Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J Crew Dress Review - Checkered Puckered Shift Dress

Oh honeys, as I mentioned in yesterday's post on the jersey promenade gown, the Checkered Puckered Shift Dress - and hehe, try saying that 5 times fast - (#22357, $150) - it just was NOT good on me. At all.

Trying to find redeeming qualities about the dress...hmmm...the fabric is kind of interesting? Um, not really. Oh wait, I've got it - there are some pretty buttons on the back at the top. That was pretty much it.

First of all - the name - checkered puckered? Sounds like a hot mess to me.

Let's start out with what I ordered - I got the dress in Pearl, in a size 10, since that's what I usually take in J Crew's more tailored dresses. This dress, of course, could use some more tailoring...or less...I don't know...something....

I think the size was probably too big, but I didn't even notice because I couldn't get past the color. I have the Jackie in pearl and it's lovely - like the color of a chocolate-vanilla milkshake. So pretty.

The dress in pearl? It looks like a white tee that got dipped into the basin of a washing machine that had a load of medium darks washing. Just dingy and dirty and icky and not at all attractive. I was so hoping this would be a cute, flirty, frothy, springy off-white dress. Sorta like the Playa dress from last summer. Seriously, the color of this dress is an insult to pearls everywhere and they should complain.

By the way, the dress is also available in dark pewter and rosy peach. Even though I just don't do warmer pinks/peaches, I think the rosy peach is probably the best option.

Outside of the unattractive color. the dress just did not look good on me. I know "hot mess" gets overused, but that really explains how I felt when I put the dress on. Too young on me. Too many ruffles. Weird bottom with the puckering under. No waistline. Weird ruffle thing at the sleeve.

If you go to Fabulous Florida Mommy's post with the scanned pics of the March catalog...or if you have a catalog yourself, the dress appears on the 12th picture, on Amanda Brooks. The stylists were wise enough to hide the dress with a large jacket. It looks much better that way.

So yes, that dress was immediately packed back up and returned. Yikes. But here are a couple of Polyvores that I made with the dress. Maybe I'll find a substitute for the spring/summer - I love the idea of it, but the actual dress was just a horror on me.


Drewablank said...
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Drewablank said...

Did you notice that on the dressmaking dummies (but not on the models) that the hem of the dress looks like it kinda has a bubble hem? That's a little deceptive, isn't it?

Ema said...

I think that of all the things that you mentionned the worst is the absence of waistline. I don't understand why they are making all these shapeless dresses that need a belt this season, it's like they forgot how to make a dress. I don't think it's overly ruffled but it's clearly not for you. The color as you said looks unflattering but I have to say that white is a tough color to wear on short dresses.

Mikaela said...

even with a belt, it's shapeless. does nothing for you. ick. i too, hate these sack dresses that have been coming out lately.

they make me seem 2 sizes bigger, NOT flattering.

hope they come out with some cute ones soon!

Anonymous said...

It's like 'ALMOST' but 'NOT QUITE!"
I do--however like the charcoal with the cognac belt--that color combo is super pretty!

Lula Mae said...

Love your face in this pick... ;)

Summerilla said...

Drewablank I thought this dress was supposed to have a bubble hem. It's definitely deceptive.

Me no likey, definitely a return. I don't think this dress would look good on anyone unless it is pinned to the extremely and covered with a long jacket/sweater.

I really hope they come out with some cuter dresses for warmer weather soon!

Cleo said...

Thanks for the review, HeidiG.

This dress used to be on my wish list, but you have nailed it with the words "hot mess."

Not sure how it would look on taller girls, but i highly recommend the Cotton Asymmetrical Dress. It's a knit and very flattering, and i don't think it needs a belt (even though the model is wearing one). The ruffles are so cute.

The Outfit of the day said...

I am so sad to hear that the dress does not fit good, I love this dress so much but I don't want to buy it anymore.

C said...

I think these dresses need to be longer or even shorter on you- they seem to just cut your thigh in a weird spot... same with that pinkish one last week that you said sort of pulled at the hip and had no waist. I forget what the short-shinner creed on dress length is (oops, I read all the posts too- what can I say, we had ANOTHER SNOW storm and all I do is shovel; can't think well) but this length sort of lengthens your body and shortens your shins more.

Anonymous said...

I agree, "Hot Mess" indeed.

C said...

I got a bunch of catalogs today... I think you should check out the summer dresses at Athleta and Garnet Hill...(I have no connection with either one- just saw a lot of new dresses).

HeidiG said...

First of all...did you notice this dress is already on sale???

Drewablank - yes, it does have a bit of a bubble hem - but not enough to really show as a bubble - it just looks badly sewn.

Ema - oh honey, it's so hard to pick the worst thing! But yes...

Mikaela - from your mouth (hands?) to Jenna's ear!!

yogagirl - how kind of you...I wasn't even going to give it an almost! :)

Lula Mae - you can tell I'm gritting my teeth???

Summerilla - all of it.

Cleo - thanks, I will look at that one!!

The Outfit of the Day - it's so not worth it - your totally fab wardrobe does not want this sad item of clothing, trust me.

C- yeah, there's just nothing good about it, is there? And thanks for the recommendations - I have noticed some very cute dresses in Athleta...might be worth taking a chance one.

Rosa in DC - exactly!!

prashant said...

The color as you said looks unflattering but I have to say that white is a tough color to wear on short dresses.
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