Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Pick for the Gap 30% Friends + Family - OMG, another black dress

Ok, is there anyone out there who doesn't know about the BR/Gap/ON 30% Friends & Family that started today and runs through this weekend? And remember, it's Give & Get, so you can chose a cause that they will donate 5% toward. Double win!

I'll share my pick with you...and update with actual pics when I take them. Yes, it's another little black dress. Gap Double-Knit Pleated Dress (#691556, $59.50, less 30% = $42)

I actually tried this one on Tuesday when I was on my dress odyssey at Tysons and it's insanely flattering. And I picked it up today when I was back at the mall getting the duchess stone bracelet to wear with my dress for the wedding (yes, my bracelet costs more than the dress).

But back to this one...I took an 8 in the dress. The bodice is fitted. A regular bra works, yay. No shapewear required, yay. I think this may actually be a true 12-months-of-the-year dress. I will be wearing it now with a fitted tee or turtle underneath. Must get back to JC and check out that gray/black mini-stripe tee. I'm not sure yet about wearing a cardi or jacket with this - you need to make sure it is fitted correctly with the skirt. But summertime - sandals, fun jewelry and you are good to go. Knit means easy packing. I see lots of possibilities and lots of versatility in this dress.

So that's my pick. What have you been eyeing at the triumvirate?

Update - here are 2 quick IRL pics I took this morning:


Robin said...

Hello Heidi,
I was wondering about the length of the dress. I am 5'8". It looks fairly short on the website. I also have issues with the maternity look on some of the empire dresses. You didn't get that from this dress? I am looking for something like this to wear over leggings / tights for winter. Unfortunately we live overseas so everything has to be ordered online and I can't try it on. I live for the reviews!
Thanks, Robin

txmom said...

Heidi, your LDB seach has inspired me! I will check out the Gap dress today when I hit Barton Creek Square to return a few items to JC(and look around at the promised new items....the SA said"Give us until about 1 pm to get them out on the floor"). The Gap is right upstairs and I have the coupon, too! It would be nice to have a LBD (or Two) in my closet so that there is no mad scramble when I really need one!

HeidiG said...

Update - I added 2 IRL pics of the dress.

Robin - I did not think the dress was as high-waisted as the online pic looks, so I think it's less "maternity" that it potentially looks online. I'm 5'10" - and I am fine with the length, but that's all a personal choice.

txmom - oooh, have fun shopping!

Terri said...

Cute dress. I have been searching the websites for something to use my 30% on and really have not been inspired by much. I may check out this dress. Thanks for the pics and have a great weekend!

prashant said...

The Gap is right upstairs and I have the coupon, too! It would be nice to have a LBD (or Two) in my closet so that there is no mad scramble when I really need one!
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gigiofca said...

I bought a few knit pieces from ON, but nothing else. I like this dress. Classic!

HeidiG said...

Terri - hope the dress worked out for you - I thought it was actually much cuter (i.e. not so maternity) in person.

prashant - yes, I do think this would be a really good basic.

gigiofca - you are the queen of the ON/Gap/BR scores, that is for sure! I always love your pics when they are doing their sales!!

Addie said...

Hi! I'm a first time poster (but I lurk often). I just wanted to thank you for this great tip. I went to the Gap to try on this dress last weekend and I love it! I was a bit skeptical of the length from the website photo, but I found that it hit right above my knees and it was oh-so-comfy. Way cuter than I expected!

HeidiG said...

Addie - thanks so much for commenting! I am so glad that the Gap dress worked for you. Hope you enjoy it!!