Friday, November 20, 2009

Borrowing from the Boys - Lilly-wear

When we were in Annapolis last weekend, I had a bit of time to do some shopping. Oh, it was so nice just to leisurely stroll around the streets - such a pretty town. It's a shame we don't visit more often since it's so close by. Must rectify that next spring - you know, when it gets a bit warmer.
But since it was actually warm on Monday, I got to don my sole purchase for myself from the Annapolis weekend (lots more done - sweatshirts for kids, a couple of thank you's for my parents since they were watching the kids, 1st Xmas present purchased - for my mother-in-law, and collar for Lucy because I am a total sucker). Back to that collar in a minute...

Here it is - Lilly Pulitzer long sleeve Gulf Stream Polo in...some pretty shade of blue (GingerSnap? You're the expert) Much as I love Lilly, this is the first actual piece of Lilly-wear that I have purchased., it's not even womens. It's a mens shirt. I got it in an M. It was uber-on-sale and I thought it would be a fantastic slouchy weekend option (who are we kidding, every day is my weekend, wardrobe-wise) - but an option with perhaps a bit more style than the typical slumpadinka wear.

I love how long this shirt is. Not the most tailored option, sure. But comfy. (don't throw too many tomatoes) And hey, it's color! I liked it with my black cafe capris. And I will love it with a pair of white jeans in the spring.

And what was my possible inspiration? Maybe Lucy's new collar? Yes, I am going to be one of *those* dog owners with a different collar for every month, probably. How cute is this? Navy and aqua blue, with little green bones that say "woof." Ridiculous to be sure but, like nail polish, it's much cheaper than designer handbags!

And yes, that is a tomato she is eyeing here. Apparently the doggie brain doesn't distinguish between tomato and ball. You wouldn't believe the green tomatoes laying around the yard. Maybe we need to add a fence to the veggie garden next year. Fortunately, this was a very late in the season discovery of puppy's.

Such a pretty puppy...

And this pic, just because it cracks me up... Yes, Lucy in her tshirt during post-surgical recovery. She was going through a laying-on-the-dress-up-dresses phase. She is a girl, you know.

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Anonymous said...

Lucy's collar is too cute, I like the the navy/aqua color combo on it. I can't wait to see the Lucy pictures around the X-mas tree!

Your new tee is a beautiful color, and looks so cozy.

Pamela said...

it does look comfy. such a beautiful color!

Patina said...

i love your lilly top.

AnneG said...

Did you get Lucy's new collar at Paws Pet Boutique in Annapolis? This is one of my FAVORITE stops when there (as well as the Lilly store!) Fantastic "pet wear" and the owners are SO nice. If you didn't check out this store when you were there, you MUST next time you go back. And, did you know that Annapolis is incredibly dog-friendly? Most stores and restaurants allow dogs, there is a "dog beach" not far from the downtown and a "dog cruise" offered by Watermark Cruises. Great, fun place to take the whole family, including Lucy, year round.

Suburban Princess said...

I love the shirt! Such a pretty colour!

Gerard said...

Very cute puppy! I know what you mean about the collars-Skittles currently has a skulll and cross bones collar....need to get something for the holidays!

GingerSnap said...

I'm so glad you got your first Lilly purchase...even if it is mens :) Next step, a Lilly shift dress. I am 100% positive that you would look like a million dollars!! I love the collar you got for Lucy - she looks so preppy!! :)

RatsOnParade said...

I love that blue color! That'd be sure to cheer you up on any dreary "slumpadinka" day, that's for sure! The collar is too cute for words! And those photos of Lucy - she's just gorgeous. Such a shiny coat! She looks so well-cared for. Quite a lucky dog to be so loved. :)

Kathy said...

You look nice in the bright color! Thanks for sharing more pics of Lucy, she is so cute. She has such expressive eyes, she must be so hard to resist!

HeidiG said...

casual-crew - thank you! and yes, can't wait to take the Lucy Xmas pics...but I'm little scared of the Lucy-Xmas tree combo.

Pamela - thank you!

Patina - thanks! do I get a slumpadinka pass?

AnneG - no, not the Paws Pet Boutique. Can't remember the name - it wasn't just pets. yes, Annapolis seemed VERY dog-friendly - there were even dogs at our hotel. Definitely want to take Lucy to Annapolis...but might wait a year or two until she settles...a bit. :) (and will def check out that store next time!)

Suburban Princess - thank you!

Gerard (karen)- I do love Skittles' pirate collar!!

GingerSnap - I keep looking at Lilly dresses - I just haven't found the right one at the right price yet for me. One of these days...(esp with your influence)

RatsOnParade - oh, don't get me started on Lucy's organic oatmeal puppy shampoo - it's almost as nice as my Pureology! But thanks for noticing her pretty coat - I try. And she is well-loved, for sure.

Kathy - yes, she is very hard to resist. :)