Monday, February 8, 2010

And Why Am I Looking at Spring Shoes Again???

Did you enjoy the game last night? And if you don't really care about football, did you at least have some yummy snacks and good company? I was happy the Saints won, but admittedly that paled in comparison to the fact that hubby and I won $60 from the squares game since he successfully picke squares for the ending scores at the 1st, 3rd & 4th quarter. Go random!! And he successfully recouped his $20 investment, while I managed to snag the net of $40. Yay can guess where that's going...

But speaking of football, I wanted to refer you Saints fans and Francophiles over to a blog that my friend snaphappy referred me to - Simply Southern - where she has a history 101 lesson on the fleur de lis. And it's just a fun blog to read - lots of fun events posts and great quotes - esp this one from Phyllis Diller that she posted yesterday:

The reason women don't play football is because eleven of them would never wear the same outfit in public. (hehehe, don't you love it?)
So...I'm sitting here at the computer, just cracking up...and the source of my midday mirth is not the usual afternoon viewing of, but the continually updating Winter Storm Warnings. After getting 27" of snow in my front yard this past weekend as part of the DC Snowpacolypse, we are now expecting...wait for it...10-20" of snow Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. First it was going to be a few inches, then yesterday afternoon, it bumped up to 5"+, then this morning, 5-10", and now this. Oy....

Since when did the prospect of 10" of snow make DC blase? Seriously? Hubby is so done with the snow. I don't blame him - he commutes (worked from home today, though). And he does the lion's share of the manual labor. I do shovel, though. However, if it's the weekend, like with this snow, he does most of it because he's here.

But if you want to smile, here's my fave pic from this weekend of Lucy racing down the hill behind the pool where we were sledding yesterday:

But enough about the least until I get the pictures formatted...and to keep you entertained until then, I have two new shoe purchases to share...

Long-time readers probably remember me whining about my favorite Isaac Mizrahi sandals from Target - the Liz gladiator sandal in bronze snake. I have gone through 2 pairs of these. They go with literally everything and are so comfortable to boot. (pun...hehehe) Anyway, if I had realized that Isaac was jumping ship to Liz Claiborne, I would have stockpiled that sandal. No such luck, and I baby my last pair, only wearing them when I really really really want to and nothing else matches an outfit, because like I said, they do go with everything.

And then last Saturday (previous weekend, the one with just a few inches, not feet, of snow), I was wandering around Target to grab a couple of birthday presents for M&E for parties they were going to on Sunday. As I was by my little old self, I wandered around the shoes, just browsing...and what in the world did I see there but an almost exact duplicate for my beloved Liz sandals???? This is the Elyssa sandal by Merona Collection ($19.99). (and yes, that's me who wrote the current 1 review)

At left, below, is the new Elyssa sandal, at right is the old Liz sandal.

Before I get to the shoe comparison, a few points:

1 - Liz and Elyssa. I'm suuuuure it's just a coincidence that the names are sooooo similar. (Oh, was that sarcastic? Sorry. Maybe they were just trying to make it easy for me.)

2 - I know there has been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere about the Merona Collection taking the literal and metaphorical place of the Target Isaac Mizrahi line. This seals the deal for me. No question about it.

3 - My pedi polish is OPI You Don't Know Jacques from the 2008 Fall/Winter Collection. One of my all time faves and may actually be the first colored polish that necessitates me buying a new bottle because I've used so much (you know me, I'm all about the polish).

I didn't get the sandals that Saturday because it was actually snowing outside. I did, however, get them the very next day when I was there killing time while E was at one of the parties. (wasn't actually snowing then) Ironically, the oh so kind, generous, and clearly eagle-eyed jmpb of Polyvore Pictures, who also was sent me an email last week alerting me to the sandals at Target. I love you, jmpb - you are awesome!

Details on the shoe - it's also available in silver metallic and black, both with silver accents (the buckle & the little ring over the toes where the straps meet. However, it appears that the silver and black may only be available online. I took my regular size, a 9. It has padding in the sole. The straps may look thin, but don't seem to rub at all or be too tight - however, because of the 3 straps spread around the front of the foot, the sandal is nicely fitted and doesn't slide around. Lazy me, this is important - but like the IM version, the heel strap is just loose enough so that you can juuuuust stretch it over your hell without having to unbuckle. (Yes, I do look for that in ALL my sandals.)

The only real difference I can see between the 2 sandals is the footbed. Instead of the bronze footbed that matched the straps (and hid dirt), the new sandal has a Vachetta-ish footbed with stitching around the outside. I can't vouch for total comfort since I haven't actually worn them around much, but initial trials give them a total thumbs up. And even if they don't work for full-day wear, they are still more supportive than my JC Danielles.

Polyvore with stock photo comparison:
Happy Feet
Happy Feet by HeidiGblog featuring Isaac Mizrahi shoes

And onto the next shoe...the Born Lovely Flat ($84.95, available at Nordstrom). No really, that's its name. And lovely it is.

I had been eyeing these flats ever since I got an email featuring them. They are available in black, pink, yellow, and green (see Polyvore at bottom). And a huge thank you to Erin for reminding me that they are available in silver also (separate listing on here but same price).

And I am perfectly happy to pay $84.95 for them. (yes, another case of full price love - I don't count Target shoes as full price since they're so cheap to begin with...and I say that with love.)

I love ballet you probably realize from the fact that I wear them all the time and that I have them all over my blog header. But no, they aren't terribly supportive - whether they are from Target or J Crew. Usually I get around that with a trusty gel insole.

However, these ballet flats...from Born...they're as comfy and as supportive as you would expect. They are so comfy that I even wore them around town running errands last Friday morning as the Snowpacolypse was starting because I wanted to wear them just one more time before boot-weather set in again. My feet sing when I wear them. Not only are they supportive - but they are soft - the leather is so soft as my Selby bag.

I took a size 9 and they fit very well. You may want to considering sizing down a 1/2 size (per the advice in the Nordstrom reviews). If you are used to JC shoes, definitely size down.

My only issue with these shoes was what color or colors to get. For starters, don't shoot me for getting them in black. My current pair of soft leather plus gel insole Target black flats are just done. They need to go bye-bye. So I really did need a pair of black. My issue here is color. I decided to get a 2nd pair of flats with a little bit of birthday money from my inlaws, which had been patiently camping out in my wallet.

I decided to get the yellow, thinking that it would be a really great lighter neutral-ish color to wear with pretty much any other color. The question then is does the yellow work with my skintone or fight with it? Should I get the pink or green instead, realizing that neither is quite as versatile. Still chewing this one over in my brain, folks.

Polyvore with all the pretty pretty colors.
Born 'Lovely' Flat
Born 'Lovely' Flat by HeidiGblog featuring Born flats


Lady Buttons said...

Great score on the new spring shoes -- now if only the darn snow would let up for you (seriously, send some our way, we've got nuttin'!) Which brings me to point #2, that is a fantastic shot of Lucy. Her effervescence makes me giggle!

gigiofca said...

Snowpacolypse. *lol* I vote to keep the yellow. I think it goes fine w/your skintone. The green is not a great shade, imo. I'm not convinced you will wear the pink. The yellow, I see you in. Good catch on Miz vs. Mero!

JCAUNCMom said...

SCORE!! Great new finds, cutie! They ALL look so good on you!!!If only my scrawny feet could wear Born shoes. I have tried and tried, as if magically something is gonna change and I won't look like Daisy Duck. :-)

I'm on the fence about the yellow, to be totally honest. I see more pink in your skin than yellow, if the photography's near accurate. But I agree with Gigi that the green's pretty much MEH. Would you wear the pink? 'Cause they are way, way cute, IMHO.

Enjoy, and stay warm! HOPE YOUR POWER STAYS ON!!!!!!

JCAUNCMom said...

P.S. Lucy -- ohmigosh, what a picture!!! Couldn't you just eat that pooch up with a spoon, she's THAT luscious?!?!?!?!

Pamela said...

I can't believe it- it's the same damn shoe! Yer haw! I know how much you love those and you always made me want to try them and now I can!

I like the yellow Born shoe. It's s great neutral and I can see you wearing that color. Born shoes are so comfy. Well worth FP.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this shoe! I tried it on at Nordstrom last week and almost got them in silver. I think I may have to go back because you are right- they are so comfortable. Check out the silver pair on they are really cute!!! I like the mustard on you but I think you should consider the silver pair- they will go with everything!

By the way, I found your blog a few weeks ago and love it! I'm just now coming out of the woodwork. :)

HeidiG said...

Lady Buttoms - I know...the snow seems to have shifted south this year! Lucy does make me giggle, too - I swear that she's smiling.

gigiofca - thank you - and I suspect you are right about the pink - I have a pair of magenta-ish Puma flats and I just don't wear them as much as I thought I would.

JCAUNCMom - thanks for the color feedback - my skintone is actually very yellow (must be why I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics so much) but maybe the contrast with the yellow makes me look pink! Sorry you can't do the Borns, but if your feet are scrawny, I'm guessing you can wear any pair of JC shoes your little heart desires, so I don't feel too sorry for you. :) And yes, Lucy is that yummy.

Pamela - thank you! and let me know if you try out the Target sandals! (we can wear them with our Gabriella dresses when they go on sale)

Erin - Oops, I totally forgot about the silver ones!! I'll go back now and update the post - thanks. And thanks for visiting!!

Cate said...

LOVE the flats! I really like the green ones...

CECE said...

Hello Heidi! I love the shoes! The first pair made me say hey, theyre not a pair, I wonder if she noticed...duh! hehehe Its too funny that they revived the shoe just placed it under a different brand. Both are nice! I love Born shoes... extreme comfort and cute designs. Even the mens shoes are great. Have a great week dear! By the way, searched for the yellow jacket but they sold out =(

ashley said...

ooooh! i remember asking you where you got your sandals last year! now i can have a look-a-like pair of my own!!!! yay! :)

jmpb said...

aww...right back atcha!

so glad you got your beloved gladiator sandals, they are going to look so cute once all that snow melts!

LUV the yellow borns! i'm looking for a pair of yellow flats for spring and i think i'm going to have to make a trip to nordies! they will look so cute with navy, red, white, everything! definitely keep the yellow!

Simply Southern said...

hey girl. thanks for the shout out. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. I am def loving yours as well.. and love the OPI nailpolish color.. I might have to make that my next pedi choice!

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow, it is a versatile color that can go with black, grey, khaki, jeans. Can you wear that color yellow on top? there are alot of tees and sweaters around right now in that color.

I hate to tell you this we are missing the next storm too, only flurries. Long range forcasts indicate we are going to get all our snow in March just when you don't want to see it, so if you are going to get it, get it now so Spring can arrive sooner.

DaniBP said...

All that's almost like you live in Canada or something!
Meanwhile, it hasn't been snowing here much at all!
I love love those Born flats. I saw them in Nordstroms when I was in Palm Beach, they are so sweet. I wish I had bought some! I had a color-decision problem. With my time back, I'd get the yellow. I think you would get lots of wear out of the yellow too (will look smashing with navy!)

Ann said...

Inspirational spring shoes, as we are getting dumped on with!

I got that same Nordstrom email about the Borns and saved it--I think they are so cute. I saw them in store but had no time to try on. If you already have pink shoes and don't wear them much, I'd rule out that color...seems that the yellow would coordinate great with your wardrobe but the green is great too (for myself, I might go for the green, as the yellow would not look good on me). But I think my own top contender is the silver--neutral (meaning that many wears and outfits are possible), but FUN!

GingerSnap said...

I love that peopleofwalmart website! I read it all the time! Also, I wanted to say that I about fell over reading that quote about funny!

Zoë Moët said...

Jacques, like the Liz gladiators, simply goes with everything, that's why you wear it (him?) so much. It's my most used polish too. I think I'm gonna go paint my nails right now!

OneFashionistaDiva said...

the flats are adorable! amazing how similiar the sandals are!!

Ema said...

Go with the yellow, I think it goes much better with your clothes color palette clothes, than the pink. Who cares of the skin tone when it comes to shoes, seriously!

So glad that you found a replica of your beloved gladiators. I have a pair of very cheap Steve Madden slides that were a knockoff of a Sigerson Morrison pair and I wore them to death. I would re-buy them in a heartbeat if I could find the replica of the replica ;-).

Love the shot of Lucy in the snow, precious!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo of Lucy. She is so happy. Let me know if you are going sledding-I will bring the boys and Skittles. She loves the snow, too!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the yellow--nice color! The black in this shoe is my favorite though! Yesterday I saw a someone walking a Labradoodle and your "Lucy" came to mind! Funny, huh? Lucy is sooo adorable!

Mrs. Politico said...

i say go for the yellow... then again.. can you ever have enough ballet flats? :)

I'll enjoy following your blog. Check me out

Summerilla said...

I seriously was looking at that picture of those sandals thinking - "what, those are the same, I don't see a single difference". Then I saw it, seriously I was thinking I was reading it wrong and they were the same shoe. Very cute.

Love the floral flats. I like the yellow ones!

HeidiG said...

Cate - I think the green ones were the only color they didn't have in stock there in my size.

CECE - sorry about the Winnie - but it may reappear on never know.

ashely - enjoy the sandals!!

jmpb - I will say that the navy/white/gray combo kept flashing in my mind whenever I saw the yellow flats. And thanks again for the sandals email - you rock, lady!!

Simply Southern - you are most welcome - just make sure you see my 1/18 post where mr.snaphappy and I are modeling our matching J Crew purses. :)

casual-crew - wow, you're missing this one too? It's howling outside, with lots of snow. And yes, I totally agree on the color possibilities with the yellow - so great with all the neutrals.

DaniBP - yes, it feels like Canada...only without all the additional snow manpower & equipment, lol! and oh yes, navy + the yellow flats = my wardrobe all spring.

Ann - I agree that the silver are so versatile. But I have a weird thing about not wearing silver shoes and gold jewelry, and I really wear mostly gold, so at FP, the silver wouldn't make as much sense for me - they are just darling, though.

GingerSnap - glad you enjoyed the football quote - I know you are a big fan!!

Zoe Moet - you are so right - Jacques does go with everything!! Glamour just sent out one of their emails naming "smoky beige" as the hot Feb 2010. yay us!!

OneFashionistaDiva - thank you!

Ema - good point about skintone and shoes - don't they always tell us to wear the colors we love that look crummy on us on the bottom?

Anon - Hi K! I will let you know when we go - too windy for me today - shoveling was enough - Lucy would LOVE to romp around with Skittles. She's been sitting at our fence - with her chin resting on the top of the fence - just waiting for Bodie next door to come out and play. And yes, she's jumped the fence to go next door quite a few times since the snow started.

yogagirl - thank you - we do love our doggies, don't we?

Mrs Politico - good point, maybe I do need to start a collectionof the Lovely's.

Summerilla - yes, that's the point of the sandals! I actually had a pic of the 2 pairs side by side but didn't use them because you could really tell the difference off my foot because of the 2 soles. Yes, I'm tricky like that.

Robin said...

Thanks so much for showing the Merona sandal. I tried them on at Target this week and was so excited they were narrow enough for my skinny feet! Probably would have missed out on them if not for you! Thanks

HeidiG said...

Robin - wonderful! Hope you enjoy them!!

math teacher said...

I have those same Isaac Target sandals and LOVE them! I wore them until I wore them out. :) So glad to know that they're carrying them again. I hope that they are as comfortable for long wear as the previous ones. Thanks for pointing them out - I will definitely look for them next time I'm in Target. I also love the Born flats - I look at them everytime I go in Belk. I love the silver ones and that's probably the color I'd go with.

math teacher said...

Oh, and I also vote to keep the yellow. Really, who's going to be looking at your feet and thinking about skin tone. :)

HeidiG said...

math teacher - yay, another Liz fan! hope you love the new ones as much. And thanks for the feedback on the yellow flats!

Peggy said...

OK, love those flats! I neeeeed them in pink!