Tuesday, February 2, 2010

J Crew Spring Arrivals - Sweaters and Lots of 'Em

Well, dresses will have to wait for another post...this sucker is long. You all know how much I loooooove sweaters, so not surprisingly, that's where I gravitated when I headed into the J Crew to check out the new release. (like I said, dresses in another post, since they're my other fave.)

Sweater #1 - This one is actually from the previous release in January, but I hadn't posted it yet. Boyfriend Beach Cardigan (#24597, $118) in heather dusk. Nope, didn't do it for me. I have on size M here.

I really had high hopes for this one. I am still looking for this year's library shawl cardigan...something long and cozy and that I'll love as much. This isn't it. I know I love a slouchy silhouette, but this just felt all kinds of boxy on me. And this was the better picture - the other one, for some reason, gave my tummy rolls that I don't really have - and that shouldn't be showing in such a thick sweater.

It's a thick cotton knit, very cozy. I think it's just totally the wrong cut for me. If you are curvier and/or shorter, I think this sweater will be fantastic on you. Boobs definitely would have helped this one out.

The length was just not good because it was too short to be long and just long enough to not be short. Does that make sense? It does to me. If it doesn't to you, have another cup of tea (or glass of wine).I would also like to note that I swear it looks longer in the online pic than it does on me, and I know their models are taller than 5'10".

But to solve my library shawl cardi woes, I did order the Long Beach Cardigan - the navy isn't backordered like the light pewter, so hopefully I'll see that this week, and will post when I do.

Sweater #2 - Merino-Linen Camp Cardigan (#21831, $98), in fawn. Right, because when you think of the one fabric, you automatically think of the other. Ok, that just sounded snotty. Sorry. I didn't really love or even like all that much this sweater. I did like the fawn color. This is a sweater that would be a bit difficult to wear closed unless you are really sucked in underneath or you are wearing it large. The thinness of the knit shows every flaw - I found that it clinged on me instead of flowing. Like how I added the watermark to camouflage the tummy ripples? This would probably work best over a structured underlayer like an actual shirt instead of tank or tee. I love how they styled it online with the dark tank underneath.

I do like the sleeves - the button you see on the sleeve enables you to roll up the sleeves to just above the elbow and fasten. So it works well rolled up...but the button is just kinda hanging out there when the sleeves are at full length.

Here's the thing...I was trying these tops on with a cami and my Chicos slim jeans...the most basic of canvases for these sweaters. And if it doesn't look good with that as the backdrop, chances are that it's not going to work well with much else. Pass for me...especially at full price.

Here's another shot with the sleeve rolled up. See...better, but still not great. And if it's not something required (e.g., uniform, bridesmaid dress - well, I guess that *is* a uniform), why wear something you don't feel great in?

And like the boyfriend beach cardigan above, I don't necessarily want to pay full price for a cardi that only works open...esp when that full price is awfully close to $100.

Back to the fabric blend itself - anyone have any thoughts on the wool/linen pairing? I found it a little odd. Different strokes for different folks and all that...

Sweater #3 - Scalloped Zipper Cardigan (#23423, $98) in heather stone. See it also on dinagideon here, who has the figure to wear it, and on Pamela, who also looks great (and has a great close up of the ruffle/zipper detail..

I like this cardi...I really do. Zippers, ruffles, cardigan...what's not to love? Other than the length. Oh, I had high hopes for this one, too...but as soon as I saw it IRL, I had an inkling that it wouldn't work. Why? Length again. Let's be honest, I would probably be most likely to wear this with a tee/tank and jeans or Minnies...since that's my usual everyday uniform.

I have a size M here, and the fit is fantastic, except that, darnitall, I want an extra inch or two at the bottom. It's not even as cropped as the dream cabin cardigan from last season, but it's still just short enough that it doesn't feel long enough. I just wasn't feeling it...at least not at full price.

This would be a fantastic sweater with a dress underneath, esp an LBD. But I don't wear enough of those to justify. So it's a pass for me...maybe I would consider on sale, but given how cute this is on dina and the SAs I've seen wearing it, I doubt it will get there. And as I've said before and will continue to say...wouldn't it be boring if we all were wearing the exact same things from J Crew???

Sweater #4 - This appears to be retail only, at least for now. Per my receipt, its the "Cashfeel Kyla Long Yoga Cardi". (#25135, $88).

Again, I must refer you to Dina's post that I linked to above, where she referred to this as the "UGLY SWING STYLE MERINO CARDIGAN IN A PRETTY COLOR". Clearly she only feels lukewarm about it.

But before we get to fit, how gorgeous are these colors? BLI (bright lilac?), plus honey - in Dina's post (and there were several neutrals as well). Yum. If we see more of this as the spring line continues to roll out, I will be a happy woman. Unlike the warm, fleshy pinky corals, these colors I love. And wear.

However, when you are shaped like a brick, or have wide shoulders with not much chest - sorta like a big, wide clothes hanger, like me you can pull this off. Dina thought it made her shoulders look small. So I said, sweet, I am all over that!! Smaller shoulders? Sign me up.

Yes, it's swingy, but if you have the shoulders for it, you can do it. You just need to make sure your underlayers are fitted to balance out the shape of the sweater.

I bought this sweater, but then I returned it. So why didn't I keep the sweater? Much as I love the shape, I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend FP on a yoga sweater. And over the weekend, I ordered the long beach cardigan, so I wasn't sure I really needed it at this point. I can definitely see this going on sale later, so maybe I'll pick up one then.

I would like to draw your attention to the tank I am wearing underneath - the Tissue Tier Tank (#23338, $39.50). This is a fantastic underlayer...as long as you keep your sweater/jacket closed. Can you see how appallingly sheer the not tiered part is? I wish it had come in darker colors. This is an M, by the way.

Now...don't laugh too hard...this is the sweater I bought and actually kept.

Sweater #5 - Jackie Cardigan (#85613, $62), in pearl. First of all, the picture does not do this cardi justice. Or the online pic. The color is neutral, yes, but gorgeous - pale khaki, like the color of a chocolate-vanilla milkshake. You know, made with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, instead of using chocolate ice cream. Yum! Add a shot or two of Godiva white chocolate liquor and now we're really talking...

Um, back to the sweater. I pounced on this as soon as I saw it in the store. For me, the Jackie is the perfect summer cardigan. And I love that it's light, but it's not quite white - so it won't show dirt quite as easily. M & E are growing up but, hello, they are still kids. And well, I'm still one of the clutziest people on earth.

And I love, I mean really love, this color cardi with a white tee underneath - so crisp. You will definitely see me in this cardi with a white tee & white jeans this spring.

And I did get 2 perfect fit tanks, since they're on special in store for $14. Always a good time to stock up. Basic, boring, but necessary.

Next post....dresses from the spring rollout. But it's time to head to the bus stop.

ps - if you've tried these items on, please let me know and I'll add the link - but I hadn't quite caught up on blog reading before posting.


Anonymous said...

I really like sweater #4 on you, the color is so flattering. The Jackie is a good purchase, especially when you will wear it alot.

I thought for sure you would buy the denim Minnies.

HeidiG said...

casual-crew - ah yes, the denim Minnies. should have mentioned those...but wow...what can I say other than Yikes! As good as the other Minnies were...these were not good. And my fave SA said the same thing. I was so hoping they would work, but they just looked awful on. So bad, that I didn't even bother with a picture, I just wanted to take them off!

AppGal said...

Great pics! Thanks so much for posting and reviewing. I love how detailed you are :) And I love that you ended up getting such a great basic in the Jackie cardigan. You can't get much better than that piece! Can't WAIT for the dress post! yay!

Kathy said...

I did not see the pearl Jackie in the store. I ended up buying called blush that seemed to change color once it was home. I am headed back tomorrow for a few returns and will look for the pearl. I agree with you that it was the nices one!

dinagideon said...

Okay, yes, the pearl Jackie is lovely on you! But (and I am ducking my head away as I say this), I LOVE the scalloped zipper cardi on you. Really. So very pretty!

I had such a great time yesterday. I am so glad we could see each other. With the upcoming snow it will likely be ages before any of us see each other ever again. :P

Kristin said...

Thank you for posting these reviews. I totally understand the too-short-too-long thing. I am having a hard time finding just the "right" cardigan! I have the shirred cardigan that came out last Aug that I love and wear to death. I like the berry cardigan on you. I will have to try that one the next time I'm in a store. I am not a big fan of open cardigans though - I like to close mine. JC has a cashmere v neck cardigan right now that looks like the perfect length for me but it's expensive. Wish there was a cheaper merino version!

Can't wait to see what you have on dresses! Thanks again!

HeidiG said...

AppGal - it is funny that I ended up with such a basic...but let's be honest...that's just how I dress. :) Goal is to get the dress post up tomorrow.

Kathy - in the 2 B&Ms I have been in over the past week, the Jackies were in 2 groups on different tables - 1 with pinks/purples, 1 with blues/greens. In both displays, the pearl was with the blues/greens. HTH! (I looked at the blush one too and even took it to the dressing room, but the pearl was much better.)

dinagideon - no ducking needed, but I do think this is a case (like the Carly dress when I post it and the Nico skirt) where the camera angle in the dressing room made it look a better on me than it would have if I'd brought it home to take pics. It definitely isn't quite as short as the dream cabin cardi was and I probably would pick it up on sale, but I doubt there will be any left. Ah well.... And yes, I had such a great time yesterday, too! Given the weather forecasts...now they're calling for 3-6" tonight. Glad I grocery-shopped on the way home yesterday.

Kristin - yeah, sweater length is a funny thing, isn't it?? That cashmere vneck cardi...yum! I tried one on in store earlier in the season and loved...but just wasn't prepared to shell out FP for it.

Slastena said...

Heidi, I am with you on the swingy cardi. I got it in that pretty honey, then read Dina's comment, got scared, had 2nd thoughts,lol! Then , I got the merino crewneck that you, awesome girls, put on hold for me and definitely returned the "swingy thingy". I wil post pics of it too. With certain body types it might work. Once it goes on sale, I'll definitelyr evisit it.

HeidiG said...

Slastena - Can't wait to see the merino crewneck on you - bet it's fab. I do still like the swingy thingy...just realized not quite at full price (whereas the pearl Jackie was totally worth it for me and the long beach cardi will be if it fits right). I will definitely revisit later on sale.

gigiofca said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics. Your hair looks awesome!

The Outfit of the day said...

All outfits look very cute but I have to say that I love your hair down, you look so beautiful on all pictures, your face just look natural!

Anonymous said...

THanks for all the reviews, it makes me want to go to the store!!! I was going last night, but the snow got on the way, along with leaving work late! I am going tonight for sure.

Pamela said...

I actually like the pink swing cardigan, but then again, I haven't tried it on!!! I'm loving the color though!!! And the Jackie is a perfect purchase. You know it's classic and you will wear it.

HeidiG said...

gigiofca - thank you!

The Outfit of the Day - it's funny you say that about my hair down...usually when I'm trying on clothes I get so irritated with my hair that it goes up. Guess I was having a good hair day. :)

Rosa in DC - Enjoy the outing tonight!! Can't wait to hear what you get.

Pamela - I like the pink swing cardi, too, but just wasn't sure it was the right piece at that price. On further sale or maybe even just a promo, I would probably grab it.

Drewablank said...

Ok, this post had me giggling and chuckling all the way through!

You are right about that Boyfriend Beach Cardi - not very flattering. The Camp - that button on the sleeve is very off-putting. It looks very out-of-place with the sleeves at their normal length, like something growing out of your arm. And who wants that?! :p So I guess, rolled up is the only way to go with this bad boy. Whatever happened to versatility? *sigh*

The Scalloped Zipper Cardigan - I actually thinks this works on you and looks quite cute, especially if you wear longer tees under to offset the "cropped"-ness of the cardi. But that's just me. ;)

And that Yoga cardi - looks wonderful on you, but not so flattering on Dina. Curious indeed. Just goes to show - different sweaters for different body types! ;) And you're right about the colors! Yum indeed!

mrs.anketell said...

Love the pearl jackie------a very classic pick. I am also looking, searching, and hoping,for a new "Library Shawl Cardigan" for this year!! Great minds think alike:)
Loving the try on's and your pic's. Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

Suzy said...

Hi Heidi!!! Great reviews. But I have to agree with Dina that the Scalloped zippered cardigan looks cute on you! I have it, and I like it with the longer tee underneath. I just love that little sweater/sweatshirt so much I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Maybe I have difficulty being as objective??? I'll have to take a photo and post so you can let me know. Also, you're making me nervous b/c I bought that linen cardigan in the light/greyish color yesterday, AND I also bought that Tissue Tier Tank in the sweet guave color as well as the Tissue Garland Tank in dark pewter (b/c I liked the catalog pic too!) and I bought the scarf in the watercolour potpourri print to wear with them (even the SA said "What a great mix of items that all go together!). Hahaha - and why am I telling you all of this? B/c I haven't tried them on yet! And now I'm afraid to! But I'll let you know. I'll admit that the thinness of that sweater concerned me too, but with shorts or a summer skirt I might like it? We'll see! Good to "see" you - hope to meet with you again soon - and with Dina! Take care!

Summerilla said...

I really wanted the merino-linen sweater but I think after your review I will pass. I don’t want my tummy ripples showing! I do like the scalloped zipper cardigan too but I had worries it would be to short on me. The cashfeel kyla long yoga cardi is gorgeous! But I agree maybe on sale it would be a better buy for sure - $88 is a bit much.

HeidiG said...

Drewablank - thanks for the comments on the scalloped zip cardi - but I may well have already missed the boat as I do believe that one is flying out of store. If it's meant to be, it will be... And the yoga cardi - I always joke with dina about how I'm a brick and she's a pear...and this is a good example.

mrs.anktell - wait until I post the long beach cardi pics...I think it's a winner!! (too much good tv tonight, so will post tomorrow)

Suzy - I bet that scalloped cardi is perfect on you! Can't wait to see pics of the color combos with the camp cardi. And it probably is a perfect sweater for Richmond summers - I just didn't love it on me buttoned up - but I imagine it looks great open with some of those fab tanks. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!!

Summerilla - we can all keep an eye out for a potential sale on the yoga cardi...

kanishk said...

The Jackie is a good purchase, especially when you will wear it alot.

34b bra

LT said...

Thanks for all the reviews!! I was wondering about the long beach cardigan... might have to try my luck on backorder now :)