Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's All About the Hood - the Workhorse Coat

You all clearly know I've been majorly slacking in blog-world - reading, commenting, posting, replying to comments. I'm getting back there, I swear.... Thanks for sticking with me.(And thanks for the reality check at the bus stop, snaphappy.)

So in contrast to Monday's post on the lovely, luscious Winnie coat, I'm going to talk about my workhorse coat. Last month, Stylestance had an interesting post on choosing your top 3 coats in the closet. I remember thinking that there was really only 1 that I needed to get me through 90% of my days. Or at least the days that require a coat.

No Polyvore of the coat to speak of, since it is 10 years old. From Larry Levine, purchased at Bloomingdales while shopping with my sister. I'll readily admit that there is major sentiment attached to this coat as I purchased it when I was, ahem, with child. Yep, prego with my darling M. And when you are going to be in that condition in the winter (not mega, but still getting thick in the middle), you want something with a little room in the middle. Which is why I got in a...get this...size 14. (I think dina is scowling at me online now.)

So it's an A-line hooded charcoal gray wool coat. It does not get more basic, or perfect than this. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

1 - Color - charcoal - goes with everything and doesn't show lint. Plus it's a great backdrop for bright scarves...or any scarf for that matter.

2 - A-line to offer a little room to the expanding middle *but* fits bulky sweaters underneath as well.

3 - And can we get to the Hood part? It has a hood! Yes indeed. You know those icky fall/winter/spring days where it's chilly and just kinda spittin' or lightly snowing outside and you don't really want to bring an umbrella and you don't want to wear a full-on parka? This is the perfect coat for those days. And hood = no hat = no hat head. (Trust me, that equation works, I was a math major, after all.)

4 - First baby sentiment? Don't even go there. Don't even try.

If the coat does have a downside (other than that it's not bright screaming yellow like my Winnie), it's the the sleeves are a little short. But that just means that I wear my fabbie opera length leather gloves with it - and it's got a little of that mod 60's vibe. If you need something similar, Target had a great pair of long black (soft) leather gloves for $17.99 in store - I highly recommend. I think this is that pair, which is out of stock online, but check the store - and really, they had a great selection of fantastic gloves.

The sad part is that this coat is kinda on its last legs and I will soon be looking a replacement.

(moment of silence for my coat)

Back to blogging...

And the rest of the outfit from yesterday? Sweater dress from Banana (HO 2007) that I couldn't really fit into last year and yay, it fits now. Plus footless tights, black flats, and my new constellation necklace. Necklace scored for $9.99 at my local B&M last week. So if you happen to be in your store and see one, snatch it up. Mine is the antiqued one, not the shiny one, but I think the antiqued is nice for a change.

Back to the footless tights...what do you think? Do they look ok? I'll be honest - they looked worse in person. I had to tug down on the tights & the dress to get a decent picture. Otherwise, the hemline of the dress combined with the visual cut off at the ankle - dang, I was looking awfully thick in the legs. Does that mean I'm ditching the dress or the footless tights? Nope. Next time I wear the dress, I'll go with full-on tights and flat boots, and it will be fine. Next time I feel the yen to go with footless tights (which truthfully aren't very "me" to begin with), I'll go with a different sweater dress or skirt. Lesson learned. And this is what I love about the daily outfit pic. Always educational for me.

Polyvore from yesterday:


Stylestance said...

That coat looks so adorable and cozy on you! I can see why it's a favorite. Thanks for the mention my friend :)

C said...
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C said...

when you want to replace that coat, get an Eddie Bauer "Girl On The Go Trench" (yeah, it's really called that). It is made out of some kind of Nylon that resists everything and it is totally waterproof. It is also (kind of miraculously) stretchy.

Summerilla said...

I have the constellation necklace in the antique version too, I prefer it much more than the shiny version. The antique makes it look more like a vintage heirloom and I love that about it. The crewlets have their own version too but the locket is smaller and shiny.

Love the coat it looks so comfortable. I always have to go for cozy in coats, I don't like them too fitted.

HeidiG said...

Stylestance - happy to share the blog love! and thank you!

C - thanks, I'll check that out - soon!! I actually need a new trench as my regular one went missing last spring and I haven't replaced it yet.

Summerilla - I thought of you when I saw the constellation in the antiqued finish. Cozy in coats is key - definitely - the hard part for me is avoiding looking like the Michelin man. :)

CECE said...

So cute! I had to make a comment =) That outfit looks soooo comfortable! By the way, I used to hate leggings...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM NOW! Arent they the most comfortable thing? They also allow me to wear the short skirts and dresses which I dread to wear and they look fab!

AnneG said...

Heidi -- seriously, you are crazy if you think those leggings/footless tights make your legs look thick. No way! You look awesome. The monochromatic is very slimming. You go!

Anonymous said...

"A moment of silence for my coat" - LOL! I can totally relate. I am on a business trip this week and have my trusty BR black satin trench coat with me. I bought this baby about six years ago before a trip to Italy. It has been with me through two pregnancies (I just ditched the belt when I got too big)and everything in between! And the best part... it still looks great. Gotta love it.

Mindy said...

Ha! You make me laugh. I have been AWOL from blogging. Took most of the summer of for gardening & swimming and now recoverying from my spinal surgery. But you make me laugh and I really need that. Thanks for getting back in the fashion loop. ~Mindy

my verification word is butumene - sounds fattening. :)

Ms.Mer said...

I think the cutoff tights/dress combo look great! I personally don't think they make your legs look thick -- if anything, they look rather shapely, and in a good way! (muscular and toned, but not masculine)

I feel your pain about having to retire your favorite coat. It seems that favorite clothing items always wear out faster, for obvious reasons. And letting them go is so much harder. :)

Happy Friday!

HeidiG said...

CECE - yes, leggings are so comfy

AnneG & Ms.Mer - I will honestly attribute the non-thick leg look to a 2nd set of photos with some serious tugging down on the dress...honestly. (1st set of pics? not good) But I think that's just the combo of this dress and these tights. This dress works a little better with opaque full tights, I think.

Anon @ 12:00 - oooh, that BR trench sounds gorgeous!

Minday - so glad you are recovering! butumene? I don't know - I think that sounds toxic, lol!

post-fab princess said...

Ooh, I think the footless tights are adorable!!!! Such a cute look on you!

I hear you about hoods invaluable!

Kathy said...

The tights look nice! I am a person who does not keep things, I hate having things around that I don't use. Often I get rid of things and then want them back years later, it is that way with coats like yours. There are a few that I wish I still had and one was just like that except it had a red wool lining inside the hood.