Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dress Update (Are you tired yet? I am.)

Ok, so here's the dress update. And I think it actually might be final, unless I find something amazing on sale at the Lake Forest Ann Taylor when I do returns tomorrow.

You remember my post on the 3 Nordstrom dresses... They each had some very good points, but none of them were "the one." Then there was the Banana Republic dress that I ordered. Oh, how I had high hopes for this one. Fortunately, it arrived in the mail on Monday so that I could make alternate plans. How did it look on me? Oh honeys, it was was so's been a while since I actually looked that bad in a dress. One word for you...hideous. I didn't even bother to take a picture - I just wanted to get that dress off asap...before my self-esteem suffered any more. (hehehe)

That's not to say it's a bad dress - it's actually quite cute. It was a little short (but that's always manageable with the right shoe). No, the real fault is in the cut at the shoulders. Somehow I had muffin-top at my armpits. I don't pretend to be a sample-size, but somehow this dress created fat. From the online pics, I thought it was a fairly straight shoulder, but it cuts way in on me. And with my rectangular body shape and my wide shoulders...recipe for disaster. This is the single most unflattering cut there is on my upper body. However, if you have a pear shape (dina, summerilla, etc), definitely go try this on because it is adorable. And, at $132, plus the Gap/BR/ON 30% off right, now - wow - that gets it down to $92!!

So...what did I end up getting? Well, I went to Tysons yesterday to return all 3 dresses. I hit up just about every store there (except the department stores as I just did not have time). I did squeeze in lunch with hubby so that was a nice treat. I actually purchased 2 dresses - 1 from Ann Taylor and 1 from Talbots (that would need to be shortened). Both are going back because I swung by Montgomery Mall on the way home to do some J Crew returns and popped into their Ann Taylor while I was there. And then I found it....the dress.

Dress by Taylor at Ann Taylor, on sale for $99.99, plus 40% off, so final price was $60. First of all check out the amazing swirly ruffles around the neckline. Talk about framing the face...

The dress is actually a heavy knit, but the cut & the detailed neckline definitely kick it up - and it will be dressed up with accessories as well.

Let's talk about the cut - definitely form-fitting. My sister will be proud. (and dina - can you see my waist?) Requires a wee bit of shapewear for the midsection, but the Assets by Spanx line at Target will do - nothing too heavy duty. And I'm not even wearing any in this picture, so IRL, it will only look better. I also see versatility in this dress. It will work for the wedding. But I also may wear it to our work holiday party with my charcoal gray 3/4 sleeve fitted turtleneck tee from the Gap with tights and boots. And I can also just wear with sandals in the summer.

Can you tell I have a splitting headache and want to go back to bed in this pic? Yeah, me too. I am starting to see a new correlation between my headaches & migraines and atmospheric pressure. It could be the Halloween sugar, too, though...

Back to the accessories topic. (And this is why I don't Twitter - like I could actually limit myself to 140 characters - ask my friends & family - I really am this scattered in person.) First of all, I'll be wearing my hair up - in a ponytail (dressy ponytail, I swear...mental note, master the dressy pony before Saturday...) And with the neckline, I don't want to do a necklace, so I'm thinking significant earrings and major bracelets on 1 arm. I don't think a statement cocktail ring is going to cut it this time.

Idea 1 - heirloom flora earrings with something like the duchess stone bracelet in dusty blossom, with the garden pearl bracelet in clementine and a bracelet similar to the crystal symphony? I think I'll check F21 for bracelets as well.

Idea 2 - large gold hoops (Dina hoops, natch), with gold & crystal bracelets - like the crystal shapes bracelet, twisted crystal necklace wrapped 5 times, etc.

Any other ideas?

So off to mall tomorrow to return at AT & Talbots. (Here's the Talbots dress I had purchased, by the way - it is so gorgeous in person, just about 2-3" too long, and it's 3 times the price of this one, so back to the store it goes...) And that would be Lake Forest, since it does have both AT & Talb.

And here's a dress only pic so I can grab it for Polyvore (because it's not like some of us are even capable of getting dressed without PV, right?):


dinagideon said...

I can see your waist!!! :) I love it.

And with the flora will be beyond pretty.

BTW, get thee to bed and get rid of that headache. It has to be this atrocious, it is just beyond vile out there.

I have been nursing this ailment, and honestly, it came at the best time because I had zero desire to leave the house today. :P

Jenni said...

Heidi, this dress looks great on you! I couldn't tell that you had a splitting headache, you hid it well in your pic. I agree with Dina; flora earrings and dusty rose bracelets will be superb. What were your plans for shoes, again?

CECE said...

Hello dear! I think this is the dress! I loved the Nordstrom one by the way. Im not sure if I made a comment...been really busy lately that I dont know if I actually have done what I have planned to do hahaha. So if I havent placed a comment. I really liked the Nordstrom dress but I also really like this one and the price...just perfect! I say go with silver accents...Silver shoes, clutch, crystal dangle earrings and cuffs etc. Cant wait to see your pics! Thanks for the tips in finding a new fragrance for me =) Will keep you posted!

MMM said...

You really look great Heidi! Good choice! I know it was a long hard search but it looks like it was worth it! ;) I LOVE the detailed neckline on this dress, it's so FUN and the cut is perrr-fection on you!

I think either jewelry/accessory option sounds fabulous! Just try 'em out and see what feels best on you! :)

Now, get to bed and get rid of that headache! :( I agree w/ Jenni though- you hid it well in the picture!

Thanks for sharing your choice w/ us!

Pamela said...

Great dress! And with some sparkley earrings and a bracelet (or two!) you are SET!

Take care of your headache! Rest and relaxation. Easier said than done though, I know!

A Bigger Closet said...

Heidi, you've definitely nailed it with this dress! All that effort was worth it because this is so flattering on you - everywhere. Your accessory ideas both sound great with this dress too.

Lady Buttons said...

Great dress -- and $60? What a steal! Very pretty and flattering to your fabilis figure.

GingerSnap said...

Very pretty! This is definitely THE dress! Bravo :)

monogramgirl said...

Gorgeous on you! I think I've had a headache since fall started. Aleve is the only thing that touches my headaches. Feel better.

Summerilla said...

This dress is FABULOUS! You definitely made the right choice here and what a great price. I can't wait to see it with all the accessories, I think it would look pretty with the Flora earrings or the hoops.

Sorry to hear you are having migraines issues, hope it clears up soon. Headaches are the worse, I can take any pain but headaches.

And I agree on the twitter thing, I have such a hard time limiting what I want to say. Sometimes I have to rewrite it quite a few times to make it fit.

Kathy said...

Perfection! Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Heidi! I think this is the dress. It looks great. I think the heirloom flora earrings will be amazing with this dress. I gotta say, AT is really coming out with great dresses. I was in a panic a couple of weeks ago when I needed a dress for a dinner and I stepped into AT and I found the best cowl neck gray dress for like $70, and it fit great.

RatsOnParade said...

Perfection! Isn't that the best feeling in the world - you found "the one!" It looks fabulous! You certainly earned it - takes lots of work to finally find what works. What a great choice - congrats and have fun at the event(s)!

gigiofca said...

The Talbot's dress is beautiful. I like your final pick + the price! The flora jewelry sounds great w/it for some color.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice, you look fab in it, have a great time! Headaches and atmospheric pressure do go hand in hand I suffer from the same thing.

Awakening my Wardrobe said...

The right dress at the right price. Definitely worth all of the work to find it. Congratulations on your purchase.

Cleo26 said...

Great choice, Heidi! I can't wait to see the ensemble.

Ann said...

What a perfect choice (and price). I LOVE IT!

I vote for the flora earrings...sparkly accessories for a fun, fancy occasion. Can't wait to see your pics.

Patina said...

you look beautiful. i love your dress.

HeidiG said...

dinagideon - thought you would approve of this one...

Jenni - shoes are strappy black patent heeled sandals - easy, comfy, no cost to me.

CECE - oopsies, went with gold jewelry - flora & pastels + gold. But I do love the idea of silver with it, too - maybe I'll try that next time, thanks!

MMM - thank you, I felt like this was a fun dress.

Pamela - I've got 2 big sparkly bracelets with the sparkly earrings, so I think I'm set. :)

A Bigger Closet - thank you!

Lady Buttons - total steal...yep.

GingerSnap - thank you!

monogramgirl - you poor thing! 3 ibuprofen did the trick for me - fortunately for the the lining of my stomach, I don't need to do it that often.

Summerilla - thanks! I'll be thanking you when I wear my Flora earrings...again. :)

Kathy - thank you!

Rosa - yep, AT does have some good dresses. they've always been a source for me.

RatsOnParade - yes, it is a great feeling to find "it"!

gigiofca - ok, I'm going with color for the dress - flora earrings + colorful bracelets!

casual-crew - thank you! nice to know I'm not the only sufferer. :)

AwakeningMyWardrobe - thank you! the price really does make it even better.

Cleo26 - thank you! plan to bring the big old camera to take pics...just need to make sure it gets packed...

Ann - thanks - went with Flora + color - it will work well.

patina - thank you!

prashant said...

I think either jewelry/accessory option sounds fabulous! Just try 'em out and see what feels best on you!
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Anonymous said...

This is definitely my favourite one.

The ruffled petals are a nice touch at the top

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