ta da!!

Today's outfit was the BR sweater dress from last year (in M), BR gray/white striped tee from this fall (M), black tights, flat black boots, plus some silver hoops & my Tiffany silver mesh ring from ages ago. I wore my hair down today (probably for warmth, hehe), but the dress looks really cute with hair up.

And you probably can't tell so well from the picture, but there is an inverted pleat in the front of the dress below the empire waist. So it's a great dress to wear when you might be filling the belly, so to speak. And today I had brunch at a friends' in the morning and then we went out to dinner tonight. Excellent wardrobe planning. Hubby & I took the kiddies out to a Japanese steak house for the first time and it was way fun - they loved it!! Of course, I'm sitting here in pj-sweats, because it's almost my bedtime, but the dress was a good dinner dress.

Polyvore from today:

And speaking of dresses... I really, truly, honestly appreciate all the feedback from everyone on the 3 Nordies dresses. I also applaud everyone for the very constructive comments. (You all didn't love all of them, which is fine - but you played nice - and I do appreciate that as well.)

I think my problem is that I am just not totally 100% feeling it with any of them. They are all very nice dresses and any of them would be fine. (yeah, I know, nice problem to have). And maybe part of the problem is that I got the 3 of them from 2 different parts of the store over 2 different shopping trips of about 15-20 minutes each, so I was rushed-rushed-rushed - and they just have some bad vibes attached. Or maybe I'm just being ridiculous and overthinking this whole thing because, this is not a problem - it's an the most. (Thanks Jemma Ruby - ever since you posted on that, I try to hold those words close.) So it's not a problem, other than the fact that I clearly need to get a life.

If you did comment on the 3 choices, please don't feel that it was a waste of time at all (and don't shoot me) made me really look much closer at the dresses and figure out what did and didn't work with them.And, I have come to the conclusion that I am just prejudiced against chiffon. I don't like how it feels. Ok, lesson learned.

But I think I have found true dress love... After debating over the 3 Nordies dresses, I happened to be perusing the BR website and found the dress at right. BR Tiered Pleated Dress ($132). They are already showing this dress on the large placard in the window, but it's Holiday 03 and only Holiday 02 is in the stores - wish I hadn't needed that level of detail. So I ordered it with 25% off and it is supposed to arrive on Tuesday.

And, I believe, it combines the best of the 3 Nordies dresses - the versatility and lack of chiffon in #1 (I would totally rock this with tights and boots for a more casual look), the tiers & necklace potential of #2, and the fun & flirtiness of #3. And when I first saw it, I swooned I felt it. We'll see. I've got my fingers crossed. So should you, so that I shut up about this. Whew, it's late, I'm punchy, and I should go to bed. Here's my planned ensemble in Polyvore...let's see how it all comes out in the proverbial wash...

Speaking of Banana Republic (coincidental timing), Slastena has an interesting post on Banana Republic today, from some spring magazine catchup - yay, I'm not the only one. Hop on over to comment - are you a Banana Fan? Or is your new theme song "Yes, we have no Bananas"?


MMM said...

I love your OOTD! It looks so warm and comfy! Can you believe that I don't own a sweater-dress? I must get one!

I totally agree w/ you that the BR dress combines the best features of the 3 Nordy dresses! I have my fingers crossed that it works for you! I can't wait to see you in it! :)

Have a good weekend! Oh, and I actually had a love affair w/ BR before J.Crew so I am definitely a *fan*!

Ema said...

Heidi, you are completely entitled to change your mind on the dress (and everything else). Nice pick, can't wait to see this one on you.

I'm not a big sweater dress fan, maybe because I'm petite, but I like this look on you. LOVE the boots by the way.

I'm not a big fan of Banana this year, there is nothing there that tempts me (which is good because I have enough temptations already).

One Banana, Twos Bananas, one for me and one for you banana...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To be honest I did not like the 3 dresses, however I like your BR choice, cannot wait to see it on you!

I used to be a big BR shopper, now not so much. I stopped in to see their Holiday rollout, they have some nice new stripe tees, and solid ones made of the same fabric as your tee. I tried it on and it so soft, I had to size down. I did not buy it, because I would have to get something to go over it and the costs adds up.

Woobie said...

That is one cute outfit- the sweater dress looks great on you. I am glad you worked through the wedding outfit decision- I think the BR dress looks like a good choice. I had a store credit that I had to burn at BR before my shop free life began and I must say, I found it difficult to find something I really liked (went with grey flannel pants). I remain a fan, but I don't find my J Crew problem- where I walk in and want everything to happen at BR.

And who can forget the Elmo bananna song??

HeidiG said...

MMM - I saw you commented on jmpb's Maya sweater dress post, so maybe that's an option? I was a BR fam before JC as of my all-time fave sweaters is from BR - 4 years old and going strong - I fall back in love every winter.

Ema - I can see how the usual sweater dress could overwhelm your petite frame - but if you ever find one that really truly works, go for it - I would think it would be perfect for those NY winters.

casual-crew - to be honest, when I go back and look at the 3 dress pics, I'm just not liking them either. :) I come and go with BR. Sometimes I see many things I love, but not often - and there's usually a lot that I automatically disqualify for myself based on color, cut, or overall style (i.e., I don't really need "work" clothes). Catch the tee on sale later? BR does have good sales.

Woobie - exactly - I can easily walk into BR and walk out empty handed. It sounds like the gray flannel pants are a wise choice for your no-shopping year.

Anonymous said...

I think the BR dress is a great choice. It's fun and I think it will look great on you. I love how you are planning on styling.

Patina said...

i love your sweater dress!!! you look gorgeous and chic, as always. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the BR dress. It's very pretty. I own a BR cashmere dress from last year that I adore. I haven't shopped with them too much this year, but last year, they were at the top of my list. Have a great weekend.

Lulu said...

LOVE that sweater dress, I just got one at Ann Taylor Loft, and it is so pretty. Nice layering too.

I think that BR dress is going to be perfect, they do dresses really well.

Stylestance said...

Yes I share your feelings about sweater dresses, and that one looks fantastic on you (Old Navy has some cute ones now too). And the new LBD your ordered is ... perfect. That whole tiered look is gorgeous.

GingerSnap said...

I am absolutely OBSESSED with that BR tiered dress...I must have it!!!

DaniBP said...

Love your sweater dress! I think it looks great with the striped tee-love it!
The new LBD is divine. Hope it's just as pretty in RL. Looking forward to reading about it!
I don't really shop at Banana Republic, even though we do have them here in Canada. I guess I'm too busy spending my $ at!!

Debye said...

OOTD-Love how you put the longsleeve under the sweaterdress....scrumptious!

Dress-I hope the new one works out. After buying the right dress you should LOVE it and you just really liked the other three.

As far a BR goes, I used to love them and be unable to leave the store without at least two shopping bags full but I have been unimpressed this past year and have only picked a few basics here and there, nothing "wowing". I hope they get a good revamping because they really make good quality clothing and I like their sizing consistency.

Jenni said...

Heidi, your sweater-dress outfit looks fantastic on you!! Great picture too. If you are ever feeling ugly - and we all have those days! - wear this outfit b/c you look amazing!!

Best of luck with the BR dress. It looks a bit short on the model pic, but one never knows until one tries it. You're right, between the tiers, fabric, and shape, you have all 3 Nordies in 1 dress.

txmom said...

Thank you for the inspiration for the sweater dresses. I have a very lightweight (since we live in TX) one from JJill (actually , I have it in two colors) and have just been wearing it with leggings and ballet flats but will try it layered with a long sleeve tee and boots (if it ever gets cool enough)....might have to revisit some of those stripe tees at JC! Hope the BR dress works...we will all anxiously await the IRL pics! It looks great!

Summerilla said...

Love the ba-ba-banana dress you chose! Can't wait to see IRL photos of you in it. I know it's just going to look gorgeous and you are going to have an amazing time at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Hi There! Luve the dress...but not too sure about the striped tee underneath...I would have worn a solid...but I know stripes are "in" right now!

A Bigger Closet said...

I'm a big sweater dress fan too. Really like your outfit!
And H=honestly, I like this dress better than the 3 in your previous post. It's just lovely. I just saw a similar style at Juicy Couture here and the model is wearing it with leggings and heels - looks great like that too. Looking forward to seeing the dress photos when you get it. :)

post-fab princess said...

So cute!!

I am currently looking for my perfect sweater dress, which has so far proven illusive!

I am in love with your boots, missy!

HeidiG said...

Sorry so late with the comments back, ladies! I finally have "a" dress - see latest post, and thanks for bearing with me. :)

Rosa - you are always so sweet - I wish the BR dress had actually worked.

Patina - cashmere sweater dress? yummmmmmy. I have the JC Flora from last year, but it's short sleeve. I really really really want a long sleeve one.

Lulu - lucky you, they do have some cute ones at ATLoft right now. I tried on one the other day and it didn't work for me, but didn't have time to try the other options.

StyleStance - I will add ON to the sweater dress shopping list, thanks.

GingerSnap - see my notes on the BR dress in my latest post, but even though it didn't work for me, you should *definitely* get it - it will be perfect on you.

DaniBP - we do get uber-focused on 1 store, don't we?

Debye - I am with you on the sizing consistency - how refrehing! But yeah, sometimes I love a lot and other times, it's just meh for me. Then again, I don't work in an office, so I need office-y clothes much less and I think they do so much of that.

Jenni - aren't you kind - you just made my day. Yes, the BR tiered dress was a little short, but that wasn't its biggest sin in my book....

txmom - I guess with your climate, the sweater dress rules change, huh? But maybe you can do the boots look when you visit up north. :)

Summerilla - banana dress was is actually bad. But you should get it b/c it would look great on you - seriously.

yogagirl - thanks for the feedback. I wore the dress with a solid tee all last year, so I was just looking for something a little different with it this year.

A Bigger Closet - photos of new dress are up now. BR dress = Bad & Rotten on me. That Juicy dress is way cute - love that one too!

PFP - boots are about 4 years old, and I still love them. Have you seen the JC Maya sweaterdress? I know you like your Maya cardi - same idea with the twist - try it out...and then report back.

Anonymous said...

If the choice is between BR dresses and J.Crew dresses~it's BR all the way. If it's for ANYTHING else--however--J. Crew rules the planet!--or my planet!!! hehe

prashant said...

you are completely entitled to change your mind on the dress (and everything else). Nice pick, can't wait to see this one on you.
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