Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like the Tango Tank Actually Needs *More* Layers...

Told you I would be catching up... starting with today's outfit.

Ok, totally honest...I was going to just go with my tissue turtleneck and Chico's boyfriend jeans with a statement necklace to break up all the blue. (you know me and my simple, I mean, classic, outfits.) But then I thought...what if I added a statement top...on top? I know the tango tank will be just fantastic in spring & summer, but I'd like to try to wear it more now since 1 - it's cute, 2 - I like the shape and thinks it's pretty figure flattering, and 3 - trying to use what I have and stop buying all new stuff, you know.

So, attempt #1 at layering with the tango tank. (I have a M in both of these tops, btw.) Navy tissue turtle under the gray tango tank. Then gray fireball necklace, Dina hoops, and gilded daisy ring. And navy patent flats.

What did I think of this outfit? Ummmm, ok. It looks a little heavier in the picture than I thought it did IRL. Maybe that's because my hair is down. I actually think this would have worked much better with hair up. And I kept feeling like I should be layering a navy blazer on top for some reason...hmmm, I'll have to work on that since I don't actually have one.

Next time, I'll try this with a regular tee underneath. Have you done any creative layering with your tango tank?

Polyvore of today's outfit:

Items in this set:
J Crew top, $50
J Crew top, $40
Current/Elliott jeans, 243 GBP
Maloles flats, $130
Forzieri earrings, $449


MMM said...

Cute idea! ;) It looks great on you. I haven't tried layering anything under my Tango Tank but I think I will have to give it a try!!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Chasing Davies said...

I love layers and layering and this outfit rocks! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit. I do not have the Tango Tank however I have tried to layer my tees to create a different look. I tried layering a grey ON stripe tee with the JC doggie tee, with grey matchsticks cords yesterday. It was an interesting combo, and I received a couple of high 5's from people who saw it. I guess reading all the great fashion advice on the blogs is rubbing off on me!

Ema said...

I think that the turtleneck and the tango work well together but you need something more fitted in the bottom, like the Minnies.
You could also try to add the sherpa hoodie over the tango.
I don't have the tango (yet, waiting for it to go on sale as I know that I wouldn't wear it before the spring anyway), but I tried the latering thing with a few tees. Pics coming soon.

Have a great Thanksgiving Heidi!

Pamela said...

Great idea! I love layering those tee type pieces and the tissue turtlenecks are great! I've been layering them under the tees and love it. Seeing you style that tank makes me want to get one now!!!!!! Can a girl have too many ruffle tanks!?
Happy Thanksgiving!

gigiofca said...

I agree w/Ema on a slimmer silhouette on the bottom & w/you on hair up. It's a good idea to get some mileage out of these sleeveless pieces the retailers keep selling. It's crazy.

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

HeidiG said...

MMM - thank you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!

Chasing Davies - thank you!

casual-crew - oooh, love the stripe & doggie tee combo - sounds fab!! I do love this aspect of the blog reading - getting creative ideas from others!

Ema - thanks - I agree that a more fitted bottom would work better. The boyfriend jeans looked ok IRL since they are very soft & slouchy & move - but they definitely look "stiffer" in pics.

Pamela - no, a girl can't have too many ruffle tanks - but honestly, this is my first one - the others just didn't work on me.

gigi - thanks - I agree on hair & pants, definitely - and totally agree on the craziness of *all* the sleeveless tees - but I did grab and keep this one because the fit was so good. The others I have been able to resist. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!