Friday, February 12, 2010

Outfit Catchup

We are watching the Opening Ceremonies on TV and I'm getting ready to catch up on some outfit posting. First of all, Canada - you make such a gracious host...or hostess...I'm not sure of usage here. Go Canada!!

I love the Parade of Nations - it's always so inspiring. And it's continuous so we actually get to watch it, instead of having to constantly cut away for a billion human interest stories. (They just cut away for the oh-so-important commercials.) You know, when there are so many of "interest" stories, somehow they lose a bit of my interest. Plus sports-fan hubby gets really irritated at all the fluff. Speaking of fluff...another Lucy snow pic for you:

Some thoughts on the Parade of Nations:

  • Azerbaijan has the best pants, without question. Google it. I'm sure pics will be up by the time I post this. UPDATE - click here for picture.
  • Go Bermuda - Bermuda shorts for the Winter Olympics. Love it!! I realize it's the national costume, but it's still pretty cool.
  • Ireland has awesome yellow-chartreuse pants. And if I were the only country separating Israel & Iran, I'd probably wear an alert color as well.
  • I want the Slovenia women's green coats - GORGEOUS!
  • And I want one of the US turtlenecks, too. They have to be selling those somewhere. Why miss the opportunity to make a buck?
  • I'm totally digging the quilted parka/dresses that the female flag bearers are wearing. Where can I get one? I look really good in off-white. And it's that cold here.

Outfit #1 - January 25 - Nude & Black. Inspired by an article in Glamour about the color nude for spring. I loved it paired with black...and realized I could do it with last springs cotton-cashmere bouquet cardi and a black tee. Plus my Chicos slim leg jeans. I really liked this outfit. And I'll wear it lots this spring - esp with white jeans. Truthfully, it wasn't quite warm enough for the day, but I loved the colors anyway. That's why we have coats. And it was quite fab with my black Selby bag and its vachetta handles.

Other accessories - loved it with my two-tone spectator Me Too ballet flats. And I paired the duchess stone bracelet with the braided rope rose gold bracelet. Great bracelet combo - my fave JC SA raved over it when I stopped by while I was out. So naturally, I was pleased that she appreciated it.

Polyvore from January 25:

1/25/10 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Outfit #2 - January 26 - I finally got the Knox sweater jacket right (this is size M). It's the neckline that's so tricky. A crewneck is too cluttered or crowded with the high vee of the Knox, but a vneck tee is perfect underneath! I decided to play off the military feel of the Knox, so I paired with black Minnies and my black boots. I kept the rest of the accessories simple - just Tiffany heart bracelet and silver hoops.

I admit I felt kinda tough in this outfit. Oh, what a great pair of boots can do for self-confidence! Stylestance has a fun post back in the fall about the effect our shoes have on how we walk - and it's so true. I skip when I'm wearing ballet flats. But when I have on my flat riding boots, I have authority and I stand tall. Which, unfortunately just reminds me of Cartman...respect my authori-tay. But I always feel great in these boots - except for when it's slushy/snowy because I have no traction but always thing I should - ok, so maybe a bit too much confidence.

Polyvore from January 26:

1/26/10 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

One final note - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today! And Abraham Lincoln, of course.


dinagideon said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Mom to HeidiG. :) Teehee. Oh, and Abe, and Rex...

And Christina Ricci...


You are too cute with the nude and black combo. I cannot believe that I did the whole neutral thing tonight...definitely channeling you, for sure...although your outfit is more classicly elegant.

So if I wear driving mocs does that mean I will be driving my way through the day???

Okay, must go google Azebaijan. (sp.?)

Stylestance said...

Two great outfits... you look fantastic and ready for just about anything. Once again, the Minnies are great on you. Love the boots :)

Kathy said...

It looks like Lucy is having the most fun in the snow! Our Daisy just loves it too!

I love the nude and black!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...the US sweaters are available online at ralph lauren for a whopping $500.00 smackeroos. i would like one too but will have to wait for them to be marked down which I'm sure they will.

The Outfit of the day said...

I still cannot believe how much snow you guys are getting! It's unbelievable!
My favorite outfit is the first one, love the flats!

HeidiG said...

dinagideon - hmmm, driving mocs...not sure what that means...not driving necessarily, but they definitely have their own walk. I'll have to put on my old Target Isaac ones tomorrow and see. And I just added a link to a pic of Azerbaijan. I'm sure more pics will be up in the morning (the real morning). And I was rather amused at your all-neutral outfit. You just be hanging out with me too much.

Stylestance - thank you!

Kathy - Lucy is having fun, that's for sure. Would love to see Daisy pics in the snow, too.

Anan - $500? I guess I'm not surprised. I figured that we, the lowly spectators, would be able to shell out beaucoup bucks to get our own. Definitely not Full Price love, though.

The Outfit of the Day - thank you! This snow is crazy. And we even have a little clipper system that's supposed to roll through Mon night - only 50% chance of snow right now. I really, truly *need* my children to go back to school on Tuesday.

Pamela said...

Happy birthday to your mom! It was my mom's b-day this week, too.

I agree about the way the shoes effect how we stand, walk, etc. That is so true!

I like the combo of the nude and black. Very chic.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a hostess, can you please ship Vancouver some snow? I loved the Checkoslovakia's pants, so colorful! You should be able to buy team USA clothes at a cheaper price, who made them? Roots USA should have something similar and I know Lululemon has their cheer gear on line, I was able to get a pair of US mitts, I loved the red white and blue.

The pearl Jackie looks good paired with the black.

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

The sweaters are made by RL and are 475.00!! I asked if they are made from actual olympians or polo ponies but got no reply.

I am going to do a little recap about the pants too!

HeidiG said...

Pamela - thank you & happy bday to your mom as well!

casual-crew - oh, I think we would all happily ship you most of our snow. thanks for the hostess correction! And the cardi is actually from last spring - the cotton-cashmere bouquet cardi - but fab idea - this would work great with the pearl Jackie as well, thanks!!

Suburban Princess - oh, I do love your sense of humor! Can't wait to see your recap, too!

dinagideon said...

Hey, Heidi, I found this article over at the Post this morning. While I chuckled at parts of it (esp. the part about babies being shown videos of snow and hearing an audio of shrieking), I want to go and kick his "pompous, Northerners do everything right" butt. Come on, now...get over yourself. Geez.

Oh, and thanks for the link to Azerbaijan...I couldn't find any photos last night...

Ema said...

I knew that the sweaters were Ralph Lauren because the store windows here are all about the Olympics and I even received a mailer from RL a whiiiile ago informing me that they are the official sponsor of the US team (I bought a sweater for my husband during the Thanksgiving sales and now I'm on their mailing list). The good thing about RL is that things get marked down pretty haevily at the end of the season, so you could possibly get one for around $100. If you still want it.

Love the first outfit (I would have thought that the sleeves of the bouquet cardigan would be too snug for a long-sleeved tee but it looks like it works). I have the champagne Jackie and I will definitively try this combo, thanks for the inspiration.

Jemma Ruby said...

he he he, I love your recap of the parade of nations, that is one of my favorite parts of the olympics! Some of those outfits are just dreadful and others are great. Thanks for that because we dont get the olympics here!!

Nude and black is one of my all time favorite combos, but I have to watch the nude because it easily makes me looked washed out..

Hope you are surviving snomageddon!! :-)

Amy said...

I just love that Lucy. She is the cutest thing!

HeidiG said...

dinagideon - thanks...or no thanks...for sharing the article. what a jerk. he should look to his colleague, Sen Dodd from CT, for how to do DC in the snow - Dodd is the one who had the no-sledding-at-the-Capitol restriction lifted. That's how you do it!!

Ema - I actually went back to look at the size of my bouquet cardi, and it's an M. I think it works because the sleeves on the tee are long, so there's no line. A short sleeve tee may not work as well. It's been so long since I wore short sleeves, I just can't remember... :) And good point on the RL markdowns!

Jemma Ruby - you are right about the color nude - the more tan/khaki/stone shades work on me, the peachier shades wash me out. But black always sharpens them up!

Amy - thank you! I completely agree. :)

Slastena said...

Heidi- Happy B-day to your mom and Happy Valentine's to you and your sweetie!Outfits are simply wonderul!
Thanks for the pic of Lucy- looks like she enjoyed the snow.

HeidiG said...

Slastena - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your Lucy has to be a goldendoodle! My Rocky looks almost identical! ha ha Cute outfits by the way! :)

HeidiG said...

Anon - not quite, but very, very close - she's a Labradoodle. Aren't these doodles so much fun? Thanks for visiting!

penny said...

You are making me love the Knox.
It looks great on you.
Thanks for letting us know about it.
Not sure I can find it now.

HeidiG said...

penny - thank you! If you really love the Knox, you can always put a comment on the JCA weekly exchange that you're looking for one, or look on ebay. It could also appear online as a popback, but I don't think I've seen it lately. Good luck!